Infrastructure, Natural Resources ministries vexed by Jagdeo’s corruption blast

first_imgThe ministries of Public Infrastructure and Natural Resources on Thursday denied there was continued corruption taking place within their subject areas, as they downplayed accusations levelled by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo at his weekly press conference held on the same day.In a vexed statement, both ministries reassured the public that all of the business conducted has been done within the law and regulations. They have rejected the Opposition Leader’s assertions, which they said were “beleaguered and desperate”, before challenging him to provide evidence.The ministries’ joint statement said, “The ministries are certain that he (Jagdeo) will be unable to do so, as no evidence to this effect exists. Mr. Jagdeo knows that much work has been done in uncovering the extreme corruption which was rampant while he was President and the PPP was in Government, and that the chickens are now coming home to roost”.They said months of tedious work are now resulting in charges being laid, and Mr. Jagdeo knows that very few in his government would be unscathed.“Instead of confronting their record of corruption, Mr. Jagdeo resorts to cheap theatrics and baseless political distraction. This Government’s visionary execution of infrastructural projects seems to be deeply irking Mr. Jagdeo, who failed to execute same during his presidency”, the statement read.last_img

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