Sum Allocated to Rehabilitate Local Offenders and Deportees

first_img The allocation for the fiscal year will go towards creating a more conducive environment for service delivery to deported migrants, developing a framework to assist in measuring the level of reintegration, and executing a public education campaign for deportees. Story Highlights As outlined in the 2018/19 Estimates of Expenditure now before the House of Representatives, the programme aims to reduce the rate of reoffending among local offenders and deported persons by enhancing the livelihood opportunities and improving the systems for rehabilitation and reintegration. The Government has allocated $6.6 million to boost activities under the Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Local Offenders and Deported Persons Programme. The Government has allocated $6.6 million to boost activities under the Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Local Offenders and Deported Persons Programme.As outlined in the 2018/19 Estimates of Expenditure now before the House of Representatives, the programme aims to reduce the rate of reoffending among local offenders and deported persons by enhancing the livelihood opportunities and improving the systems for rehabilitation and reintegration.The allocation for the fiscal year will go towards creating a more conducive environment for service delivery to deported migrants, developing a framework to assist in measuring the level of reintegration, and executing a public education campaign for deportees.The programme, which falls under the Ministry of National Security, started in November 2008, and after two extensions, it is slated to end in April of this year.Achievements up to December 2017 include the establishment of a structured framework and mechanism for the reintegration of deportees, launch of a public education campaign, and renovation of a processing and reception centre at Mobile Reserve.last_img read more

SecretaryGeneral heads to Switzerland Eastern Europe and Africa

21 January 2008United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is leaving New York this evening for a trip which will take him to Switzerland, Eastern Europe and Africa. Tomorrow in Switzerland, Mr. Ban will meet with Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), in Lausanne to discuss cooperation between the two organizations to achieve humanitarian and development goals.The two officials will confer on how sport can support efforts to reach the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), globally agreed pledges to slash poverty, hunger, disease and illiteracy by 2015.The Secretary-General tomorrow also intends to visit the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), which is launching a series of events to mark the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in Geneva.On Wednesday, he plans to address the Conference on Disarmament and will take part in a memorial service for the victims of last month’s deadly terrorist bombing in Algiers, Algeria.The Secretary-General will also participate in the World Economic Forum in Davos.He will then continue his trip by travelling to four additional countries next week, his spokesperson Michele Montas announced today.In his first-ever official trip to Eastern Europe, Mr. Ban will arrive in Slovenia, which currently holds the European Union (EU) presidency, on the evening of 25 January, after which he will stop in Slovakia.He will then travel to Kigali, Rwanda, where he will speak at the Genocide Memorial, before proceeding to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he will address the opening of the African Union (AU) summit meeting on 31 January. read more

Speaker receives death threats on joint opposition issue

However the Speaker said that six political parties are recognised in Parliament and among the six is the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP).He said Sri Lanka Freedom Party had informed him that there is no alternate group in the SLFP. Speaker Karu Jayasuriya says he received death threats last night over his refusal to recognise the joint opposition as a separate group in Parliament.The Speaker told Parliament today that he received the threat over the telephone but he was not shaken by the threats and maintains his position on the issue. Joint opposition member Dinesh Gunawardena, speaking in Parliament today, made a fresh appeal for the joint opposition to be recognised as a separate group. Jayasuriya had yesterday refused to recognise the joint opposition as a separate group in Parliament and this led to an uproar in the House. The Speaker said that he is not in a position to recognise the joint opposition as an independent group as those in the group are elected SLFP Parliamentarians. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Sri Lanka likely to receive GSP trade concession next week

The President further said that during the last two years the present Government was able to build friendship with all the countries in the world, eliminating many hindrances which halted the forward drive of the country. Expressing his views regarding the false propaganda carried out by some sections of the society regarding the Hambantota Port and the industrial zone, the President said that he is not ready to give the land rights of this country to any country in the world.The President further stated though new industries and investments are needed for the country and the lands for them will be given according to the laws and regulations of the constitution of Sri Lanka.“Our agreements with the countries, businessmen, investors and international organizations are very open. The current Government is honestly committed to the development of the country,” the President said. “Though some groups issue statements saying that the Government will change, nobody can’t put down the current Government. Nobody has any space to change the Government before the election which will be held in 2020,” he emphasized. He also said that while talking about development work with a great pride,  one must also pay attention to the severe debt burden in the country. He said that his Government is not ready in any way to launch mega-scale development projects by obtaining loans and ruining the future of the country.“We should take into consideration the tragedies faced by various countries in the world due to their severe debt burden,” the President added. The Asgiri Maha Nayaka Most Ven. Varakagoda Sri Gnanarathne Thero, Ministers Lakshman Kiriella and Abdul Haleem, Chief Minister of the Central Province Sarath Ekanayake and the British High Commissioner participated at this occasion. (Colombo Gazette) President Maithripala Sirisena says he has received information that Sri Lanka will receive the GSP + trade concession next week, marking a significant turning point in the industry and export fields of the country.He made these remarks while participating in a ceremony to open the newly built bridge in Halloluwa, Dodanwala, Kandy, today. read more

Decline of Canadian dollar hits WestJets bottom line in fourth quarter

Courtesy: Wikipedia AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email WestJet Airlines has been hit hard by the dollar’s decline, which contributed to a 30 per cent decline in fourth-quarter profit.The Calgary-based airline says its net income and adjusted earnings were both $63.4 million or 51 cents per share, down by $27.3 million from $90.7 million the fourth quarter of 2014.The company says the 2015 fourth quarter included a $10.1 million loss on foreign exchange, compared with a $2.5 million loss a year earlier.WestJet’s revenue also declined by 3.6 per cent to $958.7 million in the three months ended Dec. 31, down $35.7 million from $994.4 million in the fourth quarter of the previous year.The company didn’t provide details on the revenue decline but suggested some of it related to Alberta’s recent economic weakness as the oil and gas sector grapples with a dramatic drop in prices since late 2014.Total operating expenses including fuel, salaries and profit sharing, aircraft leasing and maintenance declined to $846 million, down one per cent from $854.8 million. Decline of Canadian dollar hits WestJet’s bottom line in fourth quarter by Ian Campbell Posted Feb 2, 2016 9:45 am MDT dollar|earnings|share|WestJet read more

In town of Jesus birth craftsmen take on Chinese knockoffs

by Isma’Il Kushkush, The Associated Press Posted Dec 21, 2016 10:32 am MDT Last Updated Dec 21, 2016 at 11:20 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email In this Monday, Dec. 12, 2016 photo, Palestinian woodcarver Muhammad Yusuf, works on olive wood figures in the West Bank city of Bethlehem. Christmas is approaching and pilgrims and tourists have begun to arrive, crowding the souvenir shops that line the narrow streets and allies of the city where Jesus is said to have been born. But when visitors choose to take a piece of the Holy Land back home with them, they better check the labels. Many souvenirs, including the West Bank town’s trademark rosemary beads, are imported from abroad, mainly China. (AP Photo/Majdi Mohammed) In town of Jesus’ birth, craftsmen take on Chinese knockoffs BETHLEHEM, Palestinian Territories – Christmas is approaching and pilgrims and tourists have begun to arrive, crowding the souvenir shops that line the narrow streets and alleys of Bethlehem, the biblical town revered as Jesus’ birthplace.But when visitors choose to take a piece of the Holy Land back home with them, they better check the labels. Many souvenirs — including the West Bank town’s trademark rosary beads — are imported from abroad, mainly China.A small number of souvenir shops are now trying to fight the trend, stocking their shelves almost exclusively with locally made products. Shopkeepers say that while their wares may be more expensive, the quality is much better and they give an important boost to the struggling economy.“I’ve got nothing that is made overseas except for one thing, that’s the magnets. It’s something that sells for cheap and people want them,” said Bassem Giacaman, owner of the Blessings Gift Shop and The Olive Wood Factory. “Everything else is made locally so I can keep the local economy working.”Some 120,000 people are expected to visit the Holy Land this holiday season, half of them Christian, according to Israel’s Tourism Ministry.Many will visit Bethlehem, where globalization has left its imprint like everywhere else. Foreign-made crafts, especially Chinese ones, have come to represent a big part of the market here, including Christmas souvenirs. While there are no official statistics, local officials and businessmen estimate that nearly half of the products, perhaps more, are imported.Giacaman keeps just a few imported products in his store, most of them hidden in a small box beneath a counter. He takes them out to show customers and compare them to Palestinian-made ones.“This is a plastic Jesus baby made in China and this is a ceramic one made in Bethlehem, and these are the olive wood rosaries that I make and the Chinese ones,” he said, proudly showing what he said was the superior craftsmanship of the locally made goods.Bethlehem is in the West Bank, occupied territory the Palestinians hope will be part of their future state. Tourism remains strong, but the rest of the economy has long languished, in part because of Israeli restrictions. Tourists must pass through a checkpoint in Israel’s separation barrier to reach the town.The “Visit Palestine Center,” located in a 200-year-old house along a stone stairway just a few hundred meters (yards) from The Church of the Nativity, promotes a “Made in Palestine” label.“There’s a big influx of imported products and a lot of traditional crafts are declining gradually,” said Samy Khoury, the centre’s founder and general manager.The Visit Palestine Center, which started as an online store and travel guide five years ago, works with nearly 100 workshops and home-based artisans throughout the Palestinian territories and in Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan.It features Palestinian traditional crafts, including Christmas-related ones like olive wood rosaries and mother of pearl ornaments. The centre targets independent travellers and takes a fair trade approach to its business.Trying to sell only Palestinian-made products comes with challenges.“Maintaining consistency and quality, the right lead time, figuring how much production capacity the producers can give,” are some of them, explained Khoury.Then there’s the issue of price.Maher Canawati, owner of the Three Arches souvenir shop, sells locally made gifts and even has a wood workshop in the back. But he keeps room for imports as well.“We have to carry all kinds of merchandise in our shop because we have different markets and different pilgrims with different budgets,” said Canawati, whose family has provided services to pilgrims since the 16th century.Canawati said he wants to give his customers options, and he is clear about the differences.“A dozen of made-in-China rosaries sell for $4 while a dozen of locally made sell for $25,” he said. “The made-in-China Jesus babies sell for $20 and the Bethlehem ones sell for $64.”While craft workshop owners grumble about foreign imports, not everyone believes the imports have seriously threatened local merchants and artisans.“It’s a business,” said Samir Hazboun, Chairman of the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce. “I’m not aware of anyone running out of business because of the imports.”Ali Abu Srour, director general of the Palestinian Tourism Ministry, said the government is trying to update its tourism laws to protect local producers and merchants.Under the proposed regulations, shopkeepers would be required to carry 70 per cent locally made products, with clear labels that distinguish between imports and “Made in Palestine” ones.Muhammad Yusuf, a wood craftsman with The Olive Wood Factory, scoffs at the imports.“It’s not good, this is better,” he said with a smile as he worked on a figure of the Virgin Mary.Back at the Blessings Gift Shop, Julie Deler, 24, a tourist from Germany, bought a small olive wood camel made by a Palestinian craftsman.“I prefer locally made because I want to support the locals,” she said. read more

UK car output slows in July as production pauses for annual summer

Production down 11.2% in July as seasonal upgrades and retooling recess kick in.Year-to-date output remains strong at 911,307 units, with domestic demand up 8.0%.Following its best half-year since 2008, the UK car manufacturing industry experienced a slower July, according to new figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). Production in the month fell 11.8% against July 2014, as changes to holiday patterns meant the traditional annual shutdown started earlier at some plants.July’s performance reflects the normal cyclical falls in output during the summer months, when seasonal shutdown programmes occur across the majority of manufacturers, providing an essential period for plant maintenance, upgrades and retooling.Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said, “Car production is traditionally subject to a degree of fluctuation during the quieter summer months with some manufacturers pausing production to invest in upgrades and prepare for new model launches, as well as to manage holiday leave. The industry remains in a strong position, with more than 910,000 cars produced so far this year and some significant new model introductions due in the autumn.” Click through to download the UK car manufacturing news release for July 2015.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

Ichiro Is Old And Good

The strangest final acts of all-time great careers usually involve career-tarnishing performances in bizarre uniforms. You know the type: Johnny Unitas as a Charger, Patrick Ewing with the Magic, Wade Boggs as a Devil Ray, etc.Last year, erstwhile Seattle Mariners legend Ichiro Suzuki was foundering his way into that group. He hit 88 points below his previous career average, flashed even less power than usual and finished the season below the replacement level, with -0.8 WAR. Making matters worse, he did it all while wearing a Miami Marlins uniform, one of MLB’s ugliest get-ups since those Devil Rays unis were shoved into the back of the closet. Ichiro’s fate seemed as Boggsian as any great player in recent memory.But this season, Ichiro has flipped that narrative on its head. Instead of continuing his depressing slide into the abyss, he’s currently hitting .385, rarely striking out, drawing walks at a greater rate than ever and generally spraying line drives all over the field. According to FanGraphs, he already has more WAR this season (0.7) than in his previous two combined (-0.3). In fact, he’s on pace (for whatever that’s worth) to finish with one of the best twilight-of-career-with-a-weird-team seasons in major league history.To judge Ichiro against his counterparts from the past, I filtered every season ever1This goes all the way back to 1871. for players who were 35 or older (Ichiro is 42), had at least 50 career WAR (as of Tuesday, Ichiro had 57.5), and were playing for a team with whom they spent fewer than 10 percent of their career games (about 8 percent of Ichiro’s games have been with Miami). Here are the best of those seasons (with a minimum of 50 plate appearances) according to WAR per 600 plate appearances: 2011M. CameronMarlins381644.450.82.3 1982R. SmithGiants373984.464.75.3 1991W. RandolphBrewers365124.762.05.6 YEARPLAYERTEAMAGEPAWAR/600CAREER WAR% OF CAREER GAMES W/ TEAM 1893J. GlasscockPirates353145.460.18.8 2010J. ThomeTwins393405.368.67.0 1982J. MorganGiants385545.698.88.5 1972W. MaysMets412424.2149.84.5 2005K. LoftonPhillies384065.862.65.2 Ichiro has been so good this year that among the pantheon of old-guy seasons in bizarre uniforms, only Manny Ramirez’s wild post-trade-deadline Dodgers stint in 2008 was better. And hardly any of the other players on this list were remotely as old as Ichiro is now.(I’d like to point out a few other things from the table: First, Kenny Lofton makes the list twice, for both a stint with the Cubs that I do remember — he made the final out of the Bartman Game — and a Phillies season of which I have little recollection. Also, Ichiro isn’t the only active player on the list; Chase Utley has quietly been adding to his sneaky-great résumé while wearing unfamiliar Dodger duds this year. And, finally, let’s bury the idea that Willie Mays’s Mets tenure was a total blight on his record. Mays’s final season, 1973, wasn’t quite up to his usual Hall of Fame standards, but in 69 games as a Met the year before, he hit extremely well — 44 percent better than league average, according to FanGraphs. That performance checks in at No. 20 on our list above, so, contrary to popular opinion, Willie was no bum for most of his return stint in New York.)Anyway, in all fairness, there are legitimate reasons to doubt that Ichiro can continue playing so well as the season progresses. His batting average on balls in play is a sky-high .403, for instance, and although Ichiro’s no stranger to a strong BABIP (his career mark is .340, well above that of a typical player), he’s also no longer the speed merchant he once was — that BABIP seems due for a correction. But if Ichiro can keep shooting liners around Marlins Park, like he did during his four-hit game Monday, his 2016 season will probably still be good enough to cement a place among the best ever produced by aging superstars in peculiar locales.Andrew Flowers contributed research.Check out our latest MLB predictions. 2000W. ClarkCardinals361976.752.12.6 1896D. BrouthersPhillies382674.379.73.4 2011L. BerkmanCardinals355874.956.19.4 1892R. ConnorPhillies356865.586.07.8 1927T. CobbAthletics405744.4149.47.5 1930H. HeilmannReds355395.268.87.3 2016I. SuzukiMarlins42687.157.57.8 1946B. HermanBraves363014.855.13.9 2010J. EdmondsBrewers402406.064.53.6 2003K. LoftonCubs362365.362.62.7 2008M. RamirezDodgers362297.966.79.7% 2016C. UtleyDodgers371654.762.44.6 For players aged 35 or older with at least 50 career WAR, on teams with fewer than 10 percent of the player’s career games. Minimum 50 plate appearances (PA) with team in season. Stats as of May 24.Source: Great seasons in strange, strange uniforms read more

Rajant takes on specialist in mining IT

first_imgRajant, a leading provider of portable and adaptable wireless networking solutions, has appointed Scott Beer to the role of Chief Operating Officer – Mining Division. Beer will be responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of Rajant’s sales, marketing and service professionals on a global basis as well as developing the company’s mining services and support operations. Scott most recently served as General Manager of Rio Tinto Information Systems and Technology, where he was responsible for delivering information technology solutions to business units operating in North and South America. Before that, he served as Director of Information System and Technology at Kennecott Utah Copper, a role in which he led significant advances in support of technical systems supporting mining operations. In his new role, Beer will oversee all corporate management responsibilities and operations and strategic and tactical management in the mining market for both above and below ground mines. He will also provide expertise in key areas of mining by overseeing new mining network deployments, customer requirements and future product innovation, based in Salt Lake City, Utah.“I am extremely excited to have Scott join Rajant’s executive leadership team, where we will benefit immensely from his experience, proven record of success and passion for technology,” said Bob Schena, CEO of Rajant. “More than ever, Rajant’s growth opportunities abound as a result of our strong product innovation. Scott’s leadership of global technology, sales, marketing and services will help ensure we harness this potential and fully realise the growth opportunities before us. In all Scott’s previous positions he was a visionary of what could be and inspired his organization to successfully implement world class operational improvements. He will be a real asset to Rajant’s penetration into new markets and the continued growth of its defense, first responder and mining business.”Commenting on his new appointment, Beer said, “I’ve worked with Rajant for years as a customer and when you look at the incredible lineup of innovative products and technologies Rajant is poised to deliver over the next couple of years, it is a very exciting place in which to contribute and work. As a leader in the portable, mobile wireless market, Rajant has shown strong growth and a commitment to bringing needed products to the mining, first responder and military markets. I am looking forward to working with the Rajant team and helping to create even more success.”Scott Beer, an alumnus of the Brigham Young University’s Engineering School and Computer Integrated Manufacturing Graduate Program, has 30 years of executive management, project engineering, and implementation, technical and consulting experience.last_img read more

Outotec SXEW technology helps maximise productivity at Buenavista

first_imgOutotec says that its leading-edge SX-EW technology is helping to maximise return on investment at the world’s largest SX facility, Grupo México’s ESDE III copper SX-EW (solvent extraction-electrowinning) plant in Buenavista, Mexico. Grupo México’s Buenavista plant is located close to the town of Cananea in northern Mexico.Prior to the ESDE III project, the Buenavista plant had two SX-EW plants, ESDE I and ESDE II, with a total annual copper cathode production capacity of 55,000 t. In early 2012 the company decided to expand the plant’s capacity to produce copper cathodes via a leaching-SX-EW process. In April 2012, Grupo México signed a contract with Outotec for delivery of a copper SX-EW technology package for the ESDE III plant, with an annual copper cathode production capacity of 120,000 t. Having previously manufactured similar SX-EW equipment for other Grupo Mexico projects in the region, Outotec says it “was the natural choice to supply the technology. Furthermore, Outotec’s solutions had proven to be capable of coping with the challenging process conditions at Buenavista during the testing phase.”“Due to the metal content of the PLS, it was important to select technology that would allow us to minimize the mechanical and chemical entrainment of the PLS in the organic phase, in order to keep control of the electrolyte quality,” says Ramon Bustamante, ESDE III project manager, Grupo México. “With Outotec’s VSF SX technology, Buenavista has achieved good control over entrainment at the ESDE III plant, leading to good copper cathode chemical characteristics and appearance.”Seamless cooperation between the project partners ensured fast implementation and start-up, with the plant coming online in June 2014, just over two years after the contract was signed. Achieved benefits:• Maximised ROI resulting from low CAPEX and OPEX, and high plant availability• Optimised plant ergonomics for safe, comfortable working conditions• Short project lead time with equipment readily available• Sustainable environmental performancelast_img read more

Centre apologises after woman with special needs locked in bus

first_imgTHE CHAIRMAN OF a centre for adults with special needs has apologised for an incident where a service-user was mistakenly locked in a minibus for seven hours.The young woman was supposed to be dropped off for the day at the Moore Haven Centre in Tipperary town last Monday – but was instead driven back to the bus garage, where she was found seven hours later.She was said to be in a distressed state in the aftermath of the incident, and didn’t attend the centre the following day as she recovered from her ordeal.Speaking to RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, the chairman of Moore Haven, Denis Kennedy, said it had been an ‘unacceptable lapse’ on their part and that changes in procedure were being brought in to make sure such an incident could never happen again.“It happened because essentially she was picked up near her home, arrived at Moore Haven, and unfortunately the bus wasn’t checked to make sure everyone had disembarked.” I suppose there were two failures – one that it wasn’t checked after after everyone got off, and secondly that the centre did not have a procedure in place to make sure that everyone who got on the bus actually arrived in the centre – which obviously is a major lapse on our part.He said that in the future, buses arriving at the centre would be thoroughly checked, and that staff would contact the families of any service-user who failed to show up on their appointed attendance days.Asked how the young woman at the centre of the controversy was feeling following her ordeal, Mr Kennedy said she was ‘fine’ and that he had spoken to her family a number of times over the weekend.He said she was expected to attend the facility for the day, as normal, and would be accompanied from her home by a staff member.Read: Almost 60 per cent of special needs assistants assaulted >Read: Parents of special needs children to speak to Oireachtas Committee >last_img read more

Local students pushing for voter registration treated to movie screening

first_imgSOUTH MIAMI, FLA. (WSVN) – Some South Florida students were rewarded for leading the charge in voter registration.AMC Theatres, Team 305 and South Florida Cares treated students from Northwestern Senior High School to a private movie screening at AMC Sunset Place 24 in South Miami for their efforts.The students have an ambitious goal: to ensure 100 percent of eligible voters in their community are registered to vote.Northwestern Senior High student Brianna Latimore highlighted the importance of letting voters’ voices be heard.“We’re losing a lot this year. We have lost a lot of teens to gun violence, and it’s kind of tragic, so it needs to stop,” she said. “Stop getting guns more easily and make it harder for us to get guns.”The wave of activism comes in the wake of the Feb. 14 mass shooting at Parkland’s Marjory Stoneman High School, as well as several others across the nation.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Report Highlights Severe Shortcomings In States Housing Stock

first_imgThe Alaska Housing Finance Corp. on Tuesday released a report that highlights “severe shortcomings” in the state’s housing stock when it comes to things like cost, energy efficiency and overcrowding.Download Audiolast_img

New Are You Afraid of the Dark Reboot Teaser Hints at a

first_img How AMC’s ‘The Terror’ Uses American History to Delive…Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Becomes Universal Halloween Horror Maze Stay on target Things are getting sinister at Nickelodeon. The kids network dropped a teaser for its upcoming reboot of the 90s horror-fantasy series Are You Afraid of the Dark? and it looks set to scare a new generation of viewers with a darker, more frightening than the original.The teaser trailer, via a first look from Entertainment Weekly, features a new group of kids gathered around an eerie campfire, submitting scary stories for the approval of the Midnight Society.The reboot will premiere in October (the best month for a new horror series, of course), with three hour-long episodes about the new Midnight Society kids, who gather to tell the creepy story of Carnival of Doom. But just as the teaser trailer hints with terrifying vissions of the ringmaster, the events of the tale soon begin coming to life.According to the Wrap, the new members of the Midnight Society are: Gavin, played by Sam Ashe Arnold (Best.Worst.Weekend.Ever.); Akiko, played by Miya Cech (Rim of the World); Louise, played by Tamara Smart (Artemis Fowl); Graham, played by Jeremy Ray Taylor (It, Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween); and Rachel, played by Lyliana Wray (Black-ish). The Carnival of Doom’s ringmaster, Mr. Tophat, is played by Rafael Casal (Blindspotting).More on 4 Most Terrifying Episodes of ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’20 Years Later: How ‘Blair Witch Project’ Changed Horror11 ’80s Horror Franchises Due for a Comebacklast_img read more

Flying on Argentinas first budget airline will be cheaper than taking the

first_imgTags: Argentina << Previous PostNext Post >> Thursday, March 16, 2017 BUENOS AIRES — Argentina is getting its own budget airline, with seats priced cheaper than those on local buses.According to Lonely Planet, FlyBondi, the country’s first budget airline, is expected to launch domestic flights starting in September. Currently, state-run Aerolineas Argentina dominates the country’s aviation market, and up until now, high operating costs and state-mandated minimum prices have made domestic air travel an impossible venture.The Argentine government says plans for the new airline have been made to boost its slumping economy. Last year, President Mauricio Macri said Argentina would open up 135 new airline routes and that foreign tourists would be refunded a 21% value-added tax on hotel costs.However, there’s still one major hurdle to overcome before celebrations begin: Argentina requires its pilots to be Argentines, which could lead to difficulties in staffing.But if successfully launched, FlyBondi will undoubtedly make it easier to travel around the country. It will offer seats onboard leased Boeing 737s that cost less than lie-flat bed prices on bus journeys that span the same distance. For example, a one-way bus ticket with a lie-flat bed between Buenos Aires and Mendoza – a journey that takes 16 hours – costs about US$100. Alternatively, a seat onboard FlyBondi will start at approximately $78 each way for the two-hour flight. Flying on Argentina’s first budget airline will be cheaper than taking the buscenter_img Share Posted by Travelweek Group last_img read more

LTVtrade Appoints New Member for Board of Advisors

first_img The chairman and CEO of “”ION Financial, Inc.””, John D. Koch, has a new title to boast about, having been named to the advisory board of “”LTVtrade””: [IMAGE]The company announced Koch’s appointment in preparation for the upcoming launch of a new trading initiative for LTVtrade Marketplace.[COLUMN_BREAK]In addition to his current leadership role for ION, Koch is the former executive vice president and chief lending officer for “”Charter One Bank”” His decision to join LTVtrade’s board of advisors follows the company’s move to roll out residential whole loan mortgage and residential real estate owned trading. “”LTVtrade is honored to add John Koch to our Board of Advisors,”” said Dean DiCarlo, president and founder of LTVtrade. “”John has deep expertise in the mortgage banking and asset management arenas and in operating environments from entrepreneurial start-ups to large institutions such as Charter One Bank. His unique blend of expertise and experience will help guide LTVtrade’s product and market development.””Koch commented on his advisory position, noting, “”LTVtrade’s long term vision is to provide a neutral, centralized platform to connect small and large mortgage lenders with whole loan investors in a performing loan market and this should greatly help the housing market as there are many credit-worthy borrowers today which do not fit Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac guidelines ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô yet it’s impossible for investors to efficiently access them on any scale.”” July 30, 2012 458 Views in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing, Technology LTVtrade Appoints New Member for Board of Advisorscenter_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Investors Lenders & Servicers Movers & Shakers Processing Service Providers 2012-07-30 Abby Gregory Sharelast_img read more

HUD OIG FHAs Downpayment Program Has Problems

first_img August 8, 2016 639 Views HUD OIG: FHA’s Downpayment Program Has Problems Share Downpayments FHA HUD Inspector General Jeb Hensarling 2016-08-08 Seth Welborncenter_img in Daily Dose, Government, Headlines, News An audit by the HUD Office of the Inspector General found that FHA is pressuring borrowers into accepting higher interest rates, puts the FHA’s Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund at risk, and uses a funding scheme that may be in violation of federal law, according to a letter from the IG to a high-ranking Republican lawmaker.HUD Inspector General David Montoya wrote in a letter to House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) that in addition to stating he believes that FHA’s downpayment program is in violation of the National Housing Act regarding prohibited sources for downpayment assistance, that FHA violated official procedures by making “significant core changes” to the downpayment program in order to “make what programs we found arguably appropriate.”“HUD has failed to recognize the disturbing parallels to the seller-funded down payment assistance arrangements practices in the late 1990s to 2008 which caused wide-scale problems to the program and whose reverberations are still felt today,” Montoya wrote in his letter to Hensarling.  “It is exactly these types of risks, to the borrowers and to the health of the overall FHA’s Fund which taxpayers rely on, that compel me to now raise these concerns. It appears that the specific down payment assistance funding arrangements highlighted in the audits creates even more significant economic disparity over time since the borrower is burdened with a higher interest rate for the life of the loan.”“It is exactly these types of risks, to the borrowers and to the health of the overall FHA’s Fund which taxpayers rely on, that compel me to now raise these concerns.”David Montoya, HUD Inspector GeneralMontoya wrote further that an estimated 60,000 FHA loans per year are originated using the borrower-reimbursed funding arrangements which violated the “plain language” of the federal law and “adversely affected” FHFA-insured loans of borrowers who were “unknowingly” steered into the arrangements.“Breaking the law, trapping borrowers in higher interest rate loans, and trying to cover it up by secretly re-writing the rules—this is the sad, sorry state of today’s FHA,” Hensarling said. “How ironic that the Obama Administration here has been caught engaging in the same sort of shady subprime lending schemes it condemns.  Secretary Castro told Congress last year that seller-assisted down payment assistance poses such ‘a serious risk to the health’ of the FHA—and thus to taxpayers—that the FHA was working hard to shut it down.  The Inspector General’s report makes clear the FHA still has not succeeded.”In response to the HUD OIG’s findings, Acting FHA Commissioner Ed Golding shared the following statement from HUD Deputy Secretary Nani Coloretti:“HUD wishes to issue a clarification on the HUD legal opinion on August 11, 2015, the Deputy Secretary’s management decision of May 25, 2016, and the “From The Desk Of” issued by Ed Golding, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Housing on July 20, 2015 and May 25, 2016. To the extent that the Deputy Secretary’s Management Decision may have been interpreted by some to endorse otherwise unlawful practices, we wish to make clear it does not.”Golding continued, “Indeed, the HUD Office of Inspector General (OIG) alleged certain practices that the Department will investigate further. HUD will separately look into any inappropriate practices, some examples include: the extent to which government-sponsored Down Payment Assistance (DPA) programs fully informed borrowers of the loan terms, or imposed inappropriate fees or costs, or enabled steering or any other coercion of borrowers. HUD reiterates that the Department is supportive of government-sponsored DPA Programs. They enable access to credit that allows American families to purchase homes.”Click here to read Montoya’s full letter to Hensarling.last_img read more

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“Government where it fails to do its duty especially where it appears that indolence and ineptitude is deliberate and contrived,S. HCR 3033 is a resolution asking North Dakota to waste our state’s time and money to "study" whether products such as electronic cigarettes and smokeless tobacco are safe alternatives for people who currently smoke traditional cigarettes. Juventus’s Italy Under-21 striker Alberto Cerri. He had a quarrel with his mother about two months ago and left his home in anger,Eku, He seems to be doing a lot. as he will be popping up to make semi-regular guest appearances on the show, Muhammad is the first Muslim American woman to compete at the Olympics while wearing a hijab. since you’ll have to learn some new gestures to compensate for the iPhone X’s lack of a home button.

Credit: Hagerty/YouTubeThe house and the garage had been condemned and were going to be knocked down so Barn Find Hunter agreed to remove the cars out of the garage and move them to a new location." the petitioners submitted Oh 53 "I feel like in the Olympics a lot of things can happen Britain Lance Gaebe, Then, and Sevilla president Jose Castro insisted he will remain in charge as long as his duties are compatible with his treatment. justice will be ours in a matter of time. and establishing a clear legal and moral obligation on the United States to come to the aid of an ally under attack. m. 30, "It is the Joint Mission’s hope and expectation that having come this close to meeting the target date for the removal of chemicals weapons material the Syrian Arab Republic will take the final step very soon. with the spirit of a preacher and the humble heart of a kindly family doctor can lead us now.

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