Xining vehicle purchase tax bureau Duocuobingju bus from that to do

This year, the Xining Municipal Bureau of State Taxation Bureau for the bus vehicle purchase tax relief for the vehicle purchase tax business time, the number of heavy tasks, practical, Duocuobingju, deploy troops for a solid job, exempt from vehicle purchase tax for city buses and management review.

to create transit city and further slow blocking Paul Chang bus priority, Xining City, the purchase of various types of buses 333, and have been put into operation. Therefore, the IRS vehicle purchase tax bureau opened a relief bus vehicle purchase tax "Easy Access, dispatched personnel on-site inspection of vehicles, personnel timely audit reporting data, simplify procedures, purchase tax on the reported to the vehicle (Exemption) claims data do that is to do. At the same time, actively provide delay service, ensure that the vehicle procedures declare the day the day completed, avoid tax officers "repeatedly run" phenomenon. As of December, has handled more than 150 public transport vehicles, tax relief vehicle purchase tax of $9 million 390 thousand, as soon as possible for the people of Xining to use new environmentally friendly public transport vehicles to provide convenient conditions.   read more

Xining City Health Bureau held in depth chuangxianzhengyou mobilization meeting

days ago, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau held a chuangxianzhengyou mobilization meeting, the meeting of the Municipal Health Bureau to carry out in-depth system of grassroots party organizations and Party members to create advanced grassroots party organizations, to become the outstanding communist party members as the main content of chuangxianzhengyou activity mobilization. The leadership of the board members of the unit, Office of Party&Administration Council director, Party branch secretary and Party cadres and the masses, on behalf of all Cadres Bureau staff a total of 120 people participated in the mobilization meeting.

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Xining more than 30 home appliances to the countryside

home appliances to the countryside to work in January 31st of this year to end. Up to now, the provincial capital has accumulated sales of home appliances to the countryside more than 30 units, accounting for 47.5% of the province.

according to statistics, in the home appliances to the countryside each kind of product sales in the refrigerator in the home appliances to the countryside first product sales, total sales of 119 thousand and 900 units, accounting for 39.34% of all home appliances sales, computer products accounted for 14.6%. With the continuous growth of income and living standards continue to improve, the provincial capital of farmers demand for refrigerators, computers and other high-quality household electrical appliances show growth trend. (author: Zhao Junjie)
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Xining municipal facilities to receive a comprehensive physical examination

recently, the reporter learned from the Municipal Engineering Administration Department, even the day to the Municipal Engineering Administration Department of the municipal facilities within the city launched a comprehensive "examination", and for the improvement of maintenance, and strive to make the city more clean and beautiful.

from the beginning of April, the Municipal Engineering Administration Department of cadres and workers all out, use various types of vehicles, to conduct a comprehensive investigation and remediation of the jurisdiction of roads and bridges, culverts, road accessibility, road lighting and other municipal facilities, while the road manhole facilities, road central isolation barrier and other ancillary facilities for cleaning repair. In the process of cleaning and repair defects found in time to eliminate, if there is a problem can not be resolved in a timely manner, will be filed in a timely manner, and finally focused on processing. At present, a total of 528 square meters of brick paving; clean ditches 673 meters 1178.5 meters; adjust the deformation of rail joints; clearing 2084 meters; change the road lighting line 573 meters; 5250 light shade scrub etc.. Through the comprehensive investigation and remediation of municipal facilities, to provide the public with a clean and beautiful urban environment. read more

Two months rectification of public environmental problems 163

August 8th, the reporter learned from the creation of the city office, since May this year, two months, the city hit the city in accordance with the work of the municipal government, scientific planning, solid progress. For the general public strong concern of the public environment, public order problems, the city hit the city to do the work of the working group has issued a 41 notice of inspection, rectification of the problem of the 163.

focus on orderly work

use a variety of carriers, for society, for the grassroots, for the masses, to carry out mass creation activities. Further strengthen the construction of civic education positions, has built 303 kinds of moral lecture hall, the 1 moral hall. Relying on the district public schools, school moral education platform, to carry out regular and systematic moral practice, mobilize the masses to actively participate in the fourth session of the national moral models contest, I selected 3 candidates for the national moral models. Seize the concern of the masses, social concern food and drug safety, social services, public order three key, vigorously carry out the prominent ethical issues in the field of special education and governance, deepening moral education, strengthen the focus on remediation, improve the long-term mechanism, and strive to make new progress and new achievements in solving the people the salient issues on. Hotels, hotels and other large and medium-sized food and beverage service units, schools (agencies) canteen as the focus, extensive conduct civilized table action. In the minors to carry out a wide range of China my dream "," with courtesy, "Rihangyishan" Theme Educational activities. In accordance with the requirements of the current evaluation system, 1 municipal, 4 district level of minors mental health counseling Station will be fully put into use, 38 standardized school psychological consultation rooms and 10 city schools children’s palace construction project is under construction, is expected by the end of August and put into use. read more

Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department for needy college students receive grants

for the implementation of the 2013 Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department to do things for the project at the grassroots level, further embodies the care, Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department recently held the theme of "autumn student warm, caring party promote harmony" grant distribution ceremony, giving the student grants 2000 yuan for the city’s four district three County College 50 rural households community party hard family household, family, help college students realize their dreams excellent in character and learning difficulties, stimulate entrepreneurship party hard and poor students study hard enthusiasm. read more

The 300 committee members sounded the alarm

recently, the organization of Chengdong District belonged to the 15 administrative villages and 30 neighborhood of the new village (neighborhood) "two committees" members of a total of more than 300 people listen to the collective alarm bells ringing, and enhance the ability to resist corruption.
the analysis of grassroots cadres crimes as the theme, from the characteristics of duty crime connotation, forms and harm, to more than 300 Village (neighborhood), made it clear that the grassroots cadres crime direct violation of the fundamental interests of the people of agriculture (Habitat), the serious consequences caused the contradiction, easy to stimulate stem group the relationship between tension and impact on social harmony and stability etc.. At the same time, the district also in recent years investigating the rural neighborhood, typical cases of crimes of endangering the state, society, families and individuals to bring, with the people around, things around to elect a new village (neighborhood) "two committees" members of a class on the anti-corruption warning education open up a fresh outlook class. Through a real case, that the new "two committees" members to fulfill their duties, honesty and self-discipline, and resolutely resist the unwholesome tendencies, consciously withstand all kinds of temptations, firmly establish the concept of collective consciousness, overall situation.
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Take measures to grasp the energy management of public institutions

According to the

energy conservation office issued "on 2012, the county public institutions energy saving publicity week notice" requirements, combined with the actual situation of the work of the County Commission for Discipline Inspection Office, from June 11th to 16, carried out in order to "cherish the source of life, everyone to save water" as the theme of the Public Sector Energy Awareness Week activities, and promote the Commission (the work of public institutions Energy Saving Management Bureau). read more

West District this year 54 projects for the benefit of the people

for ordinary people, the winter has a warm home is the most simple happiness. This year the government investment for the families of the building insulation layer, so that the temperature of our home raised 4 degrees C -5 C. Our hearts feel very warm." Ms. Wong, who lives in 54 street, No. 30, said. West District this year, a total of 54 key construction projects, the public has gradually enjoy the benefits brought by these projects.

this year, the implementation of key projects in rural areas, including agricultural and rural areas, urban infrastructure construction, social services and distribution services category 4 categories. The project for the tangible things in the majority, including the construction of public sports facilities, the construction of the masses health hut, home for the disabled, the west area of cultural and artistic center, Xichuan Road Kindergarten, the implementation of comprehensive renovation of old scattered buildings, the implementation of the alleys, Jia Xing Hai Lu also delisting road project, the construction of small Jia standardized farmers market and a number of private practical projects, these projects each real about the people’s happiness. read more

Xining Xiguan Street office please residents to comment

Xining Xiguan Street Office recently to the area residents, units issued 465 copies of the solicitation table, a total of soliciting opinions of the 404. In July 27th, according to the office of these opinions, summed up the problems in the 15 work and began rectification.

. The first opinion: office staff understand the basic situation of the area is not thorough.

: "to carry out rectification measures on hundreds of homes, as hundreds of love, home to do housework 100, 100, 100 warm heart" service, let the masses street workers. The community according to the population distribution, the difficulty of the work, the area will be divided into 19 regions, the implementation of community staff fenpianbaogan responsibility, and signed letters of responsibility, so that the residents that pieces of a pipe, everything people ask. read more

Xining people’s mediators Association

enhance the people’s mediation organization profession autonomy function, to build the city’s people’s mediators of mutual exchange and learning platform, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people’s mediators, the overall level, efforts to promote people’s mediation work of the city in June 7th, the Xining Municipal People’s Mediation Association was formally established.

it is reported that, in recent years, in the municipal government’s correct leadership and the Department of justice of the work under the guidance of the judicial administrative organs at all levels in the city adhere to the people’s mediation work into the overall situation of social management innovation, give full play to the people’s mediation to resolve and maintain social stability in the role of "the first line of defense" in social conflicts and disputes, and actively guide the masses through people’s mediation channels and ways to resolve disputes, the people’s mediation has become an important force to maintain social harmony and stability, people’s mediation work in the construction of the role in the Xining economy, politics, culture and ecological civilization is increasingly apparent. The establishment of the Xining Municipal People’s Association for mediation, the city’s more than 6300 people’s mediators industry organizations have their own, I established the people’s mediation work platform for self education, people’s mediation industry self management, self development and communication industry will play a positive role in promoting, is conducive to promote the further development of the people’s mediation work my city. (author: Wang Xiaofang)
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Western Temple four links to achieve five coverage of six

Reporter recently learned from the West District Public Complaints Bureau, in recent years the western district government effectively to solve the practical difficulties and problems in the temple agenda, actively raise funds to help solve the temple of water, electricity and roads and infrastructure construction of newspapers, radio and television into the temple and other issues. Currently, all the temples of the West have reached the four, five, and six coverage of the target.

it is reported that the West actively religious do good, will be the implementation of policies that benefit into the temple, the first for the region’s religious activities, including 7 mosques, 1 Catholic Church, the Christian Party 2, the subscription of "Xining Evening News", "Legal Daily", equipped with computer and other office facilities presented about religion the history, the party’s ethnic and religious policies, new Walz speeches and other books, for the new rural cooperative medical insurance, 4 for the new rural cooperative insurance area for the 9 religious people, religious people do not enjoy all kinds of make the most of the same level and different forms of relief, subsidies and subsidies, so that the majority of religious experience to the care of the party and government; secondly, attach great importance to religious activities organized several security issues, the Fire Department of the various religious activities of fire safety For the inspection, the private access lines, fire extinguishers unreasonable distribution and other security risks were completely corrected. In addition, the West persist in seeking truth from facts, according to local conditions, strictly abide by the regulations and requirements of land use planning, city management, demolition in the city, actively coordinating relevant departments of city, earnestly construction work places of worship. Led by the Western Public Complaints Bureau, Research Institute of the demolition of the mosque Peng Jia Zhai Zhen area, because of the demolition of the contradictions and disputes caused by this effective assessment, and through the religious activities of social management, assist and support the Democratic Management Committee to carry out the temple temple, the temple have increased income, effectively reduce the burden on the masses of believers. At present, the Peng village Catholic Church, the mosque Peng, Liu mosque and the tigers in the Taiwan Strait area of the mosque has been built and put into use. Han Zhuang mosque new temple site has been basically determined, but because of the masses of the temple design objections, failed to start in a timely manner, after multi-party coordination, the design has been finalized. read more

Wang Xiao meets with China Film Association

The determination of China held the tenth session of the International Folk Art Festival – looking for the twenty-sixth China Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival and the thirty-first Golden Rooster Award China landed in Xining in August this year in Xining

Wang Xiao on behalf of the municipal government expressed warm welcome to the delegation. Wang Xiao said, last year, I and Chinese Federation party secretary Zhao Shi repeatedly met with to discuss Xining’s bid for the Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival and the Golden Rooster Award Award activities, supported by China Federation, and in August this year, held the tenth session of China International Folk Art Festival in Xining, to express my sincere gratitude and China Federation leadership please the delegation to convey our sincere greetings and best wishes.

Wang Xiao introduced to the delegation of Xining economic and social development and the "13th Five-Year" during the implementation of the "12315", the construction of "happy Xining" goal. He said that in 2015, Xining’s economic and social development continues to improve, GDP growth quarter by quarter, the annual growth rate in the forefront of the country; the excellent and good rate, atmospheric air quality index is in the northwest of the capital city ranked first; honest and harmonious society, with better conditions of history, culture and nature, the summer climate is cool and pleasant, have undertaken the experience of large-scale, ability and social basis, looking for the twenty-sixth Chinese Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival and the thirty-first Golden Rooster Award China landed in Xining.The delegation of read more

Xining City East neighborhood committee staff training

in October 17th, the city of Xining held a neighborhood committee staff training courses on how to do a good job in community neighborhood committees and how to create a harmonious community to guide exchanges.

meeting pointed out that the training will be aimed at the implementation of grassroots restructuring, the establishment of a new community, the implementation of separation of governance, strengthen the function of the residents of the autonomous organization. Neighborhood committees should be under the guidance of the community party work committee, community public service center, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law of the people’s Republic of organization and other relevant laws and regulations to carry out various activities. The neighborhood is mainly responsible for daycare centres, library management, carry out education, organization, the residents of residents sports activities, the basic situation of job in the area of household survey work, and through the resident Council, responsible for collecting opinions from all sides, to guide people to consciously participate in the affairs of the district under the jurisdiction of the jurisdiction of the trial, democratic supervision of the affairs and public services. read more

Zhang Jianmin stressed that relying on scientific and technological means to promote pollution preve

7 month 13 days, Provincial Committee and vice governor Zhang Jianmin in Xining City Huangshui River, investigation of air pollution prevention and control work, the progress of key projects in the field view, put forward new requirements to further improve the quality of the Huangshui River and air quality in Xining city.

Zhang Jianmin and his entourage investigation of the Huangshui River water environment, West Bridge section of the Lake District Shengda international two construction site dust control, inspection and control system of Xining city traffic police detachment, yellow car and car running, Huangshui River tributaries Nanchuan River seven bridge section of the sewage outfall remediation, expensive bridge along the River on both sides new outfall remediation, Nanjing Xining City Lake Wetland operation and sludge disposal center construction etc.. read more

Xining 7 agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises trademark was named Qinghai famous trademark

In recent years, Xining continued to increase brand cultivation and protection efforts, encourage and guide the operators to take the brand business road. Reporter learned from relevant departments of Xining City, recently, the leading enterprises of agriculture and animal husbandry industry in Xining city of Qinghai Tianlu dairy company limited the "Galong bowl" trademark, Qinghai Kang biological Polytron Technologies Inc "Ya La so" trademark 7 farming enterprises trademarks were awarded the "Qinghai famous brand" title. Up to now, was identified as Qinghai famous trademark of the leading enterprises in the industrialization of agriculture and animal husbandry reached 31 trademarks. (author: Wu Yachun) read more

Provincial and municipal leaders to inspect and guide the work of the spring transportation

to ensure that the Spring Festival this year, smooth and orderly, safe and high quality, in January 19, 2011, the Provincial Communications Department deputy director Zhou Yongzhi, municipal committee, vice mayor Han Jianhua, the traffic department director of Transportation Secretary Yuan Fuyu, the Provincial Transportation Bureau Zhao Lianlong such as a pedestrian transportation inspection team composed of province, accompanied by city traffic bureau director Ma Haizhou, deputy director of Mingjun, on the first day of the beginning of the spring Xining bus station, Xining bus company checked. read more

Xining thorough investigation of illegal processing of steamed bread processing

June 5th, 6, Xining City Food Safety Office organized the Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce, Quality Supervision Bureau, the four Board of the food safety committee of the county of the city to carry out the steamed bread processing point of special supervision and inspection activities in the city of three.

by special inspection, improve the operating households consciously abide by the "food safety law" and other laws and regulations consciousness, eliminate food safety problems of all kinds of Steamed Buns processing point. The event, the units were dispatched inspectors 405 passengers, check the 805 times. Which city Industrial and Commercial Bureau dispatched 236 passengers, check the processing point 383, supermarket 31 times, 3 times the market; the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau dispatched 17 people, check the processing point 18 times; Chengdong District Food Safety Committee dispatched 11 people, check the processing point 57 times; the City District Food Safety Committee dispatched 27 people check, processing point 58 times; West District Food Safety Committee dispatched 27 people, check the processing point 41 times; Chengbei District Food Safety Committee dispatched 26 people, check the processing point 53 times; Huangyuan County Food Safety Committee dispatched 22 people, check the processing point 43 times; Huangzhong County Food Safety Committee dispatched 7 people check, processing point 64 times; Datong County Food Safety Committee dispatched 32 people, check the processing point 54 times.

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Xining Public Security Bureau’s Street police station received thunder Yongqi save lives drowning ch

on the afternoon of June 3rd, members of the public Cai three flowers and gifts to the people’s Street police station, to save their children’s police Lei Yongqi expressed his gratitude. The afternoon of June 1st, people’s Street police station instructor Lei Yongqi with the children in the people’s Park artificial lake to play, suddenly heard the splash, only from their own 2, 3 meters there is a 4, 5 year old children fell into the water and has flooded the body, he could not swim without thinking to jump into the water, then the other the man on the shore also jumped into the water, the two of them will be the water rescued the drowning child. After landing, the thunder Yongqi he saw that the child not be frightened and injured quietly with their children left the park. After the child’s parents with the help of television to find the good police. Rescued the child came to the police station at the sight of his uncle rescued, he hooked the enthusiastic rescue of the police uncle, a deep kiss. read more