Ibiza and Mérida complete the second round of the Cup

first_imgMérida 2 – La Nucía 2Less time had Mérida to overcome Fofo’s goal. When the referee indicated the start of the game it was already 37 minutes that were reflected on the scoreboard. While the idea was clear, the locals did not find the goal prize. Mario was close, but Oscar Fornés looked brilliant. It was not the most extensive first half that is remembered, but it did give time to modify the electronic. Fofo put it on, Juanji relented and Titi expanded differences. The audience (about 1,200 spectators) was speechless: their team was on the ropes. But he didn’t stop believing and, at the start, Jesús Mena cut. Twenty minutes later, after an exchange of docile blows, Antonio Pino set the boards with a magnificent and powerful definition. The group would still have the opportunity to celebrate, but Gaspar could not overcome a wall called Fornés. The extension gave rise to little more than a stretch of merit from Javi Sánchez. On penalties, the balance declined on the Merida side with only five of the ten maximum penalties converted. With epic, the Roman Stadium is already waiting for Celta. The 56 teams that will play the second round of the Copa del Rey from next Saturday are already known. Another 54, although especially the Celtic and the AlbaceteThey looked forward to discovering the complete list, in ‘stand by’ after the postponement of two matches due to the strong storm that hit the Iberian Peninsula last December. So, The confrontation between Mérida and La Nucía and the crossing of Pontevedra and Ibiza remained for tonight. However, the RFEF has already assigned a rival in the next phase for both, regardless of what happened in the matches. The winner of the first will play at home against the Celtic (Sunday, 16:00); the second one will see the faces with the Albacete (Saturday, 8:00 PM). Pontevedra 0 – Ibiza 2One more game, but with 17 minutes less. Pontevedra and Ibiza played the remaining 73, to resume the game with 0-0 on the scoreboard. Perhaps as a result of the circumstance, the Balearic team was better able to adapt to the conditions of the crash and was ahead of the half-hour of duel. Creeps, thanks to a powerful shot from the front of the area, brought his people closer to face each other with Albacete. After the goal, the Galicians got one more march, without any notable occasion. Even without ball control, Ibiza was more efficient and Mariano was close to scoring the second on the edge of rest. After the same pattern resumption, until Rodado sentenced with a great volley sent by Javi Pérez. Adighibe was close to thrill him, but Germán shattered the illusions of Pontevedra. Ibiza conquered Pasarón and already has the ‘Alba’ between eyebrow and eyebrow.last_img read more