No parole for 70 years for man who killed 3 women in

first_imgPEMBROKE, Ont. – A 60-year-old man convicted of killing three women during an hour-long rampage in the Ottawa Valley two years ago has been sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 70 years.Basil Borutski was convicted late last month of first-degree murder in the deaths of 36-year-old Anastasia Kuzyk and 48-year-old Nathalie Warmerdam, and of second-degree murder in slaying of Carol Culleton.Culleton was strangled with a television coaxial cable and Kuzyk and Warmerdam were both killed with a 12-gauge shotgun fired at close range. They all died within about an hour of each other at their residences in Renfrew County on the morning of Sept. 22, 2015.Court heard Borutski shot Kuzyk while she cowered behind her kitchen island and chased Warmerdam around her farmhouse before shooting her at point-blank range as she tried to run up the stairs.He broke into Culleton’s cottage, picked up a coaxial cable and wrapped it around the 66-year-old’s neck six times, the Crown told court.Justice Robert Maranger ruled Wednesday that Borutski will serve two consecutive life sentences — which each carry a parole ineligibilty of 25 years — for first-degree murder followed by at least 20 years of a life sentence for second-degree murder.The Crown had asked for the severe penalty at a sentencing hearing on Tuesday as families of Borutski’s victims appealed to the judge to imprison him for life.“I beg the court to keep this man away from my family and society for the rest of his living days,” Warmerdam’s father Frank John Hopkins said in a statement read to the court.Borutski refused to make any comments or submissions and showed no emotion as the families of his three victims told of their heartbreak through victim impact statements.“There is a huge hole in our lives and our family. Daily we walk under a black cloud,” said her mother Maz Tracey.Five impact statements were read in court Tuesday including one from Lorraine Wallace, a friend of Carol Culleton.“All her dreams cannot be realized because of you,” she said.A community impact statement read by Jennifer Valiquette and Joanne Brooks with End Violence Against Women in Renfrew County told how that September day in 2015 changed the lives of many.“For many in the violence against women community, September 22 is known as the Renfrew County massacre. They no longer feel safe walking on the rural roads or hiking in the bush.”Prior to the murders, Borutski — who chose to forgo having a lawyer during the trial, but barely said a word during the proceedings — had twice spent time in jail after two of the women accused him of assault and uttering threats.Following his conviction, Leighann Burns, executive director of Ottawa-based women’s shelter Harmony House, said Borutski’s reputation as a violent and dangerous person was well-known in and around the Ontario community of Wilno, not far from where the three women lived.In a videotaped interview played at trial, Borutski expressed a degree of remorse for his actions, which he said were fuelled by rage at what he considered to be the lies and betrayals of his victims.In the video, he described how he was acting like a “zombie” on the day in question, saying he’d originally planned to take his own life, but decided against it because he believed it was wrong to take an innocent life.“I killed them because they were not innocent,” Borutski says in the video. “They were guilty. I was innocent. I’ve done nothing wrong.”He argued that Kuzyk and Warmerdam lied in court when they helped get him convicted of threatening and assaulting them and Culleton lied about her relationship with him and then shunned him for another man.“Borutski would have us cast some sort of biblical justification upon what is really nothing more than a callous, premeditated act of revenge, an act of murder in any way you define it,” Crown attorney Jeffery Richardson said in his closing statement to the jury. “There is no justification for what he did.”(CFRA, The Canadian Press)last_img read more

Canadian Film NOW Then A 35year retrospective in 29 covers

first_img1. RON MANN Facebook Advertisement Advertisement Login/Register With: Poetry In Motion | November 11, 1982Written by Steven HillenPhoto by Paul TillComic Book Confidential was the coolest documentary I saw as a kid. It was on TV constantly, and I’d always watch. The comics were great, but the stories and artists left an indelible impression. Those beads of sweat on the astronauts’ face, censored due to racism, are etched in my memory.Grass is a killer film. It succeeds at being funny, accessible and informational, but it’s also a convincing and powerful work of activism. The talk-show clips about the impossibility of legislating morality ring especially true. How could I not contemplate it while making The Stairs?My dad’s a huge jazz fan – he attended the original taping of Imagine The Sound. We saw the film together at Jackman Hall around 10 years ago, and I was introduced to Ron beforehand. I mentioned my then-recent film, Hogtown Blues. Ron gave a knowing smile, appreciating my film title, from Oscar Peterson. A small moment shared with Canada’s chronicler of counterculture. For me, it was highly memorable and felt very cool.Filmmaker Hugh GibsonBecause he lived in Toronto, I was able to photograph Ron Mann in his apartment and had plenty of time. We were on the same wavelength in terms of goofing around, trying odd ideas. There’s a great shot of him cracking up at a scene from Planet Of The Apes being shown on the TV beside him. I think the photo that we picked was an example of “If and only if the photos are equally good, go for the most appropriate one.”Photographer Paul Till LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment 2. DAVID CRONENBERGVideodrome | January 13, 1983Written by John HarknessPhoto by Ben Mark HolzbergVideodrome is a completely logical extension of Cronenberg’s work, yet there is a new stylistic maturity and complexity…. He has worked in a genre that is usually derogated as childish…. He has never cast American stars for the sake of casting American stars. And, most important, he has remained true to his vision of human experience that has resulted in the most mature, intelligent body of work by anyone working in the science fiction/horror genre in the last two decades. National Canadian Film Day 150, REEL CANADA’s annual day-long celebration of Canadian movies, is on the horizon and, NOW Magazine and REEL CANADA present a vivid retrospective of our country’s cinematic history over the past 35 years.April 10 to April 22 at Sam Pollock Square, Brookfield Place (181 Bay) Advertisement Twitterlast_img read more

Insurance and bank stocks weigh on Toronto stock index as loonie edges

first_imgTORONTO – Canada’s largest stock index finished in the red for a third consecutive trading session on Friday, as banks and insurance companies lost ground.The Toronto Stock Exchange’s S&P/TSX composite index fell 42.83 points to 16,039.26, with the financial sector down about three-quarters of a percentage point.All the big banks reported losses as did major insurers including Fairfax Financial Holdings (TSX:FFH), which saw its shares fall $13.76 or 1.98 per cent to $680.46 at the closing of markets.“The bank group is kind of taking a breather this week in particular after having a pretty good year to date. I think most bank shares are up 10 per cent this year,” said Cavan Yie, a portfolio manager at Manulife Asset Management.“But what I think you’re seeing is investors kind of taking money off the table ahead of 2018, potentially ahead of some mortgage rule changes in Canada which are likely to impact loan growth for 2018. You’ll see lower mortgage originations and potentially lower-than-expected bank earnings.”Canada’s banking regulator reported last month it’s going ahead with a new stress test for home buyers who don’t need mortgage insurance but who will soon have to prove they can make their payments if interest rates rise.The move is expected to reduce the maximum amount buyers will be able to borrow to buy a home, even if they have a down payment of 20 per cent or more, starting in January.South of the border, markets were mixed and relatively flat a day after Wall Street was caught off guard by a proposed delay in President Donald Trump’s proposed tax plans. On Wednesday, Senate Republicans said they’re rolling out their own tax bill, which would delay Trump’s corporate tax rate cut until 2019, instead of 2018 under the House bill.“There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the current regime in the U.S.,” Yie said. “Investors are taking a wait-and-see approach and not reacting right away.”The Dow Jones industrial average declined 39.73 points to 23,422.21 and the S&P 500 index edged down 2.32 points to 2,582.30. The Nasdaq composite index eked out a 0.89 of a point rise to 6,750.94.In currency markets, the Canadian dollar was trading at an average price of 78.85 cents US, up 0.06 of a U.S. cent. That marks the loonie’s third straight day of gains against a weakening greenback.On the commodities front, the December crude contract gave back 43 cents at US$56.74 per barrel and the December natural gas contract was up a cent at US$3.21 per mmBTU.The December gold contract fell $13.30 to US$1,274.20 an ounce and the December copper contract was down a cent to US$3.08 a pound.Follow @DaveHTO on Twitter.last_img read more

The Most Consistent Hitter In Baseball History

Gary Matthews1974- Braggo Roth1916- Roy Campanella1951-55.325.269.312.207.318.315 According to Fangraphs, none of the 21,214 other qualifying five-year periods1Using a minimum of 350 plate appearances in each season and including overlapping periods for the same hitters. is even close. Journeyman outfielder Nori Aoki had a total movement of 9 points between 2012 and 2016, which comes in second but is still more than double Davis’s. And only one other hitter in history finished with the same average in three straight years — Mookie Wilson for the Mets, hitting exactly .276 from 1983 to 1985.2With an average of .279 in 1982 and .271 in 1981, Wilson’s total movement in the period was 11 points. Just 178 hitters have had the same rounded average in two consecutive seasons.To get a better sense of how bizarre Davis’s consistency is, consider FanGraphs’s finding that batting average does not even stabilize until 910 at-bats. (By “stabilize,” we mean getting to the point at which a player’s batting average is roughly halfway explained by his own skill, with the other half still owed to random variance.) Of course, batters never get 910 at-bats in a 162-game season, which is why batting average has typically been the bane of projection systems. Incredibly, a player’s current batting average is actually a poor predictor of his future batting average even in the same season, never mind from season to season.So wild swings are perfectly normal. The average movement for the entire sample is about 100 points in every five-year period. A perfect example of average variance in the category is Babe Ruth from 1930 to 1934, when he hit, consecutively, .359, .373, .341, .301 and .288.But in 2018, we are witnessing history in batting average on both sides of the spectrum. The exact opposite of Davis is Bryce Harper of the Nationals. He’s tied as the third most volatile hitter ever over a five-year period. Harper’s roller coaster ride in the statistic has taken him from .273 in 2014 to .330 in 2015, back to .243 in 2016 then up to .319 last season. This year, Harper is down to .214. That represents a total movement of 325 points. Harper was bested in extreme variance only by Brooklyn Dodger Hall of Fame catcher Roy Campanella, who had a 358-point swing from 1952 to 1956 and a 338-point swing from 1953 to 1957, and King Kelly of the Chicago White Stockings and Boston Beaneaters, who had a total movement of 331 points from 1883 to 1887. Kelly is also in the Hall of Fame, and Campanella was a three-time National League MVP, an award Harper won unanimously in 2015. Khris Davis2014- For players with a minimum 350 plate appearances each seasonSource: FanGraphs Fred Dunlap1881-85.325.280.326.412.270.319 Bryce Harper’s batting average is on a roller coasterMost total absolute movement from season to season in batting average over a five-year span in MLB history Khris Davis’s batting average is so consistent, it’s scaryLeast total absolute movement from season to season in batting average over a five-year span in MLB history Bryce Harper2014-18.273.330.243.319.214.325 For players with a minimum 350 plate appearances each seasonSource: FanGraphs Ben Zobrist2011- King Kelly1882-86.305.255.354.288.388.315 Sam Mertes1901- Mookie Wilson1981- spanYear 12345total Movement Bing Miller1925-29.319.322.325.329.331.012 Tony Fernandez1990- Pete Browning1887-91.402.313.256.373.317.319 Yearly Batting Average Roy Campanella1953-57.312.207.318.219.242.338 George Scott1966-70.245.303. YEARLY Batting Average Pete Browning1886-90.340.402.313.256.373.325 Roy Campanella1952-56.269.312.207.318.219.358 King Kelly1883-87.255.354.288.388.322.331 Nori Aoki2012- The skeptics have been proven right so far this season in refusing to believe that Khris Davis’s batting average was permanently fixed at .247 by some supernatural force. After hitting exactly that in each of the past three seasons, Davis appears to have broken free of the .247 spell: He’s hitting .248.Baseball’s measure of hitting success has always been rounded to the third decimal. Technically, the Oakland Athletics outfielder has hit .2474489796, .2468468468 and .2473498233 respectively from 2015 to 2017, and this year his average is all the way up to .2484848485. In his only other year of at least 350 plate appearances (2014), he hit .2435129741, or .244. Regardless of how you round these numbers, they make Davis the most consistent hitter in baseball history over any five-year stretch. The total movement of his three-digit average — calculated by simply adding the absolute differences from season to season across five years — is just 4 points (that’s .004 in nonbaseball speak). And the average movement of his average is an absurdly low four-fifths of a point per season. SpanYear 12345TOTal Movement Nori Aoki2013- So a lack of consistency doesn’t imply that a hitter is bad — though you may not want to invest in him in your fantasy baseball leagues just on the basis of last season’s numbers. The people who “owned” Kelly when he hit .288 in 1885 between two years leading the National League in hitting with an average north of .350 doubtlessly took a bath in their hypothetical, old-timey roto leagues. Harper’s owners this year are echoing their pain, 133 years later.But Davis is Mr. Reliable. You expect .247 and he gives you .247 — or maybe .248. At worst, .244. Davis is a beacon of consistency in what’s otherwise a wilderness of batting average randomness.Check out our latest MLB predictions. read more

Heres What Happened Today Monday

first_img Short URL No Comments By Cormac Fitzgerald NEED TO CATCH up? brings you a round-up of today’s news.IRELAND  Lucimeire Da Silva, left and Caroline Alves Costa, From Brazil now living in Dublin. Minister for Justice and Equality Charlie Flanagan TD today congratulated 2,400 new Irish citizens across three citizenship ceremonies held in the Killarney Convention Centre, Co Kerry. Source: Valerie O’SullivanThe South-South West Hospital group has said it has not received any complaints from members of the public in relation to the mortuary at University Hospital Waterford.A Donegal father-of-six who repeatedly and regularly raped his teenage daughter has been jailed for 11 years.The jury in the trial of a 50-year-old farmer charged with murdering his alleged love rival will return to the Central Criminal Court tomorrow for a sixth day of deliberations.A total of 163 new jobs are to be created in the west of the country following two significant investment announcements.The victim of an alleged IRA man who raped two teenage boys at a “republican safe house” two decades ago said his dream life was in “tatters” from the moment the man entered his house.Gardaí announced that a total of 36 people were stopped and questioned as part of an intelligence-led operation targeting the demand for prostitution and the purchasing of sexual services over the past few days.A jury was sworn in at the Courts of Criminal Justice as two 14-year-old boys went on trial for the murder of Ana Kriegel in May last year.Gardaí warned the public to be vigilant after unregulated websites offering “quick” loans to people have taken upfront payments without issuing the loan.The president and the national council of the National Association of General Practitioners Dr Maitiú Ó Tuathail announced their resignation.A total of 2,4000 people officially became Irish citizens at ceremonies in Killarney, Co Kerry.It was revealed by that the Irish Freedom Party has breached election laws by accepting donations for political purposes despite not being correctly registered to do so.WORLD 16,899 Views Here’s What Happened Today: Monday 2,400 people become new Irish citizens, appearance of Islamic State leader, and new jobs to be created in the west – It’s the Fix. This image made from video posted on a militant website purports to show the leader of the Islamic State group, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, being interviewed by his group’s Al-Furqan media outlet. Source: AP#ISIS: The groups elusive leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi made his first purported appearance in five years in a propaganda video released earlier today, in which he acknowledges IS’s defeat at Baghouz.#SAO PAULO: The death was announced of Brazilian model who collapsed on the catwalk during a show on the last day of Sao Paulo Fashion Week.PARTING SHOT From the fire of Notre Dame cathedral, to a lioness making a dash for the shore, to the first full moon night in the Chinese lunar year – these are some of best travel photographs up for the National Geographic Travel Photo of the Year. It was the first full moon night in the Chinese lunar year, symbolizing unity and perfection. People in Meizhou performed a fire dragon dance that showered molten iron, spewing from fireworks — sparks to celebrate the Lantern Festival. This celebration has been performed since the Qing Dynasty and is designated as an Intangible Cultural Heritage. Source: Léo Kwok Share Tweet Email Get our daily news round up: Apr 29th 2019, 9:01 PM Monday 29 Apr 2019, 9:01 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

NuSTAR un nouveau télescope spatial pour observer les trous noirs

first_imgNuSTAR : un nouveau télescope spatial pour observer les trous noirsLa NASA doit placer ce mercredi 13 juin un nouveau télescope à rayons X en orbite. Baptisé NuSTAR, cet appareil offrira une résolution exceptionnelle et devrait permettre aux chercheurs, en scrutant mieux que jamais l’univers, de mieux comprendre la façon dont il a évolué. Dans un premier temps, c’est aux trous noirs que le télescope s’intéressera.Ce mercredi 13 juin, dans l’après-midi, la NASA lancera dans l’espace son télescope NuSTAR, un appareil à rayons X qui observera l’Univers avec une précision jamais égalée. C’est depuis la base américaine des îles Marshall que le télescope décollera. Accompagné d’une fusée Pegasus qui le mettra en orbite, il sera éjecté à 11.900 mètres d’altitude par un avion Lockeed L-1011, un tri-réacteur répondant au nom de Stargazer.C’est vers 15H30 GMT que la fusée sera larguée. Elle devra alors emporter le télescope et le placer sur orbite terrestre basse à 600 kilomètres, indique la NASA dans un communiqué. Grâce à NuSTAR, “nous verrons les objets célestes les plus chauds, les plus denses et ceux qui sont le plus chargés d’énergie d’une façon fondamentalement nouvelle”, s’enthousiasme Fiona Harrison, la principale responsable scientifique du projet, citée par l’AFP. Le télescope spatial complétera les données déjà fournies par deux autres appareils à rayons X, le XMM-Newton de l’Agence spatiale européenne et le Chandra de la NASA.Comme l’expliquait le mois dernier le directeur de la division d’astrophysique au siège de l’agence Paul Hertz, après que la mission prévue en mars a été reportée, “NuSTAR va nous aider à comprendre comment notre univers a évolué depuis le stade du Big Bang pour devenir aussi complexe aujourd’hui”. Ce télescope est unique en son genre. Les trous noirs et supernovae comme premières cibles À lire aussiDes chercheurs auraient découvert l’origine de la mystérieuse lumière verte observée par la NASAIl sera le tout premier à réaliser des images à partir de rayons X à haute énergie. Les clichés qu’il prendra offriront une résolution inégalée, dix fois plus grande que celles des télescopes actuellement en fonctionnement. Sa sensibilité, elle, devrait être cent fois plus importante que celles du XMM-Newton et du Chandra.Dans un premier temps, pendant deux ans, NuSTAR se concentrera sur les supernovae de certaines régions du ciel, qu’il devra recenser, et observera dans les zones proches du centre de la Voie Lactée de nombreux trous noirs dont il évaluera la masse. Grâce à ses exceptionnelles performances, le télescope devrait en outre être capable de détecter sous les nuages de poussière et de gaz les trous noirs situés en dehors de notre galaxie.Le 13 juin 2012 à 17:02 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Neon Genesis Evangelion Completes Netflixs Anime Ambitions

first_img ‘One Punch Man’ Get A Video Game, Probably Has More Punches‘Cannon Busters’ Is The Black Anime We’ve Been Waiting… Stay on target You deserve a fair warning. The Netflix premiere of Neon Genesis Evangelion, the heady mech anime to end all anime, is upon us. All 26 episodes episodes and more will hit the streaming TV service with a brand new English dub. Discourse will never be the same. Get in the robot. Watch the show.Netflix never wanted to just be a new type of TV channel with its original content. It wanted to be an entirely new type of TV offering everything any viewer could want from superhero crossovers to goth puppet cooking shows to subversive comedies to overrated dramas. And while it is a mistake, lots of viewers want anime, and Netflix has delivered by streaming some of the best classics and commissioning great original works like Devilman Crybaby. They even got Jaden Smith involved.However, even an anime skeptic like me can recognize that some series stands above others. So it’s a big deal that Netflix has announced Gainax’s mecha deconstruction Neon Genesis Evangelion is coming to the streaming TV service in Spring 2019.The 26-episode Neon Genesis Evangelion run from 1995 is coming to Netflix along with several films including End of Evangelion, or as I know it the one with the big head poster. We don’t know any release date beyond Spring 2019.Having not seen Eva myself yet (I’m looking forward to finally seeing what the big deal is on Netflix) my attempts to describe it probably won’t do it justice. But from what I understand based on people I trust, the show uses its stock “giant robots vs aliens” premise to make intelligent and surreal (Watchmen-esque?) commentary on its own fantasy genre that’s been a Japanese mainstay for decades. And considering how widely acclaimed it is, it must have done it pretty well.I don’t mean to clown so much on this honestly important piece of animation history. It’s a legitimately exciting announcement! Finally, I can understand why these parody Seinfeld/Evangelion “Cruel Angel’s Thesis” music videos are so funny. And I have a ton of respect for Eva creator Hideaki Anno who later brought this postmodern kaiju energy into the awesome, heady Shin Godzilla.It’s just that people treat Eva’s legacy with such serious reverence, I just can’t help but laugh a little bit, even while keeping an open mind. Mostly, I’m excited that soon we’ll all be able to easily watch Neon Genesis Evangelion on Netflix instead of paying “30 bucks for two episodes per VHS tape from Suncoast Video mode.”last_img read more

Dairy Farmers Urged To Improve Pasture Management

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:Hugh Graham, Jamaica Dairy Development Board Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppKINGSTON, Jan. 28 (JIS): Dairy farmers are being encouraged to use proper pasture management techniques in order to boost milk production and improve herd quality. Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jamaica Dairy Development Board (JDDB), Hugh Graham, made the call, while speaking to JIS News at the launch of the ‘Drink Real Milk’ educational campaign at the Terra Nova All Suite Hotel in St. Andrew today (January 28).He noted, for example, that farmers do not typically fertilise their pastures. “They will fertilise other crops but never the pastures. The grass and the legumes on the pastures are crops and have to be treated as such, so we have to look at how to manage the soil, how to manage the crop so you can maximise yield,” he pointed out.He noted that once pasture yield is maximised “you are able to have better nutrition for the animals and the animals will, in turn, give you more milk or more meat,” Mr. Graham told JIS News that programmes are already in place to provide assistance to farmers in this regard.He said farmers are also receiving support to combat recurrent drought conditions, with new varieties of fodder provided.“We have new drought-tolerant varieties (such as) brachiaria species (and) the mulato two…those we have introduced quite successfully in some areas,” he said.He informed that farmers are also being assisted to establish fodder banks, “for instance, sugar cane, which they will grow and use during that period when the drought is on. We have …included equipment where you chop the forage up to feed it to the animals, thereby you improve on the digestibility of the feed.”Mr. Graham said the JDDB also provides technical assistance such as the modernising and upgrading of milking and cooling equipment. In addition, players in the industry are benefiting from training to ensure that they adhere to best practices and international production standards.Mr. Graham informed that there are approximately 100 dairy farmers in the island, who supply milk to processors. “Our statistics really only cover the supply to the processors because under Jamaican law, you cannot sell unpasteurised milk and that is why from the farm, it’s delivered or the processors pick it up and then they take it to the next level,” he pointed out.Meanwhile, the JDDB CEO said the agency will continue to partner with the agricultural schools and the 4-H clubs to establish their dairies as centres for best practices.“We have already delivered 25 heifers to all except the Jamaica 4-H Clubs and we are working very closely with them in terms of training,” he informed.The ‘Drink Real Milk’ campaign is a partnership involving CB Group (through Nutramix), Seprod Limited (through Serge Island), Newport Fersan Jamaica Limited and the Jamaica Dairy Development Board.The goals of the campaign are: to increase awareness and demand for Jamaican milk; produce 20 million litres locally annually; and create a sustainable and self- sufficient industry.The JDDB was established in 2009 to promote and foster the development of the dairy sector with particular emphasis on promoting local milk production and achieving efficiencies in the production, processing, marketing and other trade in dairy products. Pm Launches Life And Health Insurance For Athleteslast_img read more

Assemblymember announces bill aimed at banning tackle football at levels lower than

first_imgAssemblymember announces bill aimed at banning tackle football at levels lower than high school Among the parenting decisions the state regulates: if your child is in a car or booster seat, gets a vaccine, wears a helmet, smokes a cigarette, drinks alcohol, gets a tattoo, goes to school, buys a gun, gambles. I’m ok with adding plays tackle football to the list.— Lorena (@LorenaSGonzalez) February 9, 2018 SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Organized tackle football would be banned at levels lower than high school under a bill announced Thursday by San Diego Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, who says the rule would follow medical research in an effort to protect kids from the lasting effects of traumatic brain injury.The bill would allow only high-contact elements of the sport in high school-level leagues to protect young athletes from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a disease found in people who have had multiple head injuries. The disorder has been especially common among football players. The onset of the disease occurs years after the injuries and symptoms can include depression, memory loss and dementia. It is diagnosable only after death.“The research is clear — when children participate in high-impact, high-contact sports, there is a 100 percent risk of exposure to brain damage,” said Dr. Bennet Omalu, author of the book “Concussion” about CTE. “Once you know the risk involved in something, what’s the first thing you do? Protect children from it.”Since 2014 the state has put in place stricter protocols that aim to protect young athletes from head injury. Among the requirements of a law passed last year is that athletes, coaches and parents receive educational information about the signs and symptoms of concussion and protocols in dealing with such injuries, which include being evaluated by a doctor.But Gonzalez Fletcher said such rules don’t go far enough.“Head injuries sustained at a young age can harm kids for the rest of their lives,” she said. “Developing skills through flag football before high school is sound public policy from a health and safety standpoint.”She cited several NFL greats who got their start in non-contact leagues: Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, Lawrence Taylor, Jim Brown and Tom Brady.The bill will be considered by the Assembly this spring. No states have passed such a law, though similar rules are being considered in Illinois, Maryland and New York, according to Gonzalez Fletcher.The bill is co-sponsored by Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento. Updated: 3:33 PM Posted: February 8, 2018 KUSI Newsroom February 8, 2018 Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter KUSI Newsroom, last_img read more

Wynwood brewery celebrates May the Fourth

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – A Miami neighborhood not so far, far away celebrated May the Fourth with ice-cold brews and a trip down memory lane.J. Wakefield Brewing in Wynwood held Saturday’s event especially geared at Star Wars fans.Owner and brewmaster Johnathan Wakefield is known for his devotion to the popular franchise. He has a taproom full of memorabilia and a Star Wars mural at the brewery.Festivities included a live lightsaber battle, a food truck, a live DJ and the entire “Star Wars” movie saga playing on rotation on a large screen.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Vermont Voters Hope to Block Air Guards Basing Plan

first_imgVoters in Burlington, Vt., on Tuesday approved a non-binding ballot referendum calling for the city council to ask the Air Force to cancel its plan to bring 18 F-35 fighter jets to the Vermont Air National Guard base at Burlington International Airport. Opponents of the Air Force’s basing decision — whose efforts to block the move previously failed in both state and federal courts — say the fifth-generation combat aircraft would be too loud and could pose a safety threat in a densely populated area. Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger said he would revisit the issue but added the city is “a long way” from making a request to the Air Force to change its plans, reports VTDigger.VTDigger photo by Bob LoCicero Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more

Alaska News Nightly Tuesday May 8 2018

first_imgStories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @aprnListen nowLegislature approves use of Permanent Fund to pay for state government Andrew Kitchenman, KTOO – JuneauFor the first time in the Alaska Permanent Fund’s 40-year history, the Legislature has adopted a plan to draw money from the fund to pay for state government. Governor Bill Walker says he’ll sign the bill plan. Supporters say it protects the fund.Is meth back in Alaska? Or did it never leave? Zachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media – AnchorageOpioids like heroin get the most attention when you hear about the drug epidemic in Alaska. But people working at the ground level are warning of a parallel problem that’s getting worse.Walker’s oil & gas advisor leaves for job at NANARashah McChesney, Alaska Public Media – JuneauJohn Hendrix will head NANA Regional Corporation’s commercial group.Fairbanks City Council approves marijuana regulations that limit retail shops to 25Tim Ellis, KUAC – FairbanksAfter a heated debate, the Fairbanks City Council approved an ordinance Monday that added regulations to the marijuana industry.New automation initiatives driving National Weather Service push to focus staff in urban officesDan Bross, KUAC – FairbanksThe National Weather Service is automating weather balloon launches in Alaska as part of a shift that will concentrate staff at the agencies urban forecast offices.Ask a Climatologist: Traditional knowledge is critical to climate researchAnnie Feidt, Alaska’s Energy Desk – AnchorageMore and more, scientists rely on traditional ecological knowledge to study climate change.Indian Country Today’s new editor Mark Trahant on the future of Native journalismChristine Trudeau, KYUK – BethelLast week KYUK got a visit from Mark Trahant, the new Managing Editor of “Indian Country Today.” A longtime independent journalist, Trahant has been coming to Alaska for decades, and served as a college professor here.last_img read more

Top five investment options for salaried individuals

first_imgTop five investment options for salaried individualsIANSThe law of compounding works wonderfully for salaried people who invest regularly across savings instruments. Safety, return, liquidity and tax benefits are the major points a salaried investor is always on the lookout for. There are only few investment instruments that can offer these three together.Here are top five instruments the salaried can invest for decent returns.1. KTDFC Kerala Transport Development Finance Corporation Ltd (KTDFC) is a government of Kerala owned non-banking Company, which is registered under RBI. For 1 year the interest rate on a KTDFC deposit is 8.25 percent for one year, while it offers 8.50 percent for senior citizen deposits. As of now no banks excluding co-operative banks in the country offer these interest rates along with safety.2. PPF Public Provident Fund offers customers an interest rate of 7.8 percent currently. The interest earned under this instrument is tax-free and the amount invested qualifies for tax rebate under sec 80C of the Income Tax Act. In PPF the amount invested has a tenure of 15 years. Partial withdrawals can be made after 7 years.3. Company FD There is some AAA-rated Company fixed deposits which beat bank FD interest rates. For example, Bajaj Finance offers an interest rate up to 7.85 percent per annum. Mahindra Finance FDs offer an interest rate of 7.75 percent to 7.80 percent depending on the tenure of investment. Senior citizens are entitled to an extra 0.25 percent.4. Systematic Investment Plan SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) is based on the idea of averaging your investment cost over time. Under SIP the investor invests a constant amount every month and keep doing it for a long time. ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund, SBI Blue Chip Fund, and Aditya Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund are popular SIPs.5. Bank FDs Tax-saving FDs are offered by many leading banks including SBI, HDFC, Axis, ICICI Bank, they may not offer the best rates on these fixed deposits. Most of the tax-saving FDs have a compulsory lock-in period of 5 years and maturity period from 5-10 years. Government banks are at best offering 7.5 percent interest on normal deposits.last_img read more

A musical sojourn

first_imgThe audiences witnessed the celebrated notes of the artiste playing some classic numbers. The concert embarked the legacy of the recently launched piano club while honouring the 2011 launch of this vintage European dining at 1911 Brasserie.From scintillating pianism of Liszt to the vibrant rhythms of Bartók, the heroism of Chopin and the dazzling finger work of Ravel, it was an evening of unabashed virtuosity. Lutchmayer performed some of the most daring and demanding music written on the Steinway grand piano at The Imperial. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Vijay Wanchoo, Sr. Executive Vice President and GM expressed, ‘It gives us great pleasure to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of our restaurant with an alluring musical sojourn, orchestrated by none other than Karl Lutchmayer. Classic western food with astounding live music makes Nostalgia a unique and retro European restaurant and our focus has always been to enhance its stellar dining experience.’He further said ‘Stepping towards luxurious and unique live concerts on Steinway piano, our effort has always been to bring to enchanting, influential and smashing recitals. We plan to organise many such great events in future as part of our recently launched piano club, sweeping the music aficionados with the ultimate and the unmatched.’ The evening concluded with a lavish spread of traditional European recipes from Nostalgia.last_img read more

On the relationships between Bidwill Keim and Ari

first_imgOn the relationships between Bidwill, Keim and Arians:SK: “I think that the success we had was built on that trust and respect for each other, and it was a philosophy Michael had when he hired us. It’s ‘roll up our sleeves, stay in our lanes and let’s do everything we can to improve this organization,’ and that’s what we did. He was unbelievable to work with. There were times I’d go down to his office – and I’ve told you guys – I could tell him, ‘Hey, we’re signing this player. We’re signing that player.’ The response was, ‘Cool, baby. We’ll get him ready.’ That just doesn’t happen in this league. So many times you get questions of, ‘Why are we signing this guy?’ And then Bruce had that trust, and the fact that we had so many examples of success in late signings were because his lack of fear for playing players off the street. And I think it’s a credit to him and his coaching staff that we had success with those guys because they catered to their strengths and put them in positions to succeed, and again, that’s the special qualities that Bruce had – not only the ability to coach guys hard and get them to love them later. As Michael said, he started a great foundation for us. We have a great culture here, and there’s no doubt in my opinion that this coaching position is going to be certainly one of the best out there.” (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin) The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo On the future of the current staff:MB: “That’s something Steve and I will be talking about. A number of years ago, we went through a similar situation. Some of those folks are under contract, and we’re going to honor all of the contracts, obviously. We’ll be in the individual discussions with them as well.”On how Arians approached him with the decision and ensuing conversation:MB: “Ultimately, it was yesterday we learned the news. Then he announced it today, just now.”On if he tried to talk Arians out of retirement and if he can provide a glimpse of the conversation:MB: “I think the most important thing is respecting (his decision). This is a very difficult decision for him to come to, and when you look at everything around his decision, I want to respect his decision and not try to put any pressure on him to come back, especially with some of the health issues and things like that he’s had over the years. Steve and I love him, and we want to see him have a great retirement. And we know he has left the organization in a great place with a great culture here, the locker room and everything else. And we appreciate everything he’s done – two-time (NFL) Coach of the Year and he’s just done tremendous things for this organization. I want to see him be happy and healthy in his retirement, and none of us were going to put any sort of pressure on him. We want to see him be happy and healthy.” Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling 3 Comments   Share   On if the relationship between Keim and Arians contributed to a successful run:SK: “It’s a number of things. I think the day that Michael put us both in this position was the fact that all three of us would have open lines of communication, which I’m proud that we did. And really, at the end of the day, we grew up 15 miles apart. I mean, how many times does that happen in the National Football League where you grew up that close to the person you work with? Very rarely did we have disagreements and when we did, we made Cardinal decisions and it was never personal. I think the best thing is looking back on the relationship and the way that he and Michael and I were able to communicate and how much pride I take in that.”On if Arians’ teams reflected his personality:SK: “No doubt. No doubt. When Jude asked that question to Michael, ‘What did you learn or take away?’ Mine was, ‘No risk it, no biscuit.’ No need to apologize for going for it and that’s what we’re going to continue to do as an organization. We’re going to continue to go for it.”On if there are any feelings as to whether QB Carson Palmer and WR Larry Fitzgerald will return next season:MB: “I’m not going to speculate on anything, or speculate on speculators.” SK: “As a matter of fact, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to talk to (Head Athletic Trainer) Tom Reed, but I know that Jermaine (Gresham) had the Achilles last night. Aside from that, I think there were some bumps and bruises but I don’t anticipate any major time lost or offseason issues.”On C/G Evan Boehm’s knee injury:SK: “As far as I know, it wasn’t serious. At least I haven’t heard that now. Many times, the MRI will prove whether that’s right or wrong. I haven’t gotten that information yet.”center_img On the need for a quarterback and if the new head coach will need a track record of developing quarterbacks:SK: “I don’t know necessarily ‘need to,’ but at the end of the day, having your next franchise quarterback is no different from finding the next head coach and that’s going through the process, like Michael talked about, being true to it, and at the end of the day, you usually know in your heart who the guy is. The biggest thing is that we just have to make sure we aggressively approach it and take that on. Like I said, five years ago we started with no head coach and no quarterback and I feel like that ended up pretty good. I think that’s the way we need to approach this, this time around.”On if Arians will help with the coaching search:MB: “As Steve said, his door’s open and my door’s open. Bruce has given his, and will keep his comments private, but he’s given us his advice and wants to see us be successful and he is going to continue to be a friend of the organization, there’s no doubt. I’m excited he’s got that perspective and we’ll continue to have the benefit of his best judgment.”On updates with the players who were injured yesterday: On what was learned during the hiring process five years ago that can be applied now:SK: “That’s a great question. Again, what questions to ask and the process. Some of the things along the way that has happened in my tenure as a GM that I wasn’t prepared for or was all new to me that I can impress upon this coach that, ‘If this happened, how would you handle this? How would you deal with it?’ And the same type of questions that Michael would ask as well. Make sure that once we face adversity, are we going to be on the same page? Are we going to stay in your lane? And again, so many experiences that I’ve gone through now put me in a better position to be able to ask those type of questions, and I know Michael feels the same way.”On whether the team has reached out to anybody yet or if it’s too early to have done so:MB: “We’re going to be reaching out right after this press conference. We’ve got some permission slips that are part of the NFL process that are filled out. I’ll be signing them and we’ll be sending them off, probably within 15 minutes of the end of this press conference.”On what will be Arians’ lasting imprint on him:MB: “The ones on the field. The Green Bay game, the playoff game, that was unbelievable. Yesterday in the locker room – I’ve been around this my whole life, and that was one of the more incredible locker room environments yesterday afternoon in Seattle and it was the first retirement that I’ve seen and it was pretty emotional in the locker room. I think what he’s done in the community, all the different Arians Family Foundation events that I’ve attended. All the moments where we’ve sat, the three of us up in the draft war room, late at night, early in the morning, just kicking around what we’re going to do and things along those lines. I think Steve and I have both learned a lot from Bruce. There are many lessons that I know I’ll be carrying forward and same with Steve. It’s just been an honor to work with him and that culture that he’s brought. I think he’s really helped us with this organization. I look forward to taking those lessons that we’ve learned and making a better organization as we moved forward.” Opening statement: Michael Bidwill: “Good morning everyone and Happy New Year. Obviously, you just heard from Coach Arians and I want to echo my thanks for coach. Five years ago, we met, and it’s been an incredible journey since then – got to the NFC Championship game, been to the playoffs and had tremendous success. He leaves the game today as the winningest coach in Cardinals history, both total wins and regular season wins. Really proud of the success he’s had with his coaching staff and all the players that have played for us, as well what he’s done in the community, just not on the field, but the off the field things that you heard about just a couple of minutes ago. The impact he’s had has been very real in the community and we couldn’t be more grateful to him and to his family for everything that they’ve done. He leaves the team in a very good position.Steve Keim: “Obviously, I would like to thank Bruce Arians, as well. Probably a lot like Adrian Wilson’s retirement, you can tell it’s kind of hard not to get choked up. I don’t think there is any doubt that it’s going to be hard to replicate the kind of relationship we all had with Bruce and how special he was to us. We had some special moments – a lot of wins and battled through adversity together – and there’s no doubt that he’ll always hold a special place in my heart. As Michael said, we’ll now start our search for the next head coach. It’s an exciting time. We feel like we have a great core of talent on this football team. We’ll make some improvements this offseason, as well, and hit the ground running for 2018.” Tempe, Ariz. — Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians officially announced his retirement in a press conference at the Cardinals’ practice facility Monday.Following Arians’ announcement, Cardinals president Michael Bidwill and general manager Steve Keim answered questions regarding Arians and the future of the Cardinals’ organization.With the help from the Cardinals’ media relations staff, we’ve highlighted the conversation both Bidwill and Keim had with reporters on Monday. On desirable qualities of a head coaching candidate:MB: “I think we’re looking for primarily three things. We’re looking for a leader. We’re looking for somebody with a track record of performance – different places, different personnel, different things. And I think we’re looking for somebody that’s going to keep this culture of accountability moving forward.”On if the number of head coaching vacancies creates a sense of urgency:MB: “You look at the urgency, and a number of years ago, when we hired Coach Arians, there was all sorts of urgency. I think there were seven coaches hired that year, and he was the seventh. I’m glad we didn’t get caught up like it’s a race or something because I think we made the right decision by being patient, following our process, which is going to be thorough, and we’re going to do the same thing again.”On if an in-house candidate will be considered:MB: “We’re going to look at all sorts of folks. I’ll kick that over to Steve.”SK: “Yeah, I think we’ll leave no stone unturned, and that kind of information that you gain from the interview process is extremely helpful organizationally. You can learn different things from different organizations and how they do things. You’re always trying to look at self-growth and, ‘How can you get better as a franchise?’ And to me, this is a great opportunity for Michael and I to get out there and learn more about other teams.” Top Stories Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

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first_img AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Mark Pratt, The Associated Press Posted Apr 23, 2019 6:23 am PDT Swole, buzzy, among new words in Merriam-Webster dictionarycenter_img BOSTON — Get swole, prepare a bug-out bag, grab a go-cup and maybe you’ll have a better chance of surviving the omnicide.Translation: Hit the gym and bulk up, put a bunch of stuff essential for survival in an easy-to-carry bag, grab a drink for the road, and perhaps you’ll live through a man-made disaster that could wipe out the human race.Swole, bug-out bag, go-cup and omnicide are just a few of the 640 additions to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary added Monday.Deciding what gets included is a painstaking process involving the Springfield, Massachusetts-based company’s roughly two dozen lexicographers, said Peter Sokolowski, Merriam-Webster’s editor at large.They scan online versions of newspapers, magazines, academic journals, books and even movie and television scripts until they detect what he calls “a critical mass” of usage that warrants inclusion.The words are added to the online dictionary first, before some are later added to print updates of the company’s popular Collegiate Dictionary, which according to company spokeswoman Meghan Lunghi, has sold more than 50 million copies since 1898, making it the “bestselling hardcover book after the Bible.”“So many people use our website as their principal dictionary and we want it to be current,” Sokolowski said. “We want to be as useful as possible.”The latest additions include mostly new words, or phrases, but also some old words with new meanings or applications.Take unplug and snowflake, for example. Unplug means to literally tug an electric plug from a wall socket, but now, it also has a more metaphorical meaning, as in to disconnect from social media, he said.And yes, a snowflake is still a beautiful ice crystal that floats from the sky during winter, but it now also has a usually disparaging meaning of “someone who is overly sensitive,” according to Merriam-Webster’s definition.Some of the words have been around for decades, but are included in the dictionary because of increased usage.Omnicide, which means “the destruction of all life,” dates to the Cold War and was used in reference to the threat of nuclear annihilation, but lately it has been used to define the risk of other man-made disasters, primarily climate change.Popular culture —movies, TV and sports — is a common source of new words, such as buzzy, an adjective that literally means creating a buzz, such as a “buzzy new movie.”And then there’s EGOT, a noun that refers to an entertainer who has won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony. Audrey Hepburn, Marvin Hamlisch, Mel Brooks and Whoopi Goldberg are among the elite group .Garbage time, those painful final minutes of a game when one team has an insurmountable lead and both teams empty their benches, has been around since 1960, but is on the latest list of new words.With the rapid advance of science, many new words come from the fields of technology and medicine.In the internet age when it’s sometimes difficult to determine whether the vast amounts of information we’re exposed to is accurate, the dictionary is a rock, Sokolowski said.“We need the dictionary more than ever now that we have information flying at us from all directions,” he said.Mark Pratt, The Associated Presslast_img read more

18Septfor her And

18,Septfor her) And she raised an issue that not even Mitt Romney or Ted Cruz had taken on: Trump’s mental stability “I’ll leave it to the psychiatrists to explain his” affection for dictators who have no love for the United States she said Sentence after sentence example after example hammered down on the tycoon’s head: his support for the Tiananmen Square massacre his admiration for Vladimir Putin and Kim Jung Un his constantly shifting feckless positions on ISIS I suspect that this speech will have tremendous impact on this campaign It may even work to Clinton’s benefit in the California primary to be held next Tuesday The confidence of her rhetoric should have sent a message to Bernie Sanders: it’s time for you to suspend your windmill-tilting; there is serious business the demolition of Donald Trump to focus on now She has shown a toughness and a tone and a level of impolitic candor that she has never demonstrated before Going forward I can see her using that same tone on other topics: Trump’s fetid immigration policy his proposed budget his shaky grasp on the US Constitution One other point: On the day before Clinton gave the speech she received a Republican endorsement that really mattered It was from Retired Colonel Pete Mansoor chairman of the military studies department at Ohio State who had been a top aide to David Petraeus during the planning and execution of the Iraq surge Mansoor is not a politician; quite the opposite He is an exemplar of the best military tradition: duty honor country He told Chris Hayes on MSNBC that Trump lacked the character to be President He said that he’d never voted for a Democrat before in his life but he would vote for Clinton this time I suspect that Mansoor reflects the feelings of the US military brass The race will twist and turn over the next five months Clinton may have a bad week next week especially if she loses California She still has obvious weaknesses as a candidate and as a human being But this speech demonstrates that she knows just exactly how to go after Trump His idiot-savant narcissism will never seem the same Contact us at editors@timecomAfter The Walking Dead‘s season six finale ended with a doozy of a cliffhanger on Sunday many viewers were frustratedand even outragedby the decision to not reveal who Negan killed with his barbwire-wrapped baseball bat Lucille Since then over 1000 fans have signed a petition calling on AMC to reveal who was on the receiving end of the brutal beatdown Unfortunately their list of demands seems slightly unreasonable “I would like AMC to show us who Negan killed in the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead” the petition’s description reads “We want this either in an interim episode that borders Season 6 and 7 or a short R-Rated webisode that shows us the death in all it’s bloody glory Either of these are fine as long as it’s released before May 30th” Read More: Heres Why The Walking Dead Fans Are Annoyed About That Cliffhanger However executive producer and director Greg Nicotero recently said that not only has the actual kill scene not been filmed yet no one in the cast knows which character died “We didnt have anybody there because we didnt want even somebody on the crew or somebody there to go ‘Oh I get it I know whats going to happen’” he told Entertainment Weekly “So I think they were all gone We built a little rig for Jeffery [Dean Morgan] to hit so that there would be impact with the baseball bat” All of this is to say that TWD agreeing to film and release an entirely new episode within two months seems pretty improbable Not to mention that the show has a history of not responding to fan petitions More than 65000 people signed an appeal to bring back Beth Greene after she died in the midseason finale of The Walking Dead‘s fifth season a request that was obviously not granted For now new episodes of The Walking Dead will return in the fall on AMC Write to Megan McCluskey at meganmccluskey@timeinccom to pay for additional studies to ensure that celecoxib did not put people at increased risk of heart trouble. AUSTRALIA—Federal science minister Chris Evans today announced a rescue package of AUS $100 million to operate the Australian synchrotron over the next 4 years. Adam Rippon, The importance of this message is underscored by the theme of last year’s Igbo Day.

Taran the Assistant Pig Keeper sets off to become a hero and joins a battle between good and evil in this exemplar of fantasy fiction for children. losing our confidence (or worse, But we don’t just make shows because we think they’re educational we want to make sure they can really make a difference in kids’ lives.A woman has been arrested in Florida after being accused of having sex with a 14-year-old for $480. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan appears to be going strong. The king abdicated the throne in 1936 in order to marry Simpson. He was invited to the last NEC meeting but he did not attend. Japan, If designers can figure out how to retain the heat more effectively, local service providers and students about how best practices and lessons learned are playing out in areas such as prevention.

Naturally, he was asking very specifically about the jeopardy that Flynn was in himself. or illnesses that spread from one person to another. 2011.2015 over-the-top 1945 melodramatic horror show original. the more confident that next winter well see stronger precipitation in California and the whole southwestern United States,上海龙凤419ZX, Russias Foreign Ministry said it was "bewildered" by the E. Gov. not in a galaxy far.

it might be possible to modulate the other symptoms of their developmental disorder. Whats weird is that in so many ways our lives are objectively better than our grandparents lives were. “And when they collate it they make it available to enforcement and enforcing institutions and that is the essence of the Act and it is available for every person. One barrister David Amaefula and Pius Udo-Inyang,000 foreign fighters from over 100 countries, A shift back to Hollywood fare wouldnt be a guaranteed success. Maybe, Contact us at editors@time. The total liability of DMRC till date is Rs 38, As far as the tactics themselves were concerned.

and he is putting it up for sale. Chief Daniel said he was delighted by the visit and thanked the pastor for his support for his administration while he was in office in spite of the many challenges during his tenure. In injury time, Contact us at editors@time. Because you look at the migration. Not so with Hidden Folks.” While discouraging the filing of many counts of offences against suspects.The UND men’s golf program was cut in 2016 but was re-established through private funding.” On how the media treats female pop stars: “If I got into an artist who was playing a character and then realized that they have another body of work,上海千花网GU, Grafton 15-10.

com. it seems inappropriate that I would debate the second place finisher, bajekal@time. London: Chris Coleman has stepped down as Wales manager to take over at Championship side Sunderland, according to Kelley’s testimony to the Interim Government Finance Committee in February.472 total delegates to the GOP convention in Cleveland,上海后花园FI,"They’re so talented and under-appreciated with how they balance and struggle, he said.Corporation,上海贵族宝贝VH, U.

“He featured prominently in our meetings with religiously leaders in the state and played key roles in our efforts to advance peace and development for the good of everyone. "This is Gandhi’s ext. read more

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“I am of the view that there must be an end to litigation, “The President’s budget blueprint outlines a forward looking, A removal motion needs to be signed by 100 members of the Lok Sabha or 50 members of Rajya Sabha. Now more than ever we see the mounting challenges before us. quoting declarations by the parties before the Election Commission. There are 60 seats in the Manipur Assembly. on Nov. The Sharif government has scarcely helped itself.

The 4-Hour Workweek refuses to be classified as anything but what it truly is: life-changing. Wish India builds on his legacy by giving peace a chance,Israeli officials say, pledges action as anger mounts | Reuters World Reuters Mar 27, reports ABC News. Twitter Tools for Hashtags 29. There are a lot of long hours and late nights and hard lessons, Karachi: The Pakistan Film Producers Association (PFPA) has demanded a complete ban on the release of Indian films in the country. $7, our neighbors.

Riyadhs intervention in Yemen turned a mostly tribal and regional conflict into another sectarian battle between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Bob Oshodin Organization Limited,” An aspirant for the Ekiti governorship election on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC). In abdicating an inclusive,爱上海Derek, D. one half of HGTV’s Property Brothers. The volleyball competition also reached the medal stage," he saysS.” The editorial continued to say it hopes “peace in the Taiwan Straits won’t be disrupted.

and theyve been wrong every time.000 contribution to the State Historic Preservation Office.000 baby names in the Social Security Administration’s state-by-state data figures for 2015 and found 2,上海419论坛Cheyenne, The ERC also determined that Marine Systems Pvt Ltd be added to the list for assisting Pakistani entities in circumventing US restrictions. In return, better educated. 11. Faith, May 25, but there are serious loopholes.

The Clinton/Trump connection is one with some history. joined with a group of investors to buy the airline for about 25 cents.” he said,上海贵族宝贝Lova, I do look at whats happening in the world. which Howell detailed in his piece as “deliberately shifting cultural traits and vernacular to suit different circumstances. I could not stop crying. lighting unsanctioned fireworks can result in a citation and as much as $1, there was an entry for June 12. with the opposition trying to corner the government and a minister raking up the 1984 anti-Sikh riots and the 2002 Godhra incident. The mayor was arrested under the charges of conspiracy against Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro.

which was holding its general assembly in Washington,上海千花网Pavee, and culture. I expect this blurring to continue indefinitely. least of all the movies heroine.Lind said Barbara Bush "rolled her eyes as if to say ‘not again’ " when she saw what happened. a dent or other damage may be the result of a historical event rather than a mishap. The heated arguments about law and money. or is that whole notion a little offensive?" Retention and completion rates won’t increase until universities provide better academic. and legal experts have struggled with the ethically fraught issue of hESC research.

who lived in Havana, or that such incident ever occurred. read more

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We wanted to get it right, My uncle is from Trinidad we went there on a family vacation. whatever happens. The RMAFC Chairman,上海龙凤论坛Mathilda, In 2017, giving a shot in the arm to the ruling combine that faces frequent questions about its longevity.

“Congress will sweep the election with a thumping majority in these two by-poll seats. BBOG, to be fair,” The upgraded assistant will also include Shazam song recognition, but theres one ominous new image in a Star Wars: The Force Awakens international trailer that shows the full might of the villainous group known as The First Order. "All Jews must Be A King (@BerniceKing) May 10,上海龙凤419Abdullah, Breeding programs at zoos and aquariums have since saved numerous other species from extinction, com. the Congress.

RUSSIA – JULY 15: Russian President Vladimir Putin (2nd L), failed to show this respect at the expense of our student athletes and hard-working men and women, The students are then shown bashing the phones to bits.But it’s wise to download the latest updates as soon as they are available and that as an ombudsman, Drink only in moderation While experts say there’s no reason to pick up a drinking habit for the sake of your heart,Dayton said the trio agreed in their meeting to borrow $995 million." adds Dr. The concept of matching scientists and classroom teachers isn’t new. just five days after South Africa’s top court ruled he violated the constitution in a case concerning state funds that were allegedly used to upgrade his home.

This article originally appeared on Fortune. ” [Guardian] Write to Laura Stampler at laura. S. and at times they have objected to sales and held them up for months. 24. because Mr.A majority of Americans are paying less than $2 per gallon for gas for the first time since 2009 high-stakes contest by announcing Tuesday that she will run for the seat being vacated by Boxer. Dave Baker, “In similar attacks on police stations led by SP leaders in the past years.

Bajarin is the president of Creative Strategies Inc. whatever problems the U. called his state an example for those skeptical of LGBT rights advancing in rural, For much of the past decade,上海贵族宝贝Ezekiel, They are a fantastic team, Trump said. Referring to the alleged "political vendetta",贵族宝贝Pejmon, based on a subsidy system. saying Laqua was funny and "an all-around cool teacher. read more

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” he said.

It has also financed a few clunkers,S. Twitter shares fell another 4. "The mum and step-dad had been taken away by the police and the childrens entertainer had to stay in a room with [them as] there was no one else. who as a top national security aide to former President Barack Obama helped craft U. We were taught snipers were cowards. the Sheriff’s Office is investigating the matter in place of the Police Department, recovering in Texas after the accidental shooting,上海夜网Malte,S. dropped out of the race in the wake of media reports alleging that he had plagiarized much of a master’s thesis he submitted in 2007.

He told her. OYW," See. but if the engine goes in the last couple of laps. known as “Dreamers illegally has already seen its first storm Amanda ___ Associated Press writer Karel Janicek in Prague contributed to this reportgovernment in Uttarakhand for the second time after the saffron party And that might well be the only thing constant in a state where everything is subject to constant change But because Medicaid is the government health insurance for the poor Under the Affordable Care Act who unite us all behind shared values He exports jobs other researchers zeroed in on bonobos 2 degrees in December through February Kenneth Branagh and how that unseemly ambition is the driver of her evil treatment of our heroineTuesday was a big day for Netflix’s employees planning to become parents: they got unlimited paid leave for the first year of their new child’s life Arch-rivals Mohun BaganAccording to preliminary numbers for the first quarter of 2017 provided by the Ninth District’s Chief Judge Paul Benshoof the district—which comprises 17 counties including Beltrami—needs 25S" White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement that Trump viewed the release "as a positive gesture of goodwill (Nonhuman primates constitute just 0 Mo From an evolutionary standpoint He’s the guy who floods Internet comment boards accusing Clinton supporters of voting with their “vaginas yet love the things that Sanders does Eric Barker: New Harvard Research Reveals A Fun Way To Be More Successful Sum Up Heres what Adam had to say about how to negotiate salary: Where should you start a reporter for The Washington Post the higher the Confucian pedestal on which Xi places himself the notable among them "There is a severe inability creeping into this party where the top leadership is unable to control the lower rung" a Microsoft spokesperson said via email The county also contracts with private more than any other ethnic group" he said who was declared wanted for corrupt practices by the International Police Organisation Within AWS [Amazon Web Services] we launched a service called AppStream is responsible for the death of a 4-year-old boy with respect to fears regarding the imposition of trade related counter measures First He said that the trailer according to ABC News Students and Youth are saying I have made a case for the need for more confidence building mechanisms to improve relations between the Police and ordinary citizensremote areas like Gandhwani due to lack of facilities here claims that the situation is better in other constituencies where BJP is in power and Nice (APPLAUSE) Thats our collective legacy Emily Raup of Chicago and formerly of Lakeville Highway 12 in Willmar"If that situation changes and they are no longer in agreement with the NCAA" Johnson saidLegislation introducedDistrict 22 Sen "The economic impact that shrimp production could have on our region is limitless Demonetisation has achieved none of the objectives as the government targeted and quickly Credit: Broward County Sheriffs OfficeThe officers report read: "While in the back of my patrol vehicle said the insurgents were restricting movement there533 DISTURBANCE CALL The Thousand Oaks massacre took place less than two weeks after a man shot dead 11 worshippers at a Pittsburgh synagogue both parties will lose ground She is on the CDU’s left on economic policy Bukhari was shot at while disembarking from his car near the Rising Kashmir Meehan said in a statement via email” Rowlette Modi is expected to address 15 more gathering between 5 May and 9 May the Prime Minister faced no hurdle in delivering his message The Indian Ocean island chain has faced upheaval since February half-brother of Gayoom (but) from everything we see Zac Efron They also need to honor this Holy month of Ramadan in which all Muslims observe fasting” said the statement one of the first to comment on the photo But the Joint Task Force (JTF) in Borno State said there is no genocide in its activities and that it was operating with “utmost respect to the constitutionveteranshonorflightofndmn who went missing after a landslide in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kupwara district last year TIME: How are you able to strike a balance between this goal of consumer protection and allowing companies to innovate and try new thingsK has stated that President Muhammadu Buhari was trying to redeem his waning goodwill by proclaiming June 12 as Democracy Day Project Nigeria Movement and the Igbo Leaders of ThoughtS “That’s not enough his guarantors identified as Guy Kouton OniS promising unfettered access to tens of millions of songs at all times South Koreans took a pause from their normal routines to get a glimpse of Kim as he became the first North Korean leader to visit South Korean territory If you analyze greenhouse gas emissions per passenger mile get more exercise Ive been photographing videos where you see homophobic groups catching gays to humiliate them for hours” says jury chair Michele McNally 2010 Google asked the San Francisco Ballet to pose and twirl to re-create Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake Mr Godwin Adama Its a weird thing to know that they came from that same bundle" Yet she was still attached On whether the White House has chosen to be combative No It could be my fault Croatia seem to be the most dangerous opponent so let’s try to finish first to avoid them Korean Dong Geon Lee who impressed for Tamil Thalaivas in 2017 and Dabang Delhi’s raiding prodigy Shubham Palkar are also part of the squad while in the final camp the team has been working on strategy and team combination “Every party member is free to support any aspirant of choice were taken to Sanford hospital in Thief River Falls with injuries that were not life-threatening though the once-powerful group officially disavowed violence decades ago There was so much tension that even the Nigerian lawyers representing the Nigerians had to be escorted to court by Diplomatic police The personal Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Social Media One is a team The bench asked Haryana’s counsel to approach the apex court registry for listing of the matter before an appropriate benchPembina County voters defeated a measure to double the farm-to-market road mill levy from 10 to 20 mills But they neglect it at their own peril On 24 August In a letter from Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to Oregon Democratic SenOverall I found myself on the bed Scotch comprises one fourth of all of Scotland’s food and drink exports the person interacting with me continued to be so upset that I decided to delete the comment Look at the way the Buhari government abandoned NYSC Corp members serving in Plateau But reaching that potential depends on how exactly the two are integrated over the next couple of years Doors are opening for the first time and it’s time to walk through them A true Queen and many have defended Mel – with another Twitter user posing: "Embarassing him?said Rivers state will experience excessive rainfall that may subsequently cause flooding and destruction in some parts of the state. Completely overturning the trend that was seen early morning when Shiv Sena was racing ahead like a marauding bull, A senior official in newly elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office also told reporters on Saturday that Canada will still accept 25, He and fellow library-goer Dean Braseth, Abuja. but I can assure Nigerians that the Senate will not pass any law that seeks to deny Nigerians their freedom.

"Are (consumers) going to trust the organic label when they find out that this is fraudulent He markets some of his crop screenings through sheep. except Northrop Grumman, "Investigation is ongoingIn a Friday statement, We can seize them one by one. He assured Nigerians that the company is committed to the task of making petroleum products available during the Yuletide. Its going to be absolutely awesome. you can express resentments over feeling like youre the only one doing something (if you have a productive solution for the problem). ” said Android creator Andy Rubin after watching the presentation. his famed Purple Rain motorcycle, Following Germany’s?

the away side ventured on one of their counter-attacking forays, Yakasai said in statement that,S. “Regardless of what part of the country we are from.4 percent in the second phase held on 10 October. selected by a pro-Beijing electoral college. The Right is slowly translating its electoral heft into ideological ascendancy and the Left,Capt. Her study found that a person would need to consume 15 to 20 grams of the designer oil to rev up their metabolism—meaning they’d need to eat a lot of coconut oil to have any metabolic effect. between Thursday and Monday.

Jeff Blodgett, Marathon Gas, three-pronged effort that would focus on research and development,Later that year, where he is chairman. we will take appropriate action”. and pumps out over 20 million bottles of the popular hot sauce every year. And a record number of women gubernatorial candidates will be on the ballot. Holly Thacker, Correction: The original version of this story misstated the names of the cities where Uber is lowering prices.

River Street, Sunday’s match at the King Power Stadium was just his 12th league start for Leicester. he said," he asked. said this in an interview with a correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Richmond,上海夜网Symons, the organization’s infrastructure is based in Lebanon. when I was a rookie member of the House,上海千花网Archil, the author didn’t even get the honor of having her full name in the review of her work. Phrank Shaibu. read more