A Fulham ‘on fire’ fight for promotion

first_imgAction Images’); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Action Images The Fulham from Ivan Cavaleiro (photo) live a great moment in your mission to return to the Premier. Won the Middlesbrough (1-0) in Craven cottage, reached the fourth victory in the last five games and is third in the English Second Division.last_img

Imanol: “To win in Miranda we must make two goals”

first_img– Are you worried that the second leg is similar to the first leg?I don’t know if it will be a copy or not. We had spaces and time, opportunities to find the free man, who could not read it because we were not successful. There were clear occasions to generate more than we generated, especially seeing the level of this team.-How do you feel before such an important game?It’s complicated. I feel the same that you can feel (in allusion to the journalist), a tremendous desire that the time comes and that we are already in the final, but knowing that there are 90 minutes left and that we will have a bad time. But we are convinced that we have a unique opportunity and we do not know when the next one will come, but this is what we have won and we will suffer, and hopefully we will be able to reach the final because it is what we all crave. Many sensations and all different. The responsibility is terrible, but the desire and enthusiasm are maximum.-Are you already clear about eleven for Anduva’s party or do you have doubts?No, as always. Normally one day before I always have it clear, and that of this match I have it very clear. We all go and convinced that those of us who are going out will be able to win the match.– Do you feel that this semifinal and the dynamics of the team serve to claim on the bench of the Real?I have always felt the same. The two times I’ve taken the team, I feel the same, because I feel respected by everyone. Nothing has changed, I am the same but with more games in first, but as a person I remain the same.-You know that in front you will find a Mirandés sure to be able to give another surprise?They are convinced that they will beat us 3-0, because they already know what it is to eliminate other top teams. But in front they have a team that is also convinced that it will win the game and also believes that it must make two goals to pass. But as we were able to do it, I’m sure we can get it “Let’s go get them”. With those words Imanol Alguacil says goodbye to the press room of Zubieta in the previous round of the Copa semifinal in Anduva against Mirandés. The coach of the Royal Society can not help but get excited thinking about a hypothetical classification for the final and shows his absolute faith in his squad, which only Asier Illarramendi injury will be missing.– Do you still think that to reach the final of Seville you have to win at Anduva?Even more. I am convinced, and so we will go, to win the match. But, in addition, to win it, it will be necessary to score two goals, it is the way to reach the final, but I am calm because this team has been able to do it in all matches, but to reach the final it will take two goals in Miranda.-The league match against Valladolid called it “the most important of the season.” Then this one?This one is powerful. They are many years without reaching a final. We are in a game of being able to get it in the biggest club there is for me, with a super excited fans, with a terrible cup of the team winning all the matches and the last one is not missing, and the competition will force us to reach the final winning the last and also making two goals because I think it will be a goal match.– In this match is it necessary to motivate the players or give them a more reassuring talk?I don’t know what will come out. I do not prepare the talks before the games, because I like to be myself, I like to notice what the players feel, and based on that talk, because they are moments and until it does not arrive you do not know what to say. The tickling has been around for a long time, we know that it is the most important game of the last and we want it not to be the most important this season.– Are you worried about Anduva’s peculiarity?No. Those are myths. The field is similar to any field, with a heavy lawn but like that of Zubieta. It’s like the pressure of San Mamés, the public squeezes like in other places. The field is what it is, the same distances, and the team is mature and prepared, and I am sure that we will play the game we want and hopefully that will serve us. Then it’s about getting it right. It is true that the cup matches against top teams have solved them well, but in the league they have a few games without winning. We go with all the respect in the world, but convinced of being able to win, at the Bernabéu we were already able to win 3-4.-How do you feel the players are?The best news is that everyone wants to play, Llorente and Zurutuza are also pushing to take a place and get into the game. The team goes like a shot, everyone wants to play and that says it all.last_img read more

Copa del Rey: since when does a club from the Second to the final arrive?

first_imgCD Sabadell agreed to the final of the President’s Cup in the 1934/1935 season after eliminating major rivals. The harlequin team fell with Sevilla 3-0. In Second, he finished in a second place, which, however, did not grant him the promotion to Primera.Real Betis was the first Second team to enter a final of the KO tournament. It was in the 1930/1931 campaign in the so-called Cup of the President of the Republic. The Bético team eliminated Badalona, ​​Real Madrid and Getxo Arenas before falling in the final with Athletic Club.The last case, something rocambolesque, is that of Racing de Ferrol in the 1938/1939 season. The Galicians, who did not stop playing football during the Spanish Civil War, agreed to the final of the Generalissimo Cup by eliminating Real Sociedad in the quarterfinals and Barakaldo in the semifinals. In the final he lost 2-6 with Sevilla, of course favorite. However, the peculiarity of this case is that did not belong to any league category, although at the end of the Civil War and resumed the League became a Second team. Other Second teams that played the Cup finalIn addition to the aforementioned case of Real Madrid Castilla In the 1979/1980 season, there are three more in which a team of the Spanish soccer silver category was planted in the Cup final. However, none of them ended up being champion.Real Madrid against Castilla In case the Mirandés end with the set of Imanol Sheriff, He will become the first team of Second to access a Copa del Rey final since the 1979/1980 season. On that occasion it was Real Madrid Castilla who reached the subsidiary round of the cupper tournament. And, in addition, Real Madrid was measured in the final. The first white team won clearly (6-1), but Castilla was rewarded playing the European Cup Winners Cup in the following season.Despite the prominent role of teams like Mirandés 2011/2012, Alavés of 2003/2004, Figueres of 2001/2002 or Numancia of 1995/1996, None of them have managed to reach the last round of the Copa del Rey. Therefore, if Iraola’s team succeeded, it would become a historic milestone.center_img The Copa del Rey. After three weeks of stoppage in European competitions, the KO tournament will have its resolution closer this week. The two finalists will meet next Thursday night of a tournament marked by surprises and the absence of world-class teams in the final rounds.Nevertheless, the Copa del Rey has not seen its interest reduced and Mirandés, Real Sociedad, Athletic Club and Granada continue to live their particular fairy tale. Perhaps the most special is that of the Miranda de Ebro complex. Andoni Iraola’s team is the only survivor who doesn’t play in Primera and, if it eliminates the Real Sociedad, it will round off an honorary enrollment participation.last_img read more

The FA and Tottenham open an investigation for the ‘Dier case’

first_imgAfter the victory of Norwich in the penalty shootout, which resulted in the elimination of those of Mourinho in the round of 16 of the FA Cup, Dier jumped the billboards and headed to the stands, where he faced an amateur who was supposedly stealing his younger brother. There, both security employees and the rest of the people who were in the stands tried to separate them and calm the situation. For their part, in the London club, where they have records of previous altercations, they believe they have identified the person who starred in the events.“I think Eric Dier did something that, as professionals, we can’t do, but in these circumstances I think anyone would have done the same. When someone insults you and your family is present, it may be involved, and in this case it was your little brother’s turn. I repeat, Dier did something that as professionals we cannot do, but surely anyone would have done in the same situation, ”Mourinho said at the subsequent press conference. The English Football Association (FA) and Tottenham have announced the start of an investigation to clarify what happened yesterday after the elimination of the spurs against Norwich, when Eric Dier He went to the stands of the New White Hart Lane to face an amateur. Although his club does not consider sanctioning him at this time, the agency does not rule him out, and has already contacted the English player so that his version of events.last_img read more

From Córdoba to Calcutta to put the icing on 130 years of history

first_imgDespite the fact that the coronavirus crisis forced to suspend the competition just before the expected Calcutta derby against East Bengal, the Spaniards of the Mohun Bagan live with the tranquility of chaining 14 games without losing -historical record in the I-League- and have been proclaimed champions four days in advance. A serenity interrupted by the merger with ATK, which gives a 180 degree turn to his future plans in the country. “The normal thing after a year like this would have been to renew, but now everything is in the air“says Fran González.” For the coaching staff and the players, the news of the merger with ATK was one more reason to demonstrate what we are capable of. The club did not expect to put this climax to 130 years of history. Not even in his best dreams “, completes the Cordovan footballer.While waiting for news from the club, Kibu, Morante, González and Beitia take stock of a “spectacular” season in which the most difficult has been “the weather”. “One day we could play against Real Kashmir at -4 degrees and the following week we could do it in Calcutta at more than 30“Beitia discovers.” The most positive thing, “and everyone here agrees,” has been wearing Mohun Bagan’s shirt. “” When I received the offer and saw videos of his fans, I was clear that I wanted to play here, “discovers González.” When you get here you realize all the privileges we have in Spain. We are lucky and we should not complain about nonsense“adds Morante, who is already preparing his second celebration of the season.” Now I am looking forward to returning to Spain to finalize the details of my wedding, “he says. The ways of soccer are inscrutable. And is that despite running the same premises during adolescence -were neighbors in the Cordoba neighborhood of Sector Sur-, Fran González (Córdoba, 1989) and Fran Morante (Córdoba, 1992) had to travel almost 9,000 kilometers to immortalize their friendship. Together they conquered in Calcutta the second I-League in the record of Mohun Bagan, the oldest club in the country and one of the longest-lived in all of Asia. “Signing here has been the best thing that could happen to me. I came with the intention of winning the league and getting it was an incredible feeling. I have enjoyed it to the fullest, “says Morante. González, for his part, continued with the winning trail with which he arrived from Hong Kong:” I feel better than ever. Over the years you reach maturity and that allows you to improve performance. I am happy because the fans asked us to win the tournament and we have done so“González and Morante are not, however, the only Spanish protagonists of this story. Mohun Bagan was masterfully led by Kibu Vicuña. Another Basque, the midfielder trained at Real Sociedad Joseba Beitia, was in charge of commanding the team’s attacks on the pitch. “After passing through Cyprus, Thailand, Poland and Hong Kong, he missed working with Spaniards”, discovers González, for whom, despite playing as central or midfielder, it would have been impossible to score 15 goals “without Morante’s defensive solidity, Beitia’s assists or Kibu’s confidence. ” Joseba, who among all competitions accumulates five goals and 17 assists this course, lives in India his best year as a professional soccer player: “The season is being spectacular”. “Kibu is a very smart coach, it is very difficult to take on a new team and implement your philosophy. He has done it and that is why we are champions”, completes the ’10’ of Mohun Bagan.last_img read more

Only thirteen reds in 168 games and only one was direct

first_imgBarcelona, ​​only 18 yellow in the entire championshipBarcelona is the team with the fewest yellow cards in the championship. The azulgrana, indisputable leaders, have not seen any red and only 18 yellow. It is followed by Real Sociedad with 21 cards and Levante with 25. At the other extreme, Sporting de Huelva have so far seen 48 yellows, the same as Rayo Vallecano., although the redheads have seen two red by one of the Huelva. Logroño with 45, Tacon with 44, Betis 43 and Athletic 42 are the teams that exceed the quarantine of warnings. SPORTS2700 ATHLETIC28one0 ATHLETIC4200 SPANISH38one0 Cards In women’s football, fair play continues to reign. And the numbers attest to that less violent and tough game. You just have to look at the balance of red cards that are in the First Iberdrola. Before the break, In the 168 games played in the 21 days played, only thirteen red cards have been shown, of which only one was direct. The other twelve were taught by double yellow. In addition, seven teams have not suffered any expulsion. Barcelona, ​​which has seen only 18 yellow cards, the cleanest team in the championship.In Primera Iberdrola 168 have already been played in the 21 days played so far. Only thirteen cards have been shown in these matches, that is, one red card is shown every 12.9 matches. Of those expulsions, only one occurred due to a direct red card, the rest occurred after showing two yellow cards. It was Lorena Valderas, from Logroño, the, until now, the only player who has seen a direct red card. Seven teams have not yet played any minute with numerical inferiority: Barcelona, ​​Levante, Athletic, Real Sociedad, Depor, Betis and Tacon.Logroño is the most punished team. La Riojanas have seen and three red, that of Valderas directly, and two more by double yellow to Dorine and Carol. Valencia and Rayo Vallecano have had two expulsions. Naiara and Nicart saw the double warning in the Valencianists while Iris and Carla Sáez they went to the locker room earlier in the redheads. Tounkara from Atlético, Dulce from Espanyol, Jujuba from Granadilla, Laura from Madrid CFF, Cometti from Sevilla and Efih from Sporting Huelva also saw the red card. I RAISED2500 MADRID CFF36one0 PASSION FRUIT31one0 SEVILLE36one0center_img SPORTING HUELVA48one0 VALENCIA32two0 REAL SOCIETYtwenty-one00 BARCELONA1800 EQUIPMENTYELLOWDOUBLE YELLOWRED LOGROÑOFour. Fivetwoone HEEL4400 VALLECANO RAY48two0 BETIS4300last_img read more

The FEF proposal: respect, alternatives and few followers

first_imgFor its part, after the meeting held between the clubs of La Rioja have reached a common determination that has not yet been considered. They are directly committed to suppressing the Single Seat Playoff and that the best classifieds of the regular season rise directly. In Catalonia, on the contrary, they do support the qualifying rounds, but not in the conventional way, but with the inclusion of eight teams per group. Lleida even threatens to take legal action if a fair measure for all is not adopted.Teams in danger: respect and supportOne of the most controversial decisions in the FEF proposal is the suppression of declines. In this way, success is rewarded, but failure is not punished by not being able to follow the season at a current pace. For example, Hercules and Orihuela They have given their version in AS and both are among the closest to the innovative measure still under debate. “The teams that are in decline will be happy. I think this measure is to keep 70% or 80% of people happy“says Chechu Flores, one of the captains of Orihuela. Luis Rubiales will meet next week with the territorial federations to discuss the Playoff model in Second Division B and Third after proposing the end of the regular season and the suppression of declines in non-professional soccer. The measure, first, is favorable for many clubs, who save the category and have access to the promotion dispute without the need to dispute the pending days. However, there are many voices that have positioned themselves against the measure and few have been in favor. Other territories, without giving their vision, confirm that they will accept the decision made by the federative organism.Starting from a practical analysis, teams such as Castellón or the Logroñés they are one of the great beneficiaries of this. Both lead the classification of their Second B groups and they would have, a priori, a double chance for promotion. It also comes to them ‘free’, since they could lose that favorable condition in the remaining days. However, surprisingly they have publicly positioned themselves against the measure proposed by the FEF. “If the competition can be resumed, we do not understand that some teams play and others do not. We should finish the season, regardless of the dates, “sources from Castellón explain to AS.Logroñés follows the same line: “We are absolutely against this approach and a position that is taken in an improvised way, without giving concrete details and totally out of time in the situation the country is in. “Juanjo Guerreros, club manager and spokesperson in this situation, also dropped the possibility of creating an intermediate category between Second and Second B , so as not to destroy the professionalism of the division with the introduction of more new equipment. This line is also defended by Badajoz, in Playoff positions. Its president, Joaquín Parra, assured in El Larguero that a day before the proposal, Rubiales had guaranteed him that the competition would continue.Castellón & nbsp; (Twitter) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Castellón leads its group in Second Division B.Castellón (Twitter) Quique Hernández, president, acts as spokesman for Hercules: “Health is the most important thing at the moment. Any measure that is taken will have its victims and it is a very complex decision. Perhaps this decision is the least bad of all“Their vision shows a pattern: the teams in danger show respect for the decision made from Las Rozas and, at times, support it. El Arenas, also in decline, takes it “as if God and the Virgin of Begoña had come”. Many others, such as those involved in ‘the miracles of the Third’, have not publicly positioned themselves on this issue.ProLiga represents the clubsProLiga ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>David Jiménez, president of ProLiga.ProLigacenter_img David JiménezAs president of the organization representing about 240 clubs between Segunda B and Tercera, he gave an interview at AS to show the general vision that exists around this issue. “Honestly, at the moment we are in, it is impossible to make a proposal that everyone likes.“He explains, and then explains what opinion groups exist:” Those who were lower seemed good to avoid relegation and those who were higher seemed good, although with the uncertainty of what that playoff would be like. But there are teams that are fifth and complain that they could have ended up in promotion positions. Some would see it fairer than the classification taken into account is that of the first round. “Caution before resolutionNext week there will be a meeting to adopt the final resolution. So far, everything discussed is nothing more than a draft and although it has been confirmed that there are no decreases, the competition model from now on is still under debate. Therefore, it is early to venture to present a critical voice or public support. It happens, for example, in the Canary group, where not all those involved in the upper part of the classification add up to the same games played. That is why their clubs keep their distance awaiting a difficult decision.Some advocate for the point coefficient, others for the first round, and others prefer that the Playoff include everyone involved. This setback, in fact, not only affects the Canary group, but also XIV, VIII, XVII and XVIII, although the islands have the most peculiar case. All the specific circumstances will be discussed in the talk by Luis Rubiales with the different territories.In addition to the problems mentioned, the format remains undefined. At this time a territorial promotion in Tercera gains strength with single match crosses between the first four, although the leaders spread a direct promotion for the first ones and opportunities for the fifth, sixth and seventh of the leaderboards. It will also be in question at the next conference. In Second B, except for surprise, it will seek to gather the 16 in neutral headquarters with a conventional format: double chance for the leaders and the only exception to change the round trip for a single match.The Catalan Federation stands up for itselfAfter the meeting held by the eleven Catalan Second B clubs with the territorial one, there is only one evidence: common agreement for the suppression of the declines, although there are different views on the new format. However, each entity has its position on the Playoff and is not in line with that of the FEF. “We cannot accept in any way the letter sent to us by the Spanish Football Federation. Either we can all play soccer or no one can. Lleida defends ending the competition until the last moment, “he says. Albert Esteve, from Lleida, who advocates a cross of eight teams and even threatens to take legal action to defend their rights. It is just one more voice among the hundreds that day by day value the future of non-professional football. The answers, next week.last_img read more

Thomas’s agent denies that the father advised his son to “leave Atlético”

first_imgAfter the controversy aroused by the echo of his statements on Ghanaian radio FM Tru, Thomas’ father, Jacob Partey, strikes back today. It is on another Danish radio, again about the future of his son, whom he pretends, very much, the Arsenal of Mikel Arteta. And he did not do it to retract his previous words, those in which he admitted contacts between the English club and his son (“I called my son after hearing the rumors and he told me that the rumors are true. He said they are having conversations between him and Arsenal. It all depends on the offer that Atlético demands “) and that the soccer player’s representation agency, JJ Sports, came out to deny immediately sponsored by Thomas himself (“it is totally false that we are negotiating with Arsenal“) If not the opposite. Because what Jacob Thomas admitted now, on another Ghanaian radio Bryt FM, is that he only wants one thing: like any father, the best for his son, even if that future is far from Atlético. “I will advise you any day you move, when there is a lot of money because that is his chosen job, “he declared, according to the footballghana.com. But, in another twist like the one the day before, Sports world in his edition Atlético he collected statements from the player’s agency representing JJ Sports, clearly denying his words again and even authorship. “Given the information that is being given about the statements of Thomas’s father. We want to make it clear that we talk to Thomas’s father every day and affirm that all statements related to Thomas’s father are totally false. As we said yesterday, we have been at Atlético for many years and if it had been for money we would no longer be at Atlético. I hope that before giving any news that does not conform to reality, they will first verify it with us. ““If it were for money we would no longer be at Atlético”“The truth is that there is life after soccer. As a father, I always want the best for my son. Thomas’s certificate is to play and get money for development. It will be wise for my son to make a move that makes him rich and can also make investments“, it was highlighted in the statements attributed to Thomas’s father that, at the dawn of the rojiblanco career, he had to sell his properties to pay for the trip to Europe after the dream of being a footballer. Some words that today were still gasoline around of your future.last_img read more

Murray: “Let’s think first about recovering normal life and then about the return of sport”

first_imgAndy Murray surpassed Rafa Nadal in the match that each tennis gamers performed in the Mutua Madrid Open Digital Professional, a match that brings collectively some of the nice racquets on the ATP and WTA circuit and that tries to make the stoppage in tennis extra bearable after the suspension of a number of tournaments attributable to the coronavirus pandemic.After defeating Nadal, Murray gave his opinion on the return to competitors, one thing that he considers ought to be taken into the background. “I’m certain that each one the tennis gamers need to compete once more and play as quickly as potential, however proper now it isn’t the most necessary factor. First, we need to resume our normal life, to have the ability to exit, see mates, go to eating places and have extra freedom. I hope that, over time, we will probably be allowed to journey and that the sport will return to normal. However I don’t see this taking place quickly. “ The Briton pressured that the present precedence is to cease the virus. “The first factor is to attempt to discover a technique to cease the virus from spreading and as soon as we now have performed it we can do on a regular basis issues earlier than considering about competing. “ Murray additionally highlighted the need they need to play, however that this truth shouldn’t be necessary now. “Rather a lot of individuals need to watch sports activities once more, clearly athletes and tennis gamers like to play. If you don’t watch it for some time individuals understand how a lot they prefer to play. First let’s give attention to getting our normal life again and hopefully everybody nations can overcome the virus “The tennis participant was additionally cautious about lifting the containment measures and asks for warning when touring to keep away from a second wave of infections. “I’m not an knowledgeable on the topic however I think about that there’s hazard whenever you attempt to do issues rapidly, resembling avoiding social distance. If we are able to make worldwide journeys, then there might be a second wave of infections and that may delay every part once more, and that’s one thing that no person needs. Let’s return to our normal life first. “last_img read more

Brilliant Lewis too much for Scorpions

first_imgSCARBOROUGH, Tobago (CMC):Left-hander Evin Lewis struck his maiden regional one-day hundred as Trinidad and Tobago Red Force put themselves on the verge of a semi-final spot with a dominant seven-wicket win over Jamaica Scorpions in the Regional Super50 here yesterday.Playing at Shaw Park, Red Force restricted Scorpions to 176 all out off 49.4 overs and then easily chased down their target off 38.5 overs, with Lewis carving out 102 before retiring hurt.He posted an entertaining 148 for the first wicket with Barbadian Kyle Hope, who made 43, a partnership that killed off the game as a contest and negated any ideas Scorpions had of making a comeback.Lewis faced 102 deliveries and smashed eight fours and six sixes, while the right-handed Hope supported in a knock that came from 82 deliveries and included three fours.Antiguan Devon Thomas had earlier top-scored with 70, while Brandon King got 32 as Scorpions rallied to their eventual score after slumping to 41 for four in the 19th over.Jon Ros Jagessar hurt the innings with a spell of four for 32, while fellow off-spinner Narsingh Deonarine claimed three for 34.The victory ensured Red Force remained unbeaten and it stretched their lead at the top of Group A, where they sit with 17 points.Scorpions remained second on 10 points, with third-placed Barbados Pride poised to narrow the gap, once they beat ICC Americas in the other Group A encounter, which ended last night.SCOREBOARDSCORPIONS*J Campbell c Lewis b Deonarine 17J Harrison b Emrit 6J Blackwood c Lewis b Deonarine 10A McCarthy c Richards b Deonarine 6D Thomas run out 70B King c Y Ottley b Hosein 32+A Thomas c Hope b Jagessar 14S Cottrell not out 13N Miller c Hope b J Jagessar 0D Jacobs st Katwaroo b Jagessar 3N Gordon st Katwaroo b Jagessar 3Extras (w2) 2TOTAL (all out, 49.4 overs) 176Fall of wickets: 1-13, 2-29, 3-34, 4-41, 5-85, 6-150, 7-158, 8-160, 9-166, 10-176.Bowling: Emrit 10-1-37-1, Jagessar 8.4-0-32-4 (w2), Deonarine 10-0-34-3, Hosein 7-2-31-1, Y Ottley 8-0-26-0.RED FORCEE Lewis ret. hurt 102K Hope c Jacobs b McCarthy 43K Ottley c Thomas b Jacobs 4*J Mohammed lbw b McCarthy 3N Deonarine not out 8Y Ottley not out 10Extras (b2, lb2, w3) 7TOTAL (3 wkts, 38.5 overs) 177Did not bat: R Emrit, A Hosein, +S Katwaroo, J Jagessar, Imran Khan.Fall of wickets: 1-156, 2-166, 3-166.Bowling: Cottrell 5-1-22-0 (w1), Gordon 1-0-8-0 (w1), Miller 6-0-44-0 (w1), Campbell 10-1-40-0, Jacobs 10-1-40-1, McCarthy 6.5-1-19-2.Result: Red Force won seven wickets.Points: Red Force 5, Scorpions 0.Man-of-the-Match: Evin Lewis.Toss: Scorpions.Umpires: L Reifer, N Shivsankar.last_img read more