Are we promoting a “lawless” society?

first_imgDear Editor,Kindly permit me to express myself — while also assisting other residents in Montrose, East Coast Demerara — about a most dreadful noise nuisance that emanates on a daily basis from the popular bar, which is located at Montrose.I would also like to publicly call on Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan and Police Commissioner (ag) David Ramnarine to address the matter with urgency.Over the past 12 months, residents of Montrose have been living at the mercy of this bar. The owners have no consideration for the people who are living around its immediate environs. Most nights we cannot have a good night’s sleep because of the loud music. Due to lack of rest at nights, we cannot concentrate and work the next day, as we always have a drowsy feeling, sometimes headaches, and lack of energy as well.Please note, some of us have huge bank loans to repay, hence we have to work. Some of us are on daily “blood pressure medication”, and when these tablets are taken and we cannot have our sleep, we feel like we are “running mad”.Students cannot concentrate on their studies at nights. There are elderly and sick persons in the area who are affected as well. Babies keep “jumping” out of their sleep. Our windows keep vibrating from the bass of the music.They just don’t have any regard for us and the curfew time as set out by the law enforcement, since they would close off sometimes at 4.00 a .m and 5.00 a.m. in the morning.We have been desperately crying out for “help” since March 18th, 2017, and, to date, nothing has changed, even though letters were sent to the abovenamed Public Officers.After twelve continuous months of misery from this bar, and no help seemingly forthcoming, our question is: Are we promoting a “lawless” society, instead of a decent environment for our children?The vulgar lyrics emanating from that bar are not what we would like our young children to hear. At an early age, their little minds have started to grow in a negative direction, as against towards good values in life.We cannot continue to live with this noise, it is having negative health effects on us. It is driving us to the limit. Yes, it is driving us to the limit. Please, Honourable Public Security Minister and please, Police Commissioner, look into this matter with immediate effect. It is not going down well. People need to sleep when the night comes. If you have to CLOSE the business, then do so. Residents in Atlantic Gardens are terribly affected as well.Just for information purposes, our investigation on the opening of this bar on March 18, 2017 revealed that they were NOT in possession of any permission from the L.B.I./Better hope NDC to build any building; no approval was obtained from the Ministry of Housing; no approval was obtained from the GRA to sell liquor; no approval was received from the E.P.A to play music within the limit of the law, and there is a cut-off time of 11.00 p.m.Yet this building went up, opened its doors, and it is business as normal, no one can touch them. What are the regulatory bodies doing? It would appear that the law applies only to those who do not have contacts.Why do the people who are living around this bar have to struggle to get justice; struggle to get a good night’s rest, so that their bodies can recuperate to go on the next day, as against the lawlessness and vulgarity which goes on there on almost a daily basis by a handful of people?It is indeed regrettable that we have to move to the ministerial level to seek help, so that we can continue to live in our homes in peace when the night comes.Many nights after 2.0 a. m there seems to be no sign of lowering the music. The DJ with the “mic” usually be in full flow then.We trust that immediate action will be taken against this bar, and we iterate that this bar should be closed, because it will continue to have our lives in misery. It is NOT easy having to endure this NOISE continuously, and we all do look forward to your personal intervention, as your sub-ordinates seems incapable of dealing with this particular matter.Thanking you for your prompt action.Kind regards,Concerned Citizenlast_img

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