APA clearly playing politics

first_imgDear Editor,A section of the media reported on alarming news on Thursday, July 26th, 2018. A former member of the National Toshaos Council (NTC) Executive, Mr Lennon Shuman, revealed that the APNU/AFC Government was lobbying to ensure that the new Chairman of the NTC is someone whom Government can control.First, Mr Lennox Shuman said the old NTC Executive did work to counter this lobbying, but I respectfully disagree with him when he says that the counter-efforts were successful. I say this because of the photograph that has surfaced, and shows the new Chairman of the NTC; a top member of the Amerindian People’s Association (APA), Jean La Rose; and President David Granger socialising together. Imagine, the former NTC Executive could not get a meeting with President David Granger; a sit-down can be arranged to involve ONLY the new NTC Chairman – not the NEW NTC Executive – and the President.Second, the APA is clearly playing politics here with the NTC – with what is the ELECTED BODY that represents the rights and interests of Amerindians in Guyana. The reason I say playing politics is because the new NTC Chairman is also associated with the APA. Amerindians in Guyana can only hope that there is no sabotage of what should be a strong agenda of the new NTC Executive.Third, no one has forgotten that it was Jean La Rose who was the deputy head of the APNU/AFC List which was presented at the 2015 General and Regional Elections. Yes, the same Jean La Rose who is in the leadership of the APA. The same APA that has been silent on all of the transgressions visited upon Amerindians in Guyana by this APNU/AFC Government.When the controversial Land CoI issue came up and concerns were raised about the possible threat to Amerindian land rights, President David Granger did not meet with the NTC – the elected body that represents the rights and interests of Amerindians in Guyana. President David Granger instead met with the APA – a charade to show that he has engaged a body that is supposedly dealing with Amerindian issues. Both President David Granger and the APA insulted the intelligence of the Guyanese people because: one, nothing has been done since that meeting to substantially address the Amerindians’ concerns about land rights; and two, the APA said nothing about the controversial Land CoI.Finally, the international organisations funding the APA as a non-governmental organisation, including the European Union and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), should recognise that they are funding a political group, not a sincere non-governmental organisation that works to advance the interests of Amerindians in Guyana. What other evidence do you need to see that the APA is a political group when Guyanese know that a key leader, Jean La Rose, is also the deputy head of the APNU/AFC elections list?Sincerely,Anson Paullast_img

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