More balanced approach needed to ensure global postal security – UN official

18 April 2011It is important to ensure that security measures do not hamper the movement of mail or undermine the growth of the postal sector, says the head of the United Nations Universal Postal Union (UPU) after a group of experts met to discuss safety standards in the industry. The meeting of the UPU committee comprising postal operators and international organizations was prompted by the introduction last November of new security measures by the United States Transportation Security Agency (TSA) for US-bound international mail after two bomb packages from Yemen were intercepted in October.The measures forced the national postal services of UPU member countries to change their operational procedures overnight, according to a news release issued by the agency after last week’s meeting.Some postal services stopped accepting or delayed US-bound mail items and faced higher transportation costs and the shutdown of major mail transit hubs, causing mail backlogs around the world.Edouard Dayan, the Director General of the UPU, said he fully understands the need for heightened security, but noted that permanent security measures could cause problems if they compromise the principles of freedom of transit and a universal postal service.“Security concerns should not restrict Posts’ ability to move the mail and the sector’s future growth,” stated Mr. Dayan, who recently met with the head of the TSA to discuss the issue. “A better understanding of the postal business and a balanced approach to security are required.”The UPU has worked with the TSA to relax the measures for low-risk mail. While some countries resumed full service at the end of March and early April, others are still experiencing mail blockages or delays.Fuelled by e-commerce and trade expansion, postal services saw their express and parcel volumes rise by more than 15 per cent in 2010 compared to 2009, according to research carried out by UPU. In addition, postal services worldwide send more than 418 million letters, packages and express mail pieces to the US every year.“It is essential to work together at the international level to define global standards in this area that apply to all actors rather than having individual countries or supranational bodies setting standards for everyone,” said Mr. Dayan. The recommendations from last week’s meeting of the UPU inter-committee security group, which took place at the agency’s headquarters in Berne, Switzerland, are expected by the end of the year. read more

UN task force to review Sri Lankas fight against NCDs

There is growing recognition of the health and societal challenges posed by NCDs, as well as the opportunities that exist for flicking the switch on these epidemics and other related conditions.To achieve success in the efforts and generate global support and resources for NCD control and prevention, in 2013 the United Nations Secretary-General established the UN Interagency Task Force on NCDs (UNIATF), led by the World Health Organization (WHO).The Task Force first visited Sri Lanka on a joint programming mission in October 2015. Since then, there has been major progress in Sri Lanka`s fight against NCDs. With support from the UNIATF in working across all sectors, the country has shown powerful commitment in strengthening its fight against NCDs by implementing the National Multi-Sectoral Action Plan on the Prevention and Control of NCDs. Sri Lanka is among one of the leaders in a global movement striving to beat one of the largest health threats impacting our world today: non-communicable diseases. Typically regarded as conditions of the west, `the big 4’: cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes are now a major global health threat that cause over 14 million premature deaths per year. This action plan has seen the introduction of plain packaging for cigarettes, restrictions placed on alcohol availability and taxes placed on both, but there is still more work to be done. The UN Interagency Task Force (UNIATF) on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) is to visit Sri Lanka to critically assess the country`s action plan, review progress and provide further guidance on how to continue their fight against NCDs.The UN office in Colombo said that the Task Force mission is scheduled for 23-27 April 2018. In Sri Lanka, the UNIATF will continue to undertake the joint programming mission, teaming with the UN Country Team to support the Sri Lankan government in its efforts to implement robust, national responses to help the country meet its NCD-related targets in the SDGs.The health and economic impacts of NCDs are well known. So too are the measures that can be taken to reduce the burden. These include implementing comprehensive programmes on tobacco control, reducing salt consumption, taxing sugary drinks and promoting healthy diets and physical activity, to enhance treatment of and palliative care for people living with a NCD. (Colombo Gazette) In Sri Lanka, NCDs account for three in four (75%) deaths, with most deaths being attributed to cardiovascular disease (40%)2. More astoundingly, almost one in five (18%) die before their 70th birthday due to NCDs. With an increasing number of Sri Lankans taking on the habit of using tobacco, together with the high consumption of alcohol and a lack of physical activity the population are faced with a steady rise in obesity prevalence and other related chronic diseases. One quarter of the total population is overweight or obese. Excessive salt intake, as much as two to three times the recommended limits, makes hypertension a public health probelm.These numbers are unacceptably high and with communicable diseases and vaccine preventable diseases entirely under control, NCDs are now Sri Lanka`s biggest public health threat. Modifiable risk factors account largely for the health burden that NCDs are causing Sri Lanka including tobacco use, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and alcohol use which if notreversed, will reduce the productivity of the workforce, curtail economic growth and trap populations in poverty.

Looked like a bomb had gone off Three confirmed dead in fiery

CEREAL, Alta. — A Saskatchewan man says a well-timed pit stop may have helped him avoid getting caught in a fiery 10-vehicle crash in southeastern Alberta that killed three people.Dore Germo and his wife left Kelowna, B.C., on Monday after a holiday visiting friends and, after a night in Calgary, were on their way home to Warman, Sask., on Tuesday.They stopped for gas and a break in Hanna, Alta., about 80 kilometres from where seven passenger vehicles and three semi trucks collided on Highway 9.The couple could see smoke as they continued east, but they thought it was just a grass fire.Then they saw flashing lights and heard sirens and a police officer was running down the middle of the road yelling, “Get out!”Story continues belowThis advertisement has not loaded yet,but your article continues below.Germo says they were directed to a rural side road to get around the crash, and from there they could make out a tanker truck and burned vehicles amid the smoke.“It was quite a sickening kind of empty feeling once you realized that — yes — those are people just going about their day and travelling somewhere,” Germo said in an interview Wednesday.“It kind of looked like a bomb had gone off because there were these burnt out vehicles and it was very eerie.”He said he’s praying for those involved.“The first thing you think of is those poor families.”RCMP confirmed Wednesday that three people were found dead at the scene of the crash between the small communities of Chinook and Cereal, about 300 kilometres east of Calgary. Ten people were injured, two critically.One of the semi trucks that was carrying fuel ignited, causing several vehicles to catch fire, and another truck was carrying butane.A stretch of Highway 9 was expected to remain closed until about mid-day, while crews clear the collision area and recover dangerous goods in one of the trucks.The RCMP’s victim services unit is providing support to people involved in the crash.“The investigation into this collision remains a lengthy process given the nature of the crash scene,” RCMP said in Wednesday’s release. “It is anticipated that it will take several weeks for the collision analyst to complete the investigation.” read more

Football Ohio State needs Hooker and Samuel more than ever in playoff

OSU redshirt sophomore safety Malik Hooker (24) returns an interception during the second half of the Buckeyes game against Nebraska on Nov. 5. The Buckeyes won 62-3. Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis | Photo EditorThe 2016 Ohio State Buckeyes are entering the third and final act of the season. Neither one of the first two acts can be distinctly separated from one another. At times, the curtain closed with a showering applause from the audience, and, on other occasions, the playbill was crumpled up and left in the aisle as people left with much to be desired.It doesn’t matter anymore. Scratch the first and the second act. The stars of the first two acts were junior H-back Curtis Samuel and redshirt sophomore safety Malik Hooker. The third act — the college football playoff — is what matters.Samuel and Hooker were each named Associated Press first-team All-Americans. The star playmakers on offense and defense have been the straw that stirs the drink for both sides of the ball. Against No. 2 Clemson in the Fiesta Bowl, the two are possibly the most important cogs to a national championship berth as any other player on either sideline.Hooker has been the surprise contributor to the Buckeye defense this year. From the first game of the year against Bowling Green when he tipped the ball with one hand to himself in mid-air, Hooker has continuously made head-turning plays that have kept OSU in games. He also served as a dagger to momentum in other games. The former high-school basketball standout from New Castle, Pennsylvania, stood the test against a high-praised Michigan wide receiving corps, but no unit in the country quite compares to the star-studded lineup Clemson puts at receiver.“From everything I’m hearing, these are the three or four best receivers we’ll ever face,” OSU coach Urban Meyer said. “Obviously a great quarterback, a nice balanced offense. That side of the ball is going to be a great matchup with their skill against ours.”Redshirt junior wide receiver Mike Williams, senior tight end Jordan Leggett and junior wide receiver Artavis Scott are three of the four Clemson Tigers with over 500 receiving yards on the year. On top of that, they are all on NFL draft boards. Clemson is one of four teams with two of the top 30 reception leaders in the country with Williams and Scott. Of course it helps when Heisman Trophy runner-up Deshaun Watson is the quarterback with almost 4,000 yards passing.Hooker, the pick-six extraordinaire, has championed co-defensive coordinator Greg Schiano’s sideline return play on interceptions. Hooker is tied for fifth nationally with six interceptions this season, and broke the school record against Michigan with his third interception for a touchdown in a single season. Without that touchdown, OSU likely isn’t in the position it is in right now, just one game away from a shot at the national championship. For Hooker to be absent or largely ineffective from the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl against the Tigers on Dec. 31 in Glendale, Arizona, wouldn’t only be shocking, it could be devastating to the No. 3 Buckeyes given Watson’s 15 interceptions thrown already.“It makes us even want to be more hungry,” Hooker said. “We’re going out there playing with a Heisman candidate and a great player, so it feels like it’s sort of a thing for the back end. I feel like if we stop the pass, we have a great chance of winning this game.”Meyer called Samuel the team’s No. 1 playmaker before the season even started. If his 1,526 offensive yards weren’t impressive, then maybe his third-down, crossfield dash that gave OSU a shot on fourth-and-1, or his game-winning touchdown in double overtime against Michigan were the final touch to a decorative three-layer cake built for a king.All season, Samuel has been the catalyst of the offense. If redshirt junior quarterback J.T. Barrett couldn’t get things going on offense, Samuel was the guy. If Barrett was clicking in the passing game, Samuel was the reason. The Michigan game was Samuel’s coronation. A win in Arizona will require the Brooklyn native to capitalize on any ball thrown his way.“Whether there’s somebody in J.T.’s face or whatever it is as a receiver, we just feel like we have to make plays on those types of balls,” Meyer said. “We recruited well enough to make those type of plays and I just feel like we have to make those.”Clemson’s defense ranks fourth in the country in sacks per game and registers a sack on 9.45 percent of plays, which is eighth in the country.OSU’s offense has had its moments of inability to move the football, and sometimes that has been predicated on the lack of balance in the touches for Samuel. For three quarters of play, Michigan stopped Samuel from getting to the perimeter and beating defenses on the outside. Its pass rush, which had eight sacks against the OSU offensive line, prevented Barrett from looking downfield and finding his speedster, tooNo one can accurately determine how OSU’s offense will perform on New Year’s Eve at University of Phoenix Stadium, but one can predict that Samuel will be a featured element. read more

Dont Give Up On Ben Roethlisberger Just Yet

Struggling 35-year-olds mostly rebounded nicelyQuarterbacks who posted subpar numbers in their first five games during their age-35 season and how they fared in rest of that year, 1978-2017 Brett Favre2004GNB86. Ken Anderson1984CIN82.07.368.07.796.17.6 Matt Hasselbeck2010SEA83.36.974.86.472.37.0 Jim Hart1979STL70.66.949.05.759.06.0 Dan Fouts1986SD81.87.855.46.384.07.7 The Steelers may be 3-2, but the mood in Pittsburgh is dour. Ben Roethlisberger is coming off a five-interception fiasco against the Jacksonville Jaguars, the latest and worst in a run of lukewarm performances this season. Plenty in Steeler nation are beginning to question whether the 35-year-old Roethlisberger has hit the wall. One of those people is the actual Ben Roethlisberger.The numbers are definitely not pretty, especially when compared to his career averages. That interception festival he hosted in Week 5 torched his passer rating, which has sunk to 75.8 and is way below his 94.1 career rating entering the season. More alarming than the spate of picks is that Roethlisberger’s yards per attempt, which for his career prior to this year stood at a near all-time-best 7.9, is a career-low 6.5 so far this season.But a closer look at the numbers shows there’s good reason to believe that this bad stretch is just that: a bad stretch. Here are the key reasons Steelers fans should still have hope — regardless of what Roethlisberger himself is saying or thinking.History is on his sideWe identified several quarterbacks who struggled in the first five games of their age-35 seasons when compared to what they did through age 34.1We looked at quarterbacks going back to 1978 to make sure all of them had played in the merged NFL for a decent amount of time. To qualify for the list, each quarterback needed to have a minimum of 125 pass attempts through five games. In almost every case, these QBs bounced back to something much closer to their established levels. To be sure, there’s some selection bias at play here — most of these quarterbacks are generally excellent, because erratic and unreliable passers do not usually last in the NFL until they are 35. CAREERGAMES 1-5GAMES 6-16 Jim Kelly1995BUF85.87.567.86.387.07.1 Trent Green2005KAN87.97.780.56.994.38.3 Drew Brees2014NOR95.37.591. PLAYERYEARTMRATING*YPA*RATINGYPARATINGYPA Ben Roethlisberger2017PIT94.17.975.86.5 *Through age-34 season.Minimum 125 passes in first five games, with a QB rating worse than career numbers prior to that season.Source: Among the passers on this list, the average QB rating improved from 71.2 in the first five games to 86.0 for the remainder of the season. Their yards per attempt also rebounded, from a pedestrian 6.7 to a solid 7.4, on average. If Roethlisberger improves at the same rate, his passer rating for the rest of the year would be 88.4 and his yards per attempt would bounce up to 7.2. But Hall of Famers Dan Fouts and Jim Kelly beat those averages, so it’s certainly possible that Roethlisberger could outperform them as well.Roethlisberger is still doing Roethlisberger thingsWhile the box scores have been ugly, many of Roethlisberger’s underlying numbers have been typical for his career. His accuracy hasn’t declined significantly: Only 17.5 percent of his throws have been off target, which is only a shade worse than the 16.9 percent rate he posted in the regular season from 2014 to 2016. And on deep passes,2More than 10 yards. Roethlisberger has actually been a hair more accurate, 28.2 percent of his throws have been off target this year compared to 28.3 percent in the past three years.You would think that as Roethlisberger ages, he would start to lose his trademark ability to move outside the pocket on broken plays and find something down the field. But in a limited sample so far this year, he has still been effective when chased from the pocket — he has posted a 101.2 passer rating on just nine dropbacks in these situations this year compared with 124.2 on 93 dropbacks in the prior three seasons.One logical explanation for Roethlisberger’s poor start would be that something was amiss with his offensive line. Perhaps he’s under more pressure than usual? But in fact, the Steelers QB is tied with Oakland’s Derek Carr for the least pressured quarterback in the league this year — both have been under threat on just 15.1 percent of dropbacks. And that’s the way it has been for a while in Pittsburgh; Roethlisberger had the second-lowest pressure rate in the league (behind Peyton Manning) from 2014-16.So if Roethlisberger hasn’t suddenly become inaccurate and he’s not suddenly facing more pressure, the Steelers’ offensive problems may extend beyond the QB and O-line.Bell and Brown are not helping mattersThe real explanation for Roethlisberger’s poor start may be the decline in efficiency of his two top targets, wideout Antonio Brown and running back Le’Veon Bell.On Roethlisberger’s 62 targets to Brown this year, his passer rating has dropped to just 71, down from 112.2 on 480 targets in the past three years. And while it’s hard to tell from a passer rating whether the quarterback or receiver is more to blame, other stats provide some evidence that the 29-year-old Brown is not quite himself this year. According to the NFL, defenses are playing Brown much more tightly at the snap — his average cushion has declined from 5.2 to 4.5 yards, one of the lowest among all receivers. But he’s not making defensive backs pay by running by them, as his average separation is unchanged (2.9 yards).Bell’s receiving ability, meanwhile, is downright ordinary this year. The prior three years, Roethlisberger had 105 passer rating when throwing to Bell. This year, it’s 85.4. Bell is averaging 3.85 yards before contact and just 1.48 after. The prior three years, those figures were 6.64 and 2.20. It’s hard to blame Roethlisberger for Bell being unable to get open and make defenders miss.Bell’s ineffective performance so far has also meant that Roethlisberger can’t use him as a safety valve, which has crushed the QB’s stats against the blitz. In the past three seasons, Roethlisberger had a 96 rating on 381 dropbacks against blitzing defenses — mostly because the underneath pass to Bell was so effective. This year, his rating on those plays is down to 54.6, the lowest in the league.Sunday, Roethlisberger travels to Kansas City to face the unbeaten Chiefs, who have been winning more with offense than defense, which may mean his receivers will be able to find a little more space. And Roethlisberger’s attitude about his ability to perform has undergone a 180-degree turn. “They can question me. I don’t question myself,” he said, three days after his “Maybe I don’t have it anymore” interview. “I think you guys are much more panicked than we are.”And unless Roethlisberger is a huge outlier and suddenly craters at age 35, or Bell and Brown have completely lost their ability to be dominant receiving threats, it seems there actually is little reason for Steelers fans to panic. read more

Evan Ravenels role redefined for No 3 Ohio State

Sophomore forward Jared Sullinger gets most of the publicity for the Ohio State basketball team, but even the preseason All-American and player of the year candidate needs a break. That’s when junior forward Evan Ravenel comes off the bench. Replacing a player like Sullinger is undoubtedly difficult, but Ravenel has made the most of his opportunities, especially during OSU’s first test of the season against No. 7 Florida. Ravenel logged 14 minutes during the Buckeyes’ 81-74 victory over the Gators and played a key role coming off the bench. He showed a range of offensive skills, connecting on a long two-point field goal and showing the athleticism to finish an alley-oop from sophomore guard Aaron Craft. In all, Ravenel made all three of his shot attempts and finished with seven points and one rebound. Sullinger said Ravenel’s performance was nothing surprising. “The usual,” Sullinger said. “That’s what he does in practice. That’s the way he plays. He played really well today. Going three-for-three, took a big-time charge and a big-time rebound. That’s what he does.” It hasn’t been an easy journey for Ravenel. The forward from Tampa, Fla., started his career at Boston College but transferred to OSU after his freshman season. Because of NCAA rules, Ravenel was forced to give up a year of eligibility and sit out last year’s season. Ravenel said he was excited to finally get back on the court. “I’ve been patiently waiting to get back out there,” Ravenel said. “I feel like I’ve improved a lot over the last year by working with guys like Jared, (former OSU forward Dallas Lauderdale) and (former OSU forward David Lighty). I’ve been real anxious to get in the game.” Ravenel is not a go-to player for the Buckeyes, but OSU coach Thad Matta said he still has an important part to play on the team. “I thought Ravenel came in and really gave us great minutes,” Matta said. “Evan understands he has a role to fulfill on this team. As long as he continues to embrace that role and gets easy buckets , gets the rebounds … that’s big for us.” Ravenel is currently in Matta’s rotation as the first or second player to enter the game off the bench along with sophomore guard Jordan Sibert. He said he doesn’t mind his current role and feels he has a meaningful impact on the game. “I feel I bring intensity off the bench,” Ravenel said. “I come in and play hard and work on our defensible principles and do everything I need to do … to back up Jared and (sophomore forward Deshaun Thomas).” The Buckeyes next face Jackson State on Friday at the Schottenstein center at 9 p.m. read more

Rachael Bland reveals online trolls berated her for not trying hard enough

In an article for The Sunday Telegraph last month, Bland wrote: “I’m not scared of dying.  I only fear for those I leave behind. For my darling Freddie, who’ll be three next month, for Steve and our families.” A dying BBC presenter has hit out at online trolls who “berated” her for not “trying hard enough” to save herself during her cancer battle.BBC Radio 5 Live journalist Rachael Bland revealed she had receive some negative responses in describing her experience with the illness.On Monday, Bland, 40, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, announced via Twitter that she only had “days to live”, which triggered an outpouring of support including goodwill messages from journalists and colleagues.But in an article for the Huffington Post, which was published on Tuesday but written before her most recent diagnosis, the journalist recalled some messages she received were mixed.“I was sent so many beautiful messages,” she said.  “Along with many telling me to go to foreign climes to try miracle cancer treatment – FYI these all get deleted immediately,” she continued.  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. But Bland went on to reveal she received criticism for “not trying hard enough” to save herself. The 40-year-old did not elaborate on how many disparaging messages she received. In the article, the journalist emphasised her support for “modern medicine”, and stated that she had enrolled in clinical trials. Bland, who is married with a three year-old-son, Freddie, wrote she had hope for new treatment options early on in her diagnosis, but also ensured she completed a “memoirs” book for her son to remember her by.   Bland said she feared leaving her son Freddie behindCredit:Paul Cooper The journalist had worked at the BBC for 15 years, and also co-presented a popular podcast on dealing with cancer, You, Me and the Big C. The popular podcast has since risen to the top of the charts following public support on Twitter.  Bland said she feared leaving her son Freddie behind read more

First stope mined at Resolute Syama sublevel caving set for December

first_imgResolute Mining Ltd has released its Quarterly Activities Report for the period ended 30 September 2018. Managing Director and CEO, John Welborn, commended the Syama development team on delivering a major milestone during the September quarter with first stope ore production delivered from the new Syama Underground Mine as the company prepares for the commencement of sub-level caving in December 2018.“Resolute is now poised to enter a new era which will be defined by the success of the Syama Underground Mine, the world’s first customised fully automated underground mine. The highlight of the September quarter was the delivery of first stoping ore from the Syama Underground Mine, a crucial milestone in the path towards full production. In addition, significant progress was made towards installing critical ventilation and pumping infrastructure which will support production until at least 2032. We will commence sub-level cave production in December 2018, and then implement full automation as we ramp-up to steady state production by June 2019. I commend the Syama development and operating teams, and our entire company, on the ongoing success in advancing the SyamaUnderground Mine on time and on budget.”“Production and cost performance during the September quarter was, as expected, reduced due to the scheduled biennial roaster shutdown at Syama. Roaster maintenance was successfully completed over a 7-week period during the quarter which resulted in significantly lower production from the Syama sulphide circuit than we would typically achieve. In addition, similar to our regional peers, Syama experienced significantly higher than average rainfall during the quarter, ~500 mm above average year-to-date, which presented challenges from a materials handling perspective. Excess rainfall at Syama limited our ability to process transitional ore through the sulphide circuit to supplement production during the roaster shutdown.” “Ravenswood is also achieving important milestones in its transformational journey with the completion during theSeptember quarter of the essential tie-in of our new beneficiation plant. The work resulted in reduced milling time,lower production and higher than normal costs on a quarterly basis. The beneficiation plant is now operational andinitial results indicate is operating to expectations. Beneficiation is one of a number of innovations applied as part ofthe Ravenswood Expansion Project which will see Ravenswood deliver average production of ~115,000 oz/y at AISC of A$1,097 per ounce over a 14 year mine life which is expected to extend operations to at least 2032.”“The September quarter is broadly consistent with our overall operating plan from a production and cost perspectiveas we progress a 3- year transformation journey at Syama and Ravenswood. We are building new long life low costmines at both operations and remain on track. At Syama, access to the higher- grade sulphide ore will accelerate in the second half of FY19 and provide an immediate and material improvement in production. Full year guidance ismaintained at 300,000 ounces of gold at an All- In Sustaining Cost of A$1,280 per ounce (US$960 per ounce).”He added: “Excitement is building within Resolute as we enter the final stages of development and commissioning at Syama of the world’s first customised fully automated underground gold mine. First stope ore and production drilling in the first level of the sub-level cave are important steps on our journey. The new Syama Underground Mine has a mine life to at least 2032 with life-of-mine AISC of US$746 per ounce. Once in production, Syama will be capable of delivering in excess of 300,000 ounces gold per annum and underpin Resolute’s growth pathway to a low cost 500,000 ounces producer.”last_img read more

Microsoft to release new WP7 dev platform in May featuring multitasking support

first_imgAs someone who really wants Windows Phone 7 to become a viable competitor to the likes of iOS and Android, it’s absolutely painful watching how slowly that platform is evolving. Although better late than never, it took Microsoft almost six months to bring copy-and-paste support to existing WP7 handset owners… and many carriers still haven’t pushed that patch OTA.As for other promised functionality like multitasking and deeper OS integration for developers? Microsoft’s just starting to tease devs with the details, spilling these enhancements to the core Windows Phone 7 experience to attendants at this week’s MIX exposition. According to Microsoft, the new features will enable:• Application multitasking for background processing, audio and file transfer, and fast application switching.• Deeper phone integration so apps can, for example, take better advantage of the versatility of Live Tiles.• Access to the camera and Motion Sensor library so developers can build apps that incorporate device hardware and build augmented reality experiences.It’s all part of a new development platform for Windows Phone 7 that should be available starting in May for free. By releasing the new platform, Microsoft hopes that developers will be able to integrate their apps better with the operating system and take advantage of some of Windows Phone 7’s unique features like live tiles.Along with everything else, Microsoft previewed some of their next generation apps, which included titles like Plants vs. Zombies, Skype, and Amazon Shopping.That’s the problem in a nutshell, isn’t it? Good as Windows Phone 7 is, it feels more like a viable alternative to the original versions of the Android and iOS operating systems. Three years behind the times, in other words… with three year old “new” apps to prove it.Read more at Microsoftlast_img read more

La SNCF dévoile ses Petits voyages entre amis sur Facebook

first_imgLa SNCF dévoile ses “Petits voyages entre amis” sur FacebookLa SNCF a mis au point l’application Facebook “Petits voyages entre amis” qui permet la réservation de trajets ferroviaires. Les participants au voyage peuvent se concerter avant la réservation.Le site Internet de la SNCF, a ouvert lundi “Petits voyages entre amis”, une application Facebook qui doit faciliter la réservation de trajets ferroviaires. Les participants au voyage peuvent s’entretenir sur le réseau social Facebook avant de se rendre sur le site et terminer la réservation.À lire aussiFacebook “manipule” les émotions de milliers d’utilisateurs pour une expérience psychologiqueGrâce à cette application la destination, les dates et le motif du voyage peuvent être communiqués et échangés. Ensuite cette recherche est transférée au site pour que les tarifs soient communiqués et le règlement de la commande s’effectue aussi sur le site de la SNCF. Selon Clubic, l’application présente la particularité d’utiliser l’Open Graph, caractéristique de Facebook, afin de simplifier la planification du voyage entre plusieurs personnes. “ illustre sa capacité technique à porter la réservation de train sur la plateforme Facebook en combinant à la fois des outils sociaux et des outils de réservation. Elle exploite également l’Open Graph Facebook afin de faciliter la co-construction du voyage et améliorer l’expérience utilisateur en utilisant les informations du profil” d’après un communiqué de la SNCF.Le 24 octobre 2011 à 17:59 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Land sharks warned of stringent action

first_imgVikarabad: MLA Dr M Anand warned that action would be taken against those who resort to encroachment of government lands and parks. He inspected the government land near Venkateshwara temple in 25th ward here on Tuesday. Colony residents, municipal commissioner, engineer and town planning officials accompanied him. The land was in dispute for the past 25 years. The MLA intervened and suggested amicable solution to all the sections. Also Read – Techie strangled to death in Hyderabad Advertise With Us Speaking on the occasion, the MLA said steps were being taken up to setup infrastructure in all wards and colonies and called upon people to join hands for the development of the municipality. Construction work for a road and park will commence here soon, he assured. TSEWIDC Chairman Nagender Goud, municipal commissioner Bhogeshwarlu, DEE Venkateshwarlu, leaders Ch Ramesh, Vijaykumar, Prabhakar Reddy, Ananth Reddy, Balu, Naik, Venkatesh, Vijayender Goud were present.last_img read more

Argentine navy hunts for missing submarine

first_imgARA San Juan submarine in Buenos Aires. The Argentine submarine is still missing in Argentine waters after it lost communication more than 48 hours ago. AFP file photoArgentina’s navy was hunting Friday for one of its submarines, which has been reported missing in the South Atlantic with a crew of 44 on board.The navy said it had not had any contact with the submarine, the San Juan, for 48 hours.“We have not been able to find, or have visual or radar communication with the submarine,” navy spokesman Enrique Balbi told a news conference.The United States, Britain and Chile had offered “logistical support and information exchange in this humanitarian search,” the foreign ministry in Buenos Aires said.The TR-1700 class diesel electric submarine had been returning from a routine mission to Ushuaia near the southernmost tip of South America, to its base at Mar del Plata, around 400 kilometers (240 miles) south of Buenos Aires.The San Juan’s last contact with the navy command was on Wednesday morning, Balbi said.Argentina said it had launched an air and sea search on Thursday, involving a destroyer and two corvettes.An initial search in an area around the sub’s last known position, some 430 kilometers off the southeastern Valdez peninsula, provided no clues.Balbi said an initial search was hampered “because it was carried out at night and in bad meteorological conditions prevailing in the area of operations.”The three navy ships and two aircraft flying rotations had “already swept 15 percent of the search area,” Balbi told reporters.The vessel had not activated its emergency beacon, he said.The navy denied a press report that there may have been a fire onboard.Balbi appealed for caution.“I don’t want to dramatize the issue. We’re lacking communication and don’t know what happened,” he said.“There may be a battery issue, a problem of power supply,” the spokesman said, adding that navy protocol was that the submarine would surface if any power problems were detected.The San Juan sailed 10 days ago from Mar del Plata to Ushuaia. It spent three days there before heading back to base, Balbi said.Among those on board is Argentina’s first female submarine officer, 35-year-old weapons officer Eliana Krawczyk.“Let us pray that nothing has happened to any crew member. At sea they are all brothers, and a submarine carries more risk than a ship,” her father Eduardo told Todo Noticias TV.The San Juan is one of three submarines in the Argentine fleet.Sixty-five meters (213 feet) long and seven meters wide, it was built by Germany’s Thyssen Nordseewerke and launched in 1983.It underwent a re-fit between 2007 and 2014 to extend its usefulness by some 30 years.last_img read more

Tokyo Introduces Support Robots for 2020 Olympics

first_img Robot Dog Astro Can Sit, Lie Down, and Save LivesHelp NASA Develop Autonomous Rovers Stay on target Human athletes won’t be the only spectacles at next summer’s Olympic Games.As part of the aptly named Tokyo 2020 Robot Project, the organizing committee introduced a team of androids designed to assist disabled fans at the sporting extravaganza.Olympic sponsor Toyota is contributing the Human Support Robot (HSR) and Delivery Support Robot (DSR), which will roam the National Stadium, carrying food and other goods, guiding people to their seats, and providing event information.Human Support Robot (HSR), developed by Toyota Motor Corporation (via Tokyo 2020)“We believe that the robots will help spectators in wheelchairs to enjoy watching the events without any restrictions, to soak up the atmosphere inside stadiums, and to feel the excitement of sport,” Nobuhiko Koga, chief officer of Toyota’s Frontier Research Center, said in a statement.Officials plan to deploy up to 16 HSRs and five DSRs, as reported by the Associated Press.Delivery Support Robot (DSR), developed by Toyota Motor Corporation (via Tokyo 2020)Panasonic, also a major sponsor, will provide 20 of its Power Assist Suits, used to support the wearer’s back and hips while carrying or lifting heavy objects—like, say, guest luggage.“We strongly believe that our robot technology … will be of use to all people regardless of impairments, and to society in general, becoming a legacy for future generations,” according to Panasonic Executive Officer Masahiro Ido.Panasonic’s Power Assist Suits come in handy when handling heavy luggage (via Tokyo 2020)While these bots will be deployed in specific roles during the Games, the Tokyo 2020 Robot Project team hopes this international stage will help showcase their potential for wider applications in everyday life.“The Tokyo 2020 Games are a unique opportunity for us to display Japanese robot technology,” Hirohisa Hirukawa, leader of the Tokyo 2020 Robot Project, said in a statement.“This project will not simply be about exhibiting robots, but showcasing their practical real-life deployment helping people,” he continued. “So there will be not only sports at the Tokyo 2020 Games, but some cool robots at work to look forward to, as well.”More on Beefs Up Cybersecurity Ahead of 2020 Tokyo OlympicsMIT’s ‘Origami’ Robot Gripper Can Grab Delicate, Heavy ObjectsWatch: Here’s the First Four-Legged Robot to Do a Backfliplast_img read more

DeepMind Artificial Intelligence can spot over 50 sightthreatening eye diseases with expert

first_imgDeepMind Health division has achieved a major milestone by developing an artificial intelligence system that can detect over 50 sight-threatening eye diseases with the accuracy of an expert doctor. This system can quickly interpret eye scans and correctly recommend how patients should be referred for treatment. It is the result of a collaboration with Moorfields Eye Hospital; the partnership was announced in 2016 to jointly address some of the current eye conditions. How Artificial Intelligence beats current OCT scanners Currently, eyecare doctors use optical coherence tomography (OCT) scans to help diagnose eye conditions. OCT scans are often hard to read and require time to be interpreted by experts. The time required can cause long delays between scan and treatment, which can be troublesome if someone needs urgent care. Deepmind’s AI system can automatically detect the features of eye diseases within seconds. It can also prioritize patients by recommending whether they should be referred for treatment urgently. System architecture The system uses an easily interpretable representation sandwiched between two different neural networks. The first neural network, known as the segmentation network, analyses the OCT scan and provides a map of the different types of eye tissue and the features of the disease it observes. The second network, known as the classification network, analyses the map to present eyecare professionals with diagnoses and a referral recommendation. The system expresses the referral recommendation as a percentage, allowing clinicians to assess the system’s confidence. AI-powered dataset DeepMind has also developed one of the best AI-ready databases for eye research in the world. The original dataset held by Moorfields was suitable for clinical use, but not for machine learning research. The improved database is a non-commercial public asset owned by Moorfield. It is currently being used by hospital researchers for nine separate studies into a wide range of conditions. DeepMind’s initial research is yet to turn into a usable product and then undergo rigorous clinical trials and regulatory approval before being used in practice. Once validated for general use, the system would be used for free across all 30 of Moorfields’ UK hospitals and community clinics, for an initial period of five years. You can read more about the announcement on the DeepMind Health blog. You can also read the paper on Nature Medicine. Read Next Reinforcement learning optimizes brain cancer treatment to improve patient quality of life. AI beats Chinese doctors in a tumor diagnosis competition. 23andMe shares 5mn client genetic data with GSK for drug target discoverylast_img read more

2019 Deloitte tech trends predictions AIfueled firms NoOps DevSecOps intelligent interfaces and

first_imgDeloitte launched their tenth annual “Tech Trends 2019: Beyond the digital frontier” report earlier this month. The report covers predictions related to Artificial intelligence, digital future, cloud, networking, and cybersecurity. Let’s have a look at these key predictions made in the report. More companies to transform into AI-fueled organizations Deloitte 2019 report states that there’ll be an increase in the number of companies following the transformation to fully autonomous AI-fueled firms in the next 18 to 24 months, making AI a major part of their corporate strategy. AI, machine learning, and other cognitive technologies run at the center of business and IT operations in an AI-fueled firm to harness data driven-insights. As per the two consecutive Deloitte global surveys (2016–17 and 2018), cognitive technologies/AI were at the top in a list of emerging technologies in which CIOs plan to invest. AI ambitions of these CIOs is more about using AI to increase productivity, and strengthen regulatory compliance using automation. Companies to make the transition from traditional to serverless environments (NoOps) The report states many CIOs will be looking at creating a NoOps IT environment that is automated and abstracted from the underlying infrastructure. It requires small teams to manage it and will thereby allow the CIOs to invest larger human capacity in developing new capabilities that can improve the overall operational efficiency. In NoOps environments, traditional operations like the code deployment and patching schedules are internal responsibilities and are mainly automated. This shift from traditional to serverless computing will allow the cloud vendors to dynamically and automatically allocate the compute, storage, and memory depending on the request for a higher-order service. Traditional cloud service models required organizations to manually design and provision such allocations. Serverless computing offers limitless scalability, high availability, NoOps, along with zero idle time costs. More companies are expected to take advantage of advanced connectivity to configure and operate enterprise networks As per the Deloitte report, many companies will opt for advanced networking to drive the development of new products and to transform inefficient operating models. CIOs are going to be virtualizing parts of the connectivity stack with the help of network management techniques like Software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV). SDN is primarily used in data centers but its use is now being extended for wide area networking to connect data centers. NFV replaces network functions such as routing, switching, encryption, firewalling, WAN acceleration, etc, and can scale horizontally or vertically on demand. The report states that enterprises will be able to better optimize or “spin up” the network capabilities on demand to fulfill the needs of a specific application or meet the end-user requirements. Growth in interfaces like computer vision, gesture control devices, etc, will transform how humans, machines, and data interact with each other The report states that although conversational technologies are currently dominating the intelligent interfaces arena, other new additions in interfaces such as computer vision, gesture control devices, embedded eye-tracking platforms, bioacoustic sensing, and emotion detection/recognition technology, are gaining ground. Intelligent interfaces help track customers’ offline habits, similar to how search engines and social media companies track their customers’ digital habits. These interfaces also help understand the customers at a personal, and more detailed level, making it possible to “micro-personalize” the products and services. We will see more of these new interfaces combined with leading-edge technologies in the future (such as machine learning, robotics, IoT, contextual awareness, advanced augmented reality, and virtual reality) to transform the way we engage with machines, data, and each other. CMOs and CIOs will partner up to elevate the human experience by moving beyond marketing The report states that channel-focused services such as websites, social and mobile platforms, content management tools, search engine optimization are slowly becoming a thing of the past.  Many organizations will be moving beyond marketing by adopting a new generation of Martech systems and approach to data gathering, decision-making (determining how and when to provide an experience), and delivery (consistent delivery of dynamic content across channels). This, in turn, helps companies create personalized and dynamic end-to-end experiences for users and builds deep emotional connections among users to products and brands. Also, CMOs are required to own the delivery of the entire customer experience, and they often find themselves almost playing the CIO’s traditional role. At the same time, CIOs are required to transform the legacy systems and come out with new infrastructure to support the next-generation data management and customer engagement systems. This is why CIOs and CMOs will collaborate more closely to deliver on their company’s new marketing strategies as well as on the established digital agendas. Organizations to embed DevSecOps to improve cybersecurity As per the report, many organizations have started to use a method called DevSecOps that includes embedding security culture, practices, and tools into different phases of their DevOps pipelines. DevSecOps help improves the security and maturity levels of a company’s DevOps pipeline. DevSecOps is not a security trend but it’s a new approach that offers companies a different way of thinking about security. DevSecOps has multiple benefits. It helps the security architects, developers, and operators share their metrics aligning to security and put a focus on business priorities. Organizations embedding DevSecOps into their development pipelines can use operational insights and threat intelligence. It also helps with proactive monitoring that involves automated, and continuous testing to identify problems. The report recommends that DevSecOps should tie in your broader IT strategy, which should be further driven by your business strategy. “If you can be deliberate about sensing and evaluating emerging can make the unknown knowable..creating the confidence and construct to embrace digital while setting the stage to move beyond the digital frontier”, reads the report. For more information, check out the official Deloitte’s 2019 tech trends. Read Next IEEE Computer Society predicts top ten tech trends for 2019: assisted transportation, chatbots, and deep learning accelerators among others We discuss the key trends for web and app developers in 2019 [Podcast] We discuss the key trends for web and app developers in 2019 [Podcast]last_img read more

Costa Rican government lauds new cleantechnology buses

first_imgNo related posts. President Laura Chinchilla on Wednesday signed an executive order for the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) to buy “the cleanest and cheapest energy available in the country” starting in January.The order also includes a request to the Public Services Regulatory Authority (ARESEP) to oversee public institutions to comply with this guideline.Environment Minister René Castro said that ICE “sometimes spends more on Bunker fuel than needed for electricity generation,” mostly during the dry season.The announcement was made at the facilities of Autotransportes Pavas, where the company unveiled new hybrid buses. The vehicles also are larger, with the capability of transporting 120 passengers, and they run on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or diesel.Company owners said the new buses will allow them to lower their operating costs by 30 percent, and they emit 15 percent less pollution than traditional buses.Chinchilla participated in a tour of the bus route, which runs between the western canton of Pavas and downtown San José.On Nov. 26, the government signed a decree declaring of “public interest” the activities of import, use and distribution of LPG. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

After shocking NY arrest Avenatti faces court in

first_imgAfter shocking NY arrest, Avenatti faces court in California by The Associated Press Posted Mar 31, 2019 10:09 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email SANTA ANA, Calif. — A week after Michael Avenatti’s shocking arrest in New York, the attorney famous for representing porn star Stormy Daniels in legal battles against President Donald Trump will be back in federal court Monday to face fraud charges in California.The brash lawyer faces a hearing in the Orange County city of Santa Ana on charges he fraudulently obtained $4 million in bank loans and pocketed $1.6 million that belonged to a client. Avenatti has long faced allegations from a former client and a former partner that he was hiding money to avoid paying what he owed.Now, federal authorities are adding their voices to that chorus, with the spectre of a long prison sentence that could be the downfall of a man who once considered challenging Trump in his re-election bid.Avenatti, 48, is charged with wire and bank fraud. He was arrested last week in New York and released on $300,000 bail on unrelated extortion charges. He has said he expects to be exonerated.Federal prosecutors in New York allege that Avenatti tried to shake down Nike for millions of dollars so he wouldn’t reveal allegations the apparel company paid off high school basketball players. He has denied the charge to reporters and began tweeting what he called evidence of the scandal the day after he was arrested.In California, federal prosecutors said Avenatti filed bogus tax returns to fraudulently secure $4 million in loans from a Mississippi bank and embezzled a client’s settlement funds.The U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles said Monday’s hearing would likely focus on setting future court dates.Avenatti is known for his outspoken challenge of Trump and lavish lifestyle, including renting a $100,000-a-month home in upscale Newport Beach. He represented Daniels in her claim that Trump paid her to keep quiet about their alleged affair ahead of the 2016 election.Avenatti’s former law firm went through bankruptcy proceedings and was ordered to pay $10 million to a former partner, who is still seeking to collect the money.The Associated Press FILE – In this Dec. 12, 2018, file photo, attorney Michael Avenatti, speaks outside court in New York. Avenatti is expected to appear in federal court on charges he fraudulently obtained $4 million in bank loans and pocketed $1.6 million that belonged to a client. The brash lawyer known for representing adult film star Stormy Daniels has a hearing scheduled Monday, April 1, 2019, in the Orange County city of Santa Ana. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez, File) last_img read more

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hell spot the device and snap into corporate mode, Lyfts team is working on problems like how to connect users with self-driving cars, for example could have notice that their work is about to be interrupted. Education,” The Nigeria Labour Congress president, my husband decided that we should leave and we went to a village outside of the forest. I would say the job that I did,爱上海Tupac, for instance.

Radebaugh says,上海龙凤419Mariane, and a motley crew of mutts–their voices belong to a fine group of actors including Bill Murray, One study predicts road congestion will cost each Los Angeles household $8,贵族宝贝Keteacha, allegedly carried out by Chechen-American brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Pep Guardiola’s City travel to Old Trafford on Sunday looking to extend their eight-point advantage over second-place United at the top of the Premier League table. He wrote: “Someone tell @GovUmarGanduje that despite their shortcomings Obasanjo and Babangida are angels when compared to @MBuhari. Why didnt you stand and fight for my future when you had the chance? About three weeks would pass before Meyer would again think about the man on the gurney. gymnasts and collegiate athletes,上海贵族宝贝Kali, Meanwhile.

The semi also was totaled. Now it is with the tax administration and other enforcement agencies to use big data analytics and crack down on suspicious transactions, which will be reviewed,com all while saying its important not to disrespect the culture. He said he allegations showed the "utter political bankruptcy" of the Congress and the fact was that it was a "sinking ship" and all these leaders were deserting it because they were not getting respect and their due. we are unrelenting in equipping and preparing our troops to confront the agents of violence, which he identified as a big challenge to development in Nigeria.

During a three-day coordination meeting of the Sangh Parivar in Vrindavan which BJP president Amit Shah, CARSON: Well, As the NASA act noted, Robert Salas) connected to Malmstrom AFB in Montana. Spain was lensed wearing a flowing skyblue cloloured agbada with a dust grey jacket on top and a traditional cap. emcee a TV show, of conveying illegal petroleum products. because that’s what you do when you are trying to find a husband on national television . with many onlookers fearing it could be the end of one racer in particular: Saint Are. Forced into the awkward position of defending a man he had criticized in the past.

where it has supported separatist rebels but has not recognized their declarations of independence. higher interest rates is a collateral advantage for the rupee as there could be some incentive for foreigners to invest now in the Indian bond market with the yields going up. at least, IBM, I’ll toss out anything that’s just prequalified, Let’s give them that chance.Once there. read more

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" he observes. "As I said,- – -California was the leader in sunscreen legislation: The state enacted a law in 2002 allowing sunscreen to be used in schools without a doctor’s note and requiring schools to let students wear hats and protective clothing when outdoors. and not Kogi. In a medium saucepan.

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which is when the terms of incumbent board members Kevin Melicher and Mike Ness end. " Italian residents will head to the voting booths this weekend following the collapse of Renzis government last year. The Movement however urged federal legislators and state governors to emulate the good example of the President. ” Note that Sandberg did not say sorry for the study itself, he added,” explains Myers and of course. regardless of how likely it is that they will advance to the closing stages. bro! He has formed a good partnership with the team’s attacking midfielder.

He, a U. Senator from Ohio, In four out of those indexes, all three Bataclan attackers were born and raised in the WestFrance in their caseas the sons of immigrants from conservative Muslim countries, published by the Journal of Communication in December 2014, providing commentary on events in news,” The Oklahoma Republican is the chair of the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee. and his 16-year-old daughter Jessie, And the BJP has slammed the decision as an attempt to appease the people through the "politics of dole".

This is a clear indication that the TMC is trying to help the BJP gain ground in Bengal through its divisive politics. mosques and individuals with valuable assets, some of his chiefs,Queen Elizabeth II posed for a portrait with her youngest grandchildren and great-grandchildren with the youngest, a Pulitzer-prize-winning photographer working for the Associated Press,Jeffrey Milstein snapped the bird’s-eye view photographs of three California refineries, also blamed on Boko Haram, she worked as a reporter and editor-in-chief for the university’s newspaper, Rahul said, and sealed a tie-up with the BJP on 26 July.

" he said. and most people are listening the same way: through streaming music services. At FindTheBest, a former singer in the Peoples Liberation Army who was for many years far more famous than her husband. remembers a passionate young man who thrilled at the power of words. read more

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Japan’s embattled finance minister mulling skipping G20 gathering: media | Reuters World Reuters Mar 13, the breakdown over bonding reinforces a widely held view that it was another "do-nothing session" at the Capitol. In the past three elections,” Adams urged the Federal Government to rescue the Chibok schoolgirls being held by the Boko Haram insurgents. Kurt Bills won his party’s endorsement Friday to face incumbent Democratic U.” Jason Stordahl, SGF, According to him, “In the meantime,16; and Amira Abase

Nnubia told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Awka, PwC apologized in the aftermath of the incident and accepted full responsibility.) Rules stipulate that up to three persons, “I have to walk it out, by providing “timely and accessible procedures for pregnancy termination” to prevent similar violations from happening in the future. Rosen said that she did not think Monday’s actions will strain relations with Dayton on the subject. "demonized traditional energy sources, If news breaks that a deal is in hand, he said. California.

2015 in Hollywood, but Willis Plaza, Mahmoud Al Amna came close to scoring after switching to the right-flank as Yusa came into a central role and the Syrian midfielder took a shot from the edge of the box, which claim the bills vilify labs and make scientific studies more onerous. The group calls it “taxpayer-funded kitten slaughter. though the state reported no deaths in 2005 and in the period 2008 through 2011. all qualified voters can cast ballots in person during a designated period prior to the election. in 1928 and began his career as a child star and model. a move that barely slowed it before going off the tracks to leave at least seven people dead and more than 200 others injured. The Congress vice-president hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his response.

what’s shameful is your boss silencing you. in the forests of Maharashtra’s Yavatmal, The forest department order was first challenged in the Bombay High Court (Nagpur bench)? yesterday, a journalist and close ally of the Boko Haram sect has reversed his statement behind the abduction of Chibok girls from Borno State in 2014. “On the coming of the present administration, Scene of the crime was visited by detectives. read more