South Africa vs India 1st Test Highlights: How Vernon Philander destroyed Indian batting line-up

first_imgIndia suffered a 72-run defeat against South Africa in the first Test at Newlands, Cape Town on Monday. India vs South Africa, 1st Test, Cape Town: Live Cricket Streaming available on SonyLIV from 2 PM todayIndia 2nd Innings:20:26 IST: The first 4-day Test of 2018. In spite of losing a whole day to rain, this game does not even go the distance on Day 4. 40 wickets have fallen in around 231 overs. Runs scored – 760. Average runs per wicket – 19.20:20 IST: SOUTH AFRICA WIN BY 72 RUNS! WICKET! 42.4: V Philander to J Bumrah, OUT c Faf du Plessis b Vernon Philander. India have been bowled out.20:19 IST: Jasprit Bumrah is the last man in.20:18 IST: WICKET! 42.3: V Philander to Shami, OUT! Gone next ball.20:17 IST: 42.2: V Philander to Shami, FOUR! Confident shot! On middle and off, Shami comes forward and chips it over mid on and gets a boundary! Some confidence that!20:15 IST: WICKET! 42.1: V Philander to Ashwin, OUT! That is a terrific catch and the big Vern gets the breakthrough! What a brilliant field change and it has done the trick. Quinton de Kock was asked to come up a few steps for this ball and he obeyed his captain. Philander bowled this outside off and Ashwin looked to punch it to the off side. He got a thick outside edge but a sharp one. But Quinton de Kock takes it brilliantly and straightaway throws the ball up in the air in jubilation. Philander does not even bother to appeal and the umpire is smart. Does not give it out. Ashwin is smarter. Does not walk. Now QdK appeals and up goes the finger! The 49-run stand is broken.advertisement20:03 IST: 39.1: K Maharaj to Kumar, FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries! This stand is now worth 41 from 61 balls without any fuss, chipping away at the target. Full and wide outside off, Kumar leans and drives it through point. Morne Morkel starts to chase but then gives it up.20:02 IST: 38.6: V Philander to Ashwin, FOUR! Fine shot! A short ball outside off, Ashwin punches this through point and gets a boundary! 89 more to win now!19:55 IST: 37.1: Maharaj to Ashwin, NOT OUT. Missing leg. South Africa loses a review but that was worth reviewing. Maharaj gave this a bit of loop around leg and Ashwin who was playing around the ball, missed it, getting hit on the pads. Keshav appealed vociferously but the umpire was as calm as a cucumber. The bowler convinced his skipper to go for the review but Hawk Eye showed the ball to be going down the leg side.19:55 IST: HOWZZATTTTTTTTT? Maharaj has screamed his lungs out. But the umpire is unmoved. Faf has given his consent for the review. Is Ashwin gone? Pitched outside leg?19:51 IST: 36.3: V Philander to Ashwin, EDGED, SHORT, FOUR! Important runs for India. Does not matter how they come, does it? On a length outside off, Ashwin pokes at it and gets an outside edge. The ball goes towards Faf du Plessis at second slip who dives to his right but does not carry. He is not able to stop it and the ball speeds through to the third man fence. The target is less than 100 now. Faf du Plessis is still on the ground, clutching his right shoulder. Is he injured as well?19:50 IST: 36.1: V Philander to Ashwin, FOUR! Outstanding timing. A full ball but a bit too straight, Ashwin flicks it through mid-wicket. The ball nearly reaches the ropes but Keshav Maharaj gets to the ball from short mid-wicket, reaches the ball and pulls the ball back in. Three runs are taken and the umpire wants to check the legality of the fielding and replays show that while pulling the ball back, the foot touched the ropes.19:48 IST: 35.6: K Maharaj to Kumar, LBW? No, says the umpire and don’t review, says AB de Villiers. The arm ball, but PITCHED OUTSIDE LEG, BK misses his flick and the ball goes off his pads to the off side. Maharaj appeals but the umpire stays put. Faf du Plessis has a chat with his bowler and the team but AB de Villiers says do not review. Replays justify.1st Test. 34.6: K Rabada to R Ashwin (16), 4 runs, 103/7 #SAvInd #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) January 8, 201819.20 IST: We are back for the evening session which can be the final one of this game. Bhunvneshwar Kumar joins Ravichandran Ashwin at the crease. Morne Morkel with the ball.19.00 IST: TEA TAKEN.  It’s Tea time at Newlands. What a session of Test match cricket. India are 82/7 needing 126 runs to win. The Proteas need 3 wickets to take a 1-0 lead. See you in 20 minutes #SAvINDadvertisement- Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 8, 201818.56 IST: WICKET! 28.6: V. Philanderto W. Saha, OUT. Rabada goes wide of the crease and angles in a full length ball that is swinging in prodigiously. Saha in a bid to keep it out falls over a bit and is hit flush on the pads. Rabada roars in an appeal and the umpire rules it out. Saha walks across to his partner and finally challenges the decision. Time for the replays. The Hawk Eye shows it is clipping the leg stump and that is enough.WICKET | Rabada gets his second wicket as he traps Saha (8) leg before wicket. India 82/7 #SAvIND Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 8, 201818:37 IST: Ravichandran Ashwin comes out to bat. Meanwhile, de Villiers gets his finger taped after taking the catch.18:35 IST: WICKET! 24.1: K Rabada to H Pandya, OUT. India have lost their sixth wicket. Fuller in length outside off, swinging away appreciably. Pandya leans forward and has a tentative push at it but gets a thick outside edge which flies towards de Villiers in the gully region. The best Protea fielder dives to his right and takes a fine catch. The hosts need 4 more wickets to win. It is looking all gloomy for the visitors at the moment.18:31 IST: Hardik Pandya comes out to bat. These kind of circumstances provide an opportunity to emerge as an hero. Does Pandya have it in him?18:29 IST: WICKET! 23.2: V Philander to Sharma, OUT. India have lost their fifth wicket. The drop catch of Maharaj doesn’t cost the Proteas even a run! Maharaj who dropped him in the previous over is charging in and has a big smile on his face. Uncertainty consumes Rohit Sharma. Good length ball outside off, moving away after landing. Sharma initially tries to run it down to third man but goes at it meekly. makes a huge mistake to push at it tamely and gets a thick inside edge that goes onto hit the stumps. India have lost half their side now and are staring down the barrel.18:26 IST: DROPPED! 22.3: K Rabada to Sharma, Dropped! What have you done Maharaj? You can’t get an easier catch than that. Short ball, shoots off the deck and catches Sharma by surprise. He takes his eyes off the ball and pulls it unconvincingly but gets a top edge that swirls in the air towards deep backward square leg. Maharaj lines it up but makes a mess of it. Doesn’t even get his hands to it and the ball hits his knee. Ends up spilling a dolly.18:21 IST: WICKET! 21.4: V Philander to Kohli, OUT! The decision stands and this is a body blow for the Indians! The decision stands and this is a body blow for the Indians! The backbone of the visitors has been broken. Kohli is the man whom you bank upon in a chase. South Africa are over the moon for dismantling the Indian skipper. Fuller length ball on off, swinging in appreciably. Kohli shuffles a bit, is late to bring his bat down on the flick and gets pinged on the pads. Philander doesn’t stop in his followthrough and is already celebrating while the keeper appeals. Up goes the umpire’s finger. Kohli walks across gingerly to Sharma and consults about the DRS. Decides to review it eventually as this is a big moment in the game. There is nothing on the Snicko. Hawk Eye rolls in, spots three reds and signals the exit for Kohli. The captain was looking good but fails to carry on. Big moment in the game.advertisement18:19 IST: A huge moment in the game! Barring an inside edge, Kohli seems to be a dead duck. Philander was celebrating before the decision was given.18:17 IST: 20.6: K Rabada to Sharma, Ooh.. almost carried to du Plessis! In the corridor of uncertainty, Sharma is in two minds whether to leave it or play at it. Is late to bring his bat up and gets a bottom edge which just falls of the diving Protea skipper at second slip.18:14 IST: 20.2: K Rabada to Kohli, FOUR. Rabada errs in line and pays the price for it! He goes wide of the crease and angles down a full ball sharply. All Kohli has to do is to get a tickle on it and he does so to beat the keeper and find the fine leg fence.18:14 IST: 20.1: K Rabada to Kohli, No run. Good fielding from de Villiers! Overpitched around off, Kohli drives it crisply towards extra cover where AB dives to his right and saves at least a couple for his side.18:09 IST: 19.1: V Philander to Kohli, Kohli needs to be careful! Can’t afford to gift his wicket away. Back of a length outside off, tapped with an open bat face towards gully. Wants a run and is rightly sent back. The fielder has a shy at the striker’s end but misses.18:07 IST: 18.4: M Morkel to Sharma, Short ball, doesn’t bounce much. Sharma pulls it through backward square leg and comes back for the second run. Kohli wants the third but Sharma is not that aware.1st Test. 16.4: M Morkel to V Kohli (19), 4 runs, 58/3 #SAvInd #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) January 8, 201817:47 IST: 14.5: M Morkel to Sharma, Short and a bit of room on offer, Sharma places it to deep for a single. That brings up the 50 for India.17:42 IST: 13.4: K Rabada to Sharma, Good timing! Overpitched outside off, Sharma doesn’t overhit it and times his drive beautifully through wide mid off. The fielder from the cover region runs after it and saves a run for his side.17:40 IST: 13.1: K Rabada to Kohli, FOUR! Easy pickings! Rabada can not afford to ease the pressure that has been built up. Fullish and angling down leg, Kohli tickles it past the keeper to the fine leg fence.17:35 IST: WICKET! 12.2: M Morkel to Pujara! South Africa have come storming back into this contest. It is turning out to be an edge-of-the-seat game. Can’t blame Pujara as it was an unplayable delivery. Good length ball on off, takes off with extra bounce and moves away slightly. Pujara hops and has to try to keep it out but the ball catches the shoulder of the bat and flies behind. De Kock takes a regulation catch to his right. Morkel has taken off and pumps his fists. He is absolutely pumped up. The visitors still need 169 runs to win while South Africa need 7 wickets. India 209, 39/3 (12.2 overs), chasing 208, vs South Africa 286, 13017.31 IST: Rabada to Kohli, FOUR! Not convincing! Shortish ball outside off, leaving the right-hander. He pokes at it and gets it off the outer half past the backward point region to find the fence.17.19 IST: Philander to Vijay,OUT! The bowler finally gets his man. No doubts now, Vijay has to take the long walk back. On a good length in the avenue of apprehension, swinging away. Vijay comes forward and looks to defend it but gets a fat outside edge which flies towards the slip cordon. AB de Villiers dives to his left and grabs a really good catch. INDIA 30/2WICKET | Vijay out for 13 caught at second slip by de Villiers off Philander. India 30/2 #SAvIND #ProteaFire Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 8, 201817.14 IST:  Cheteshwar Pujara walks out to bat. 17.13 IST: Morkel to Dhawan, OUT! INDIA 30/1WICKET | Morkel gets the breakthrough as Dhawan (16) knicks one to Morris for an easy catch at gully. The bounce from Morne does the trick again. India 30/1 #SAvIND #ProteaFire Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 8, 201817.07 IST: Philander to Vijay, AGAIN HE ESCAPES! Another judicious review from India! On a good length around off, Vijay uses his feet and fishes at it tentatively and seems to have got a faint nick behind to the keeper. The hosts appeal and up goes the umpire’ finger. Vijay goes for the review immediately. Has he again survived? Well, the replays show that there is clear daylight between bat and ball.17.04 IST: Philander to Vijay, FOUR! Vijay gets away with this one! On a length outside off, Vijay pushes at it but gets an outside edge that flies past the gully region. No third man in place now and the ball races to the fence.India looking steady on 24 without loss.Dhawan 15*Vijay 8*#SAvIND #FreedomSeries Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 8, 201817.03 IST: Morkel to Dhawan, FOUR!  A full length ball on the leg, which is brilliantly glanced on fine leg, delicate show of wrists by Dhawan, the ball goes for the ropes16.57 IST:  Philander to Dhawan, FOUR! Fuller in length, leaving Dhawan. He drives at it with hard hands but gets a thick outside edge past the slip cordon for a boundary.1st Test. 4.3: V Philander to S Dhawan (5), 4 runs, 13/0 #SAvInd #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) January 8, 201816.53 IST: Morkel to Vijay, FOUR! Full length ball outside off, Vijay leans into it and caresses it through covers to find the fence.1st Test. 3.4: M Morkel to M Vijay (7), 4 runs, 9/0 #SAvInd #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) January 8, 201816.46 IST: Philander to Vijay, CLOSE SHAVE! Vijay has been adjudged LBW but he has a chat with his partner and finally goes for the review. Seems really close to the naked eye.Successful review for the Indian opener as the ball was going over the stumps. Decision overturned #SAvIND- Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 8, 201816.40 IST: Dale Steyn will not be bowling , Morne Morkel will share the new ball with Vernon Philander.16.35 IST: India are off the mark. 1/0 after 1 over.South Africa 2nd Innings:15.57 IST: The Proteas lost 8 wickets and scored just 65 runs in that session. South Africa 286 & 130 all out on Day 4. Shami (3/28), Bumrah (3/39), Bhuvneshwar (2/33). It is surprisingly LUNCH as well on Day 4. There were close to 17 minutes remaining when AB was out, so one would have thought the Indian batsmen would need to bat for at least 1-2 overs before the break. Perhaps, the second session might be a 150-minute one.Innings Break! South Africa 286 & 130. #TeamIndia need 208 runs to win the 1st Test #FreedomSeries #SAvIND BCCI (@BCCI) January 8, 201815.57 IST: WICKET! AB de Villiers c Bhuvi c Bumrah 35 (50 balls). SA 286 & 130 all out. India need 208 runs to win The catch is legal and South Africa have been bowled out with still some time left in the first session! What an inspiring bowling performance by the Indians. A short ball outside off, de Villiers rocks back and pulls it towards deep mid-wicket. For a second, it seems like he has cleared the ropes but Bhuvneshwar Kumar is placed by Kohli to perfection. De Villiers hits that like an archer shoots his arrow towards a target placed in front of him, and finds Bhuvi to perfection. The umpires check for the legality of the catch and replays show that the fielder is fine. INDIA NEED 208 TO WIN!Proteas are all for 130 and the target for India is 208 #SAvIND #FreedomSeries #ProteaFire Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 8, 201815.52 IST: Dale Steyn walks out to bat. Irrespective of how much he scores or how many balls he faces, have to applaud. Team comes first and he is willing to bear the pain in the hope for some gain for his team.15.51 IST: WICKET! Morne Morkel c Saha b Bhuvneshwar 2 (4 balls). SA 286 & 130/9, lead by 207 runsBounced out! Let me type that again. MORKEL HAS BEEN BOUNCED OUT. How many times do you see a Saffa player bounced out by an Indian bowler? A short ball, on middle, Morne has nowhere to move as he ducks blindly. He ends up fending at the ball as it comes at his face, takes the gloves and lobs in the air. The entire slip cordon comes charging in but has the sanity to allow Saha to take the catch.WICKET | Morkel out for 2 caught behind by Saha off B Kumar. SA 130/9 #SAvIND Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 8, 201815.48 IST: Bumrah to de Villiers, SIX! What a hit! He is a champion in surveying the field and picking his spots. Fullish delivery around off, de Villiers extends his arms and lifts it over long off to send it sailing over the fence. South Africa need a lot more of those.15.42 IST: WICKET! Keshav Maharaj c Saha b Bhuvneshwar 15 (21 balls)Caught behind! That is the 8th one down! On a length outside off, Maharaj pushes inside the line and gets a thick outside edge behind. Simple catch, India inching closer to batting. That is Wriddhiman Saha’s 9th catch in this Test, the most by an Indian wicket-keeper in an away Test.WICKET | After a few lusty blows – Keshav Maharaj edges one behind to Saha for 15. SA: 122/8, with the lead nearing 200 runs. #SAvIND #FreedomSeries #ProteaFire Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 8, 20181st Test. 38.1: B Kumar to K Maharaj (13), 4 runs, 119/7 #SAvInd #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) January 8, 201815:35 IST: 37.4: H Pandya to Maharaj, Ooh… that’s nasty! Maharaj is a lucky man as the ball just goes over the stumps. Back of a length around off, Maharaj tries to duck under it but there is an error in judgement. Is hit on the arm and the ball just misses the stumps.15:34 IST: 37.3: H Pandya to K Maharaj, FOUR! Hit with authority! Shortish ball around off, Maharaj stands tall and pulls it with aplomb over wide mid on for a boundary. That came right off the screws.15.30 IST: UPDATE! Dale Steyn has been ruled out of the entire series due to heel injury.15:31 IST: 36.5: J Bumrah to Villiers, 2 runs. Shuffles across a long way to the length ball and clips it through backward square leg for a couple.15:30 IST: 36.4: J Bumrah to Villiers, 2 runs. Well played! Length ball on off, de Villiers clips it nicely through mid-wicket. Ashwin chases it but there is a man in the deep as well who gets across to it and cuts it off. A couple taken.15:29 IST: 36.3: J Bumrah to Villiers, FOUR. Pristine! De Villiers need to wait for the loose deliveries and pounce on them as he has done on this occasion. Fullish delivery outside off, de Villiers opens his bat face and creams it through cover-point to find the fence.Single from Maharaj brings up the 100 for the Proteas. SA 100/7 with the lead sitting on 177 #SAvIND #FreedomSeries #ProteaFire Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 8, 201815:18 IST: NOT OUT! 33.6: M Shami to Maharaj! Going down leg! India exhaust a review. Fullish delivery, swinging in sharply. Maharaj tries to play it across the line but misses to get pinged on the pads. A convincing appeal follows but paid no heed to. India go for the review though. The replays roll in. Hawk Eye shows that the impact is umpire’s call and the ball would have missed the leg stump. South Africa 286, 95/7 (34 overs), lead India by 172 runs15:17 IST: Another close call! India feel that they have trapped Maharaj in front of the stumps. Sliding down leg might be the factor which saves him.15:14 IST: WICKET! 33.4: Shami to Philander, OUT lbw b Mohammed Shami. South Africa have lost their seventh wicket. Lethal Shami gives another blow to the Proteas! There are many occasions when you tend to falter when the conditions are really conducive for swing bowling but credit to India for behind really disciplined. Fullish delivery around off, swinging in substantially. Philander comes half-forward in an attempt to deal with it but misses it to get hit flush on the pads. The Indians roar in an appeal and the umpire has no hesitation in ruling it out. Looked plumb too. However, Vernon walks across gingerly to de Villiers and talks with him. Challenges the decision eventually. Snicko shows no inside edge while Hawk Eye shows three reds. India only behind by 172 runs behind and need only three wickets to bowl the Proteas out.15.00 IST: Time for Drinks. Meanwhile, Vernon Philander comes out to bat. South Africa reeling at 286 & 92/6, lead by 169 runs14.56 IST: WICKET! Quinton de Kock c Saha b Bumrah 8 (8 balls). This is all going downhill for South Africa! Judicious use of the review from India. Bumrah has been right on the money and brings in another reward for his side. Angles in a good length ball from outside off and extracts good bounce as well with the incoming angle. De Kock hops to keep it out but seems to have got an inside edge as Saha beind the stumps takes it. The Indians appeal in unison but the umpire stays put. Saha is very confident and Kohli opts for the DRS. Time for the replays. The Snicko does confirm a nick. OUT flashes the giant screen and look at Kohli. He is absolutely pumped. South Africa are ahead by 169 runs with only four wickets in hand. SA 286 & 92/6, lead by 169 runs14.58 IST: Bumrah to de Kock, huge appeal for caught behind but the umpire says NOT OUT! India go for the review straightaway. Huge moment in the game! India are really confident that they have got de Kock. Is there a nick? 14.54 IST: Bumrah to de Kock, FOUR! De Kock is not at all looking comfortable. Plays at a good length ball outside off and gets it off the outer half past the gully region for a boundary.14.52 IST: Pandya to de Kock, FOUR!#TeamIndia bowlers have offered nothing this morning and have had good control. South Africa find themselves in a sticky situation with the loss of three wickets already. #FreedomSeries #SAvIND BCCI (@BCCI) January 8, 201814.44 IST: WICKET! Faf du Plessis c Saha b Bumrah 0 (5 balls). SA 286 & 82/6, lead by 159 runsThe skipper departs for a duck! South Africa have been caught in shallow waters and are looking very jittery at the moment. Remember, this was the partnership that had steadied the ship for South Africa. India will be relieved. Bumrah runs in from a bit wide of the crease and lands it on a length in the avenue of apprehension. Extracts appreciable bounce after landing and catches de Villiers in a tangle who comes forward tentatively to block it. Is completely taken aback as an outside edge is induced and Saha behind the stumps accepts it gleefully. The tourists are all over the home side at the moment.WICKET | dU Plessis is out without scoring, caught behind by Saha off Bumrah. SA 82/5. Next man in is de Kock #SAvIND Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 8, 2018The skipper departs for a duck! South Africa have been caught in shallow waters and are looking very jittery at the moment.14.38 IST: Shami opposed to earlier in the Test has been right on the radar. He has run in with intent, has bent his back and has made the ball talk. He should strive to maintain the same intensity throughout.14.38 IST: Shami to de Villiers, SIX! Brilliant improvisation! Mr. 360 for a reason, has a wide array of strokes and executes them without breaking a sweat. Back of a length outside off, allows de Villiers to free his arms. He steers it over the slip cordon and the ball just flies over the third man fence.14.36 IST: Jasprit Bumrah bowls the first over of the day and gives away just 1 run. He almost got De Villiers’ edge with his third delivery. SA 286 & 74/4, lead by 151 runs14.32 IST: Wicket-maiden from Mohammed Shami, top stuff from the fast bowler. This was just the start India wanted. SA 286 & 73/4, lead by 150 runsSA find themselves in a sticky situation with the loss of two wicket already this morning. India’s bowlers have offered nothing and have had good control. Change of bowling with Bumrah replacing B Kumar at the Wynberg End. SA 73/4 Lead 150 #SAvIND Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 8, 201814.29 IST: WICKET! Kagiso Rabada c Virat Kohli b Mohammed Shami 5 (33 balls). SA 286 & 73/4, lead by 150 runs Double-strike for Shami this morning. He has been bowling nagging lines and lengths around that off stump corridor and reaps the dividends again. Bends his back this time and bowls a back of a length ball on off. Rabada’s bat face is a little closed as he attempts to play it defensively with the angle towards the leg side. However, he ends up getting a thick outside edge towards the slip cordon. Kohli is onto it in a flash like a hawk to his right and takes a sharp catch. Runs around in the celebratory mode and his teammates are ecstatic as well. The visitors are making the first hour of the day count.WICKET | Shami strikes again and this time its the wicket of Rabada (5) who is caught by Kohli at second slip. SA 73/4 #SAVIND Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 8, 201814.25 IST: Bhuvi to AB, FOUR! De Villiers smacks the first boundary of the day, flicking Bhuvneshwar through the on side. SA 286 & 73/3, lead by 150 runs 14.21 IST: Terrific over from Shami, he beat Rabada’s bat on multiple occasions in that maiden over. SA 286 & 67/3, lead by 144 runs Four overs bowled this morning and India have started well with the wicket of Amla. SA 67/3 with Rabada 4* and de Villiers 0 at the crease with the lead of 144. #SAvIND #FreedomSeries #ProteaFire Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 8, 2018Come on #TeamIndia! The match is wide open. #SAvIND- sachin tendulkar (@sachin_rt) January 8, 201814.13 IST: Successful over from Shami comes to an end, just one run and the big wicket of Hashim Amla came off it. SA 286 & 66/3, lead by 143 runs 14.09 IST: WICKET! Hashim Amla c Rohit Sharma b Mohammed Shami 4 (15 balls). SA 286 & 66/3, lead by 143 runs The decision stays! A big, big breakthrough for India. Good length delivery outside off, leaving the right-hander with extra bounce. Amla aims to force it through covers with hard hands but gets a thick outside edge. Sharma lines it up, gets low ahead and seems to have taken it inches above the ground. That’s a great grab. Hang on! The body language of the visitors is confident but the umpires tell them to wait. They have a conversation with each other and decide to take it upstairs. Time for the replays. From the front view angle, it seems that Sharma has his hands underneath the ball.Call for a wicket. Umpires sending it upstairs for a review. #proteafire #savind Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 8, 201814.07 IST: Shami to Amla, CATCH! Just what India needed at the start of the day. Amla has been caught by Sharma at gully and he is confident. The umpires walk across to each other and have a chat. They decide to refer it upstairs to check the clarity of the catch.14.03 IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar starts off the proceedings on Day 4 with a maiden over. SA 286 & 65/2, lead IND (209) by 142 runs 14.00 IST: The players and the umpires make their way out to the middle. Hashim Amla and Kagiso Rabada to resume their innings. It will be Bhuvneshwar Kumar to start off the proceedings with the ball today. 98 overs are allotted for the day.Just a reminder of where things stand ahead of Day 4 of the Sunfoil Test. Hashim Amla 4* and Kagiso Rabada 2* will resume on 65/2 with a lead of 142 #SAvIND #FreedomSeries #ProteaFire Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 8, 2018Pre-match updates:13.40 IST: It is a much brighter day and it is good to know that the forecast is clear for the rest of the game. With still 196 overs to be bowled assuming the pacers will improve their over rate, a cracker of a contest awaits us. South Africa hold the upper hand at the moment but with a complete day being washed out, they will be a bit disappointed. Momentum matters a lot in cricket. Also, the pitch being covered for a long time, there will be a lot of moisture underneath. As a result, the Protea batsmen need to be on their toes throughout and capitalize on the poor deliveries. In contrast, the Indians will be banking on their pacers to make use of the conducive conditions and trigger a collapse. The clouds are still flying around and there will be sideways movement on offer. In contrast, the Indians will be banking on their pacers to make use of the conducive conditions and trigger a collapse. The clouds are still flying around and there will be sideways movement on offer.13.24 IST: The match won’t be starting early today but the playing hours have been revisedRevised hours for today�??s play here at Newlands for the Sunfoil Test: 10h30 -12h30 / 13h10 – 15h25 / 15h45 – 18h00 or 18h30. 98 overs #SAvIND #ProteaFire #FreedomSeries Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 8, 201813.15 IST: But due to some strange reason the play won’t be starting early on the final two days even though we lost the whole day yesterday due to the rain. Play begins at normal time – 1400 IST but 98 overs are scheduled for today and tomorrow.Cricket fans we�??re pleased to alert you that we�??ll have some action out on the field today #SAvsIND #ProteaFire #FreedomSeries Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 8, 201813.15 IST: Good news, the sun is out in Newlands and it looks like a perfect day to play cricket.Much betterMuch brighterMuch clear Much sunshine �??️ #SAvIND BCCI (@BCCI) January 8, 2018Match summary:Rain played spoilsport for the entire day and no play was possible on the third day of the series opener between South Africa and India at Newlands, Cape Town on Sunday.The decision was made soon after the second session was washed out as the weather forecast did not look promising for the rest of the evening.However, the good news is that the forecast is pretty clear for the remaining two days.There will be moisture developing under the surface as it has been covered for so long. South Africa would have probably thought of batting long and then give a big target to India. Now, with two days left and the pitch becoming a little soft, that plan would have got a setback.Strangely, there will be no early start over the remaining two days. Play will begin at 14.00 IST but 98 overs are scheduled to be bowled on both days with a 15 minute extension in each session.South Africa were set to resume their second innings on 65 for two, a lead of 142 on what is a lively wicket offering plenty of assistance to the seamers.Hashim Amla (four) and nightwatchman Kagiso Rabada (two) are the not out batsmen who will now wait until Monday to resume their innings, with no rain forecast for the remainder of the game.South Africa were bowled out for 286 in their first innings, before restricting India to 209 in reply.The home side have confirmed that fast bowler Dale Steyn will miss the remainder of the Test, and possibly the series, with a heel injury, leaving them with three seamers with which to bowl India out in the second innings if they are to win the match.The top two ranked teams are meeting in a three-Test series this month with matches in Pretoria and Johannesburg to come.last_img read more

POLICE LOG for July 23 Highway Crash Hit Run In Market Basket

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Here are highlights of the Wilmington Police Log for Tuesday, July 23, 2019:A black 2015 Honda Accord struck a median guardrail on 93 North, south of Exit 39. Vehicle towed. State Police handled scene. (6:23am)A walk-in party reported a hit and run in the Market Basket parking lot yesterday between noon and 1pm. No witnesses or note left. (9:34am)Animal Control Office retrieved a sink skunk from a Carolyn Road backyard and brought to Chelmsford rehab. (12:57pm)Police retrieved a syringe from Shawsheen Avenue and Blanchard Avenue and brought it back to the station for proper disposal. (5:10pm)Police spoke with several parties on the train tracks on Richmond Street and sent them on their way. (5:36pm)Officers observed parties walking around the police station’s parking lot, taking video and photographs. Parties walked into the lobby videotaping and photographing. They attempted to question dispatch personnel and the station officer in an attempt to illicit banter back and forth. When parties were not satisfied with the officers’ responses, they exited the building. (6:33pm)(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedPOLICE LOG for August 29: Burlington Man Arrested For OUI; Injured HummingbirdIn “Police Log”POLICE LOG for August 5: Driver Throws Beer Bottles; Syringe Found; Woburn Man Issued Summons; Texting While DrivingIn “Police Log”POLICE LOG for August 4: Lowell Man Arrested On Warrant; Bad Crash In Front Of Rocco’s; Syringe FoundIn “Police Log”last_img read more

Slow traffic worsens commuters woes

first_imgTraffic are seen on Dhaka-Mymensingh. Photo: Prothom AloCommuters leaving the capital for home ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr are suffering as traffic appears very slow at key exit routes of the city.Police said the excessive number of buses on the Dhaka-Tangail, Dhaka-Mymensingh and Dhaka-Aricha highways are causing the Eid goers so much suffering.Buses on the Dhaka-Aricha highway from Jahangirnagar University to Nabinagar were seen moving very slowly.Savar traffic police inspector Abul Hossain said three vehicles broke down on the Dhaka-Aricha highway between Savar and Bishmai areas, causing long tailbacks.Vehicles are seen on Dhaka-Tangail highway. Photo: Prothom AloKonabari highway police officer-in-charge Hossain Sarkar said vehicular movement was normal on the Dhaka-Tangail highway. But, buses were moving slowly in some areas of Gazipur due to excessive numbers of buses on the highway.If weather remains good, holidaymakers could go home hassle-free, the police officer observed. Kaliakair upazila police station inspector Masud Alam said as many as 1000 members of police and community police have been deployed on the highways.He also told Prothom Alo that buses were moving slowly on the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway between Tongi and Gazipur areas, but no there were no tailbacks there.last_img read more

New study finds stars in metalrich galactic areas explode more violently

first_img( —A team of researchers working in China has found evidence to suggest that stars that exist in metal-rich galactic areas tend to explode more violently when they go supernova, than do stars that explode in less metal-rich areas. In their paper published in the journal Science, describing their research, the team details how after analyzing data from the remnants of 188 type 1a supernovas, they found that those stars that existed in metal-rich areas and maybe in younger systems, tended to produce more violent explosions and associated diverse spectral features. Citation: New study finds stars in metal-rich galactic areas explode more violently (2013, March 8) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Supernova progenitor found? Explore further This is the remnant of a supernova. Credit: NASA/MPIA/Calar Alto Observatory, Oliver Krause et al. © 2013 Phys.orgcenter_img More information: Evidence for Two Distinct Populations of Type Ia Supernovae, Science DOI: 10.1126/science.1231502ABSTRACTType Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) have been used as excellent standardizable candles for measuring cosmic expansion, but their progenitors are still elusive. Here, we report that the spectral diversity of SNe Ia is tied to their birthplace environments. We find that those with high-velocity ejecta are substantially more concentrated in the inner and brighter regions of their host galaxies than are normal-velocity SNe Ia. Furthermore, the former tend to inhabit larger and more-luminous hosts. These results suggest that high-velocity SNe Ia likely originate from relatively younger and more metal-rich progenitors than normal-velocity SNe Ia, and are restricted to galaxies with substantial chemical evolution. Scientists have come to believe that supernovas come about in a process that involves a white dwarf. But because a single white dwarf isn’t large enough to set off an explosion, they believe a second star must be involved as well—either another white dwarf as a binary system or via accretion of material by a companion star. Researchers can’t tell using current methods which was involved when studying particular supernovas. In this new effort, the researchers believe they might have found a way to do so.By studying and comparing the spectral features of 188 type 1a supernovas and the galactic geography of the area in which they exploded, the researchers discovered what they believe is a pattern that they claim hints at the nature of the progenitor star that led to the explosion—those in metal-rich areas tended to produce more violent explosions. This suggest it’s more likely that the more violent explosions are the result of a white dwarf pulling mass from a companion star—one similar to our own, or perhaps a red giant—than the result of a binary white dwarf system exploding.Understanding the nature of supernovas is critical to understanding the universe in general, as they are used to measure distances between objects—such measurements have led to the discovery that the universe is expanding, for example. For that reason, it would be helpful to know which sorts of stars lead to their creation and why they behave the way they do when they explode. This new research appears to be one more step in that direction. Journal information: Science This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

A musical sojourn

first_imgThe audiences witnessed the celebrated notes of the artiste playing some classic numbers. The concert embarked the legacy of the recently launched piano club while honouring the 2011 launch of this vintage European dining at 1911 Brasserie.From scintillating pianism of Liszt to the vibrant rhythms of Bartók, the heroism of Chopin and the dazzling finger work of Ravel, it was an evening of unabashed virtuosity. Lutchmayer performed some of the most daring and demanding music written on the Steinway grand piano at The Imperial. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Vijay Wanchoo, Sr. Executive Vice President and GM expressed, ‘It gives us great pleasure to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of our restaurant with an alluring musical sojourn, orchestrated by none other than Karl Lutchmayer. Classic western food with astounding live music makes Nostalgia a unique and retro European restaurant and our focus has always been to enhance its stellar dining experience.’He further said ‘Stepping towards luxurious and unique live concerts on Steinway piano, our effort has always been to bring to enchanting, influential and smashing recitals. We plan to organise many such great events in future as part of our recently launched piano club, sweeping the music aficionados with the ultimate and the unmatched.’ The evening concluded with a lavish spread of traditional European recipes from Nostalgia.last_img read more

Why Zynga Burst OMGPOPs Balloon

first_imgAugust 8, 2013 After acquiring mobile-game developer OMGPOP last year for $200 million, Zynga is now pulling the plug.”Our goal at Zynga is to give players the opportunity to play the most fun and social games on mobile and the web,” the company stated in a Monday blog post. “With this goal in mind, we have decided to close to make way for new and exciting gaming opportunities.”So for the approximate 30,000 users that have wasted countless hours playing OMGPOP games Cupcake Corner, Gem Rush, Pool World Champ and Snoops games, they will have to find another time-sucking app.Related: 10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Mobile App DeveloperWhile Zynga does plan to hold onto OMGPOP’s most popular game Draw Something and its offspring Draw Something 2 and Draw My Thing, only time will tell how long they’ll last. The monthly active users, or MAU, from OMGPOP’s blockbuster Draw Something has seen a 89.7 percent drop in users from April 21, 2012 to August 7, 2013, according to a graph provided to Young Entrepreneur by application analytics company AppData. 2 min read It’s hard to blame Zynga for trying to move forward with a leaner model – especially as other games also saw similar drops in users. But, why not sell OMGPOP back to its original owners?Various OMGPOP employees reportedly approached Zynga in the hopes of buying back any assets including: the site, games and intellectual property. Many team members even offered to work for free if the buy-back occurred. Zynga flat out said no, citing the hassle of legal work and time. The company laid off OMGPOP employees instead.Related: The New Cool Kids: Teenage-App DevelopersNow cast as the big bad wolf that stomped out the dreams of a startup, Zynga faces a two potential headwinds: one) possible pushback from customers who actually liked the games Zynga is shutting down and two) future acquisition targets may not look too kindly on a buyout offer from Zynga in the future.Still, from a business perspective, it would seem that Zynga did what it had to do. If the game-maker returned OMGPOP to its original owners, it might have ended up with a new competitor. Yet with all of OMG’s former workers now unemployed, maybe they still will?Think Zynga was wrong or right for shuttering OMGPOP? Let us know with a comment. Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Enroll Now for Freelast_img read more