Li Yang and Wang Shuang talk about the growing history of red children from the love of the child

: red child is Baoshu about co founded the two of you, then what is the opportunity to make you think of two couples together to start doing this


Wang Shuang: the maternal industry has a major characteristic, is a lot of people are having a child, because of love, because of child care, maternal love to the industry. We are no exception, after having children of maternal and child supplies began to interest, especially to see some articles we first thought is not the same, for children choose when accumulated some experience, hope to give mom some help, so began to do in this industry. read more

Learn to fall in love with Baidu

Baidu, since the algorithm has been adjusted, many websites have suffered, and the days when the traffic was ready to flow was gone.

has had a big impact on many websites, and this effect is fatal for many websites, especially new ones.

how to eliminate this influence, this is placed in front of each webmaster is a serious problem, but also have to consider the problem. The answer is clear that this effect can not be eliminated. At least Baidu can not be eliminated in a day, but we can think of ways to minimize the impact of this impact. Some of my friends in the "hurt" by Baidu, Baidu does not after filled with righteous indignation. This is irrational, first, Baidu occupies 7 of the Chinese search market, you do not do what Baidu? Second, we are not to support the national industry. read more

Know whether the road of realization will follow the footsteps of watercress

four months ago, when know almost on the line "knowledge on live" this product, known CEO Zhou did not mention much about thinking of commercialization of this product, four months later, Zhou began to take the initiative to speak know the realization problem, "knowledge sharing pay is a new form of economy for the known, the formation of knowledge pay is also a kind of release, or to produce a high quality of information about the new mode of production." Zhou source exciting shows between the lines. read more

A journey of a calf of a passion station

first introduced me to the two protagonists, my story: Black sergeant, Sergeant black (I).

, two of us were classmates and friends when I was in junior high school. The first person I talked to when I moved to Shijiazhuang in Beijing was.

"you’re from Beijing, aren’t you?"

"well, yes," he said. "I’m not very sociable. I can only answer.


"where is Beijing?" he continued.

"Dacheng middle school", I did not want to answer to.

"I rely on you, we’re classmates," he replied, surprised. ". read more

2009 grassroots Adsense in the end can do something to make money

, the question… What can the ad league do,

?According to the 2007

and 2008 advertising trend, for individual webmaster, advertising alliance give milk is not enough, this is because the lack of milk in the form of several major league co extrusion advertising market caused by the flow for small sites, advertising alliance is nothing more than waste your valuable advertising. So, for the domestic advertising alliance, I want to tell you loudly, don’t do it. Tired people do not make money. read more

Four years of network life my youth to you

locked the door, the curtain was drawn, and the light was not turned on. "India Qinanxiang" re burning cigarette point, do not know what time to fall in love with them. At least I know, they make me relax, let me think nothing, stay quiet and quiet…

was seventeen years old, I was a stupid child, although now twenty-one years old, I did not at that time than clever, but at least there is a good thing, that is in the past four years, I never cheated of money. Like evolutionary theory, everything changes in time, and most people like to call this change "progress". read more

How does the QQ station optimize the content and enhance the user experience

! The first statement I am also a novice, do stand also have 1 and a half years time, out of order plug-in station, station, station, female joke stock station also do have 10 months, although not very good, but also learned a lot of experience. Later I heard that QQ station traffic is amazing, just do the long tail words can have tens of thousands of traffic, so it will follow a QQ character signature of QQ station, most of the people know QQ station also known as garbage station, because this kind of website and a lot of content is also a waste, is you copy me and I copy your. With the rapid development of the Internet is more and more perfect of website content requirements more and more high, Baidu algorithm is more in favor of the user experience of the website, so many webmaster QQ aware of every just copy and paste is not sufficient to handle the search engine. read more

t’s not enough to be able to look at the data

in the e-commerce industry, as an operating personnel, every day staring at those PV, UV and other data, every day to fill in the report is a must do. The most talked about every day is the unit price and conversion rate, because it can be obtained by analyzing the data, which should be promoted from that point and improved from those areas. Over time, the data to see more, it will easily fall into the trap of data, you can not penetrate the outside of the data.

, first of all, to find out why consumers choose online shopping, the answer is simple, because cheap. But in the cheap, but also requires quality assurance, otherwise consumers do not buy it. For example, in doing promotional activities, how many yuan to buy a delivery shirt will be sent, and if the quality of rendering unlined upper garment is very poor, I would rather not send. Because this will directly affect the shopping experience of consumers, obviously buy clothes quality and style are good, but because the goods are not good, it is possible to give you a bad review. Therefore, there is no way to get the right answer if you just look at the data. read more

Attitude is the most important persistence is the victory

was born in the end of 70s, the beginning of reform and opening up China years now is thirty years of age. From a very good grades (not brag), 93 years admitted to a very good secondary school. Now it seems that the original choice is wrong, but in those years, many good people are in secondary school. Now you’re all mixed up.

learning computer is a coincidence, although in school, but also learned the computer, it is really just fur, typing, and then learned the assembly language, wrote a line of more than 50 procedures, even if finished. After graduation, because the work is too busy so boring, participated in the national examination. Secondary school is specialized in communication, want to take an examination of communication undergraduate, I did not want to be in the small city can not take this professional, so I chose the last I do not want to learn english. The idea was that I wanted to prove that I could do the most difficult thing and challenge myself, but in the end I was defeated. read more

Does website templates have much to do with traffic

          first, I was a rookie webmaster, in school time too much, just start to learn from the website, in December 07 started to contact the site, the first station or my brother to my site is zero, the mainstream, then copy and paste is Post Bar. In this way, the first station traffic makes me do less and less from IP2000, until now basically reduced by half. If you don’t say much, I’d like to say something about changing templates today.

          the QQ station is a station, is an old domain name QQYA, domain name has a history of 7 years, just started to do it bigger, but that is not the case, Baidu has not received, received only a home, but GG has received a lot of. Do more than three months now, and now is still a home page, that is, 2000 traffic every day, in fact, this flow basically comes from GG (inside a pornographic reports, in the GG home page). read more

Autumn wind on the experience of local portals operating experience

autumn wind, I was in the first half of 09 years began to contact the website construction. At that time, because of the love of football, and in 5D6D on trial to build the super FANS forum, then, just because of hobbies, but the autumn wind at that time, there are goals, I feel that to do, we must adhere to, do our best. Now, super FANS forum has become one of the best fans forum in china. There seems to be a bit off topic, so, in the FANS forum in six months time, I have accumulated a lot of experience do stand, then I suddenly thought to do a local portal, I think to do local portal site should be quite promising. With that idea, I searched Baidu and GOOGLE for local portals in my home town of Yuhuan. I found there wasn’t a good place to visit in my hometown. It was an opportunity. read more

A guest to be eliminated from the Ma is the webmaster how to play their own death

Ma Yun, one of the leaders of China’s internet. Many people in the world know this man is not tall, some legends also circulated on the Internet, the more famous video has two, one is the backpack to sell sports pages, one is to defend the manhole cover in Hangzhou, pushing the two eight bar, the shirt does not fit in the process of Hangzhou TV media.

loves to play Taiji, a painting and calligraphy for high price auction, with Jet Li to do Pu’er tea, and recently singing at the festival…… Each airport has this character’s speech CD, which is sold from a secular perspective…… read more

love the depth survey report on profit tracking

In front of our

I love the discounted net of survey data (survey report: I love discount network data flow tracking ( and flow I love discount net depth report tracking: 20080619/55.html), a lot of friends put forward their views and comments, thank. There is a need to put forward, after the last time an article in the webmaster nets to start many websites have reproduced, but did not reprint copyright statement, hope this website can reprint from – tracking network: read more

User experience is the guiding ideology of the user as a fool

website design is the guiding ideology of user experience, that is, user centric design.

so, how are we going to do user centered design? Some people will say: "to make the site useful, easy to use, friendly, right"; some people will say: "do a user experience design, and further to investigate the needs of users, to". That’s all right, but what are we going to do about these things? What’s the guiding idea? It’s making users a fool.

early in the web site user experience, I have only considered the function of the site, easy to use and friendly performance, think that these are good enough. With their long soak in the Internet, indulge in function and performance analysis of various types of website, then, as the experts as the design staff said: "this is the function of such a design, the layout of the division, the performance of the resulting". read more

Personal webmaster do standing seven difficult problems

do stand for a long time, from the beginning of the static pages, now use CMS, do a few types of stations during the station, QQ station, now running television station, along the way, I summed up what I do stand experience the difficulties encountered are as follows:

No. 1: it’s difficult to start. Believe that many webmaster like me, no one guide, depending on their interests and hobbies simply to understand this stuff website point (can, including the site of the station) principle, server, HTML, ASP, etc. the most basic site of many things. Remember the first time is small, 35 days in the face of the computer station is common, the website up, update the site all day not seriously. I do not know why, no matter how many days do not rest, do not feel tired, when the brain has not yet thought of profit income. Just want to: I also want to have a station. At this point, it is a truth to know that what the old say is ideal, read more

Several misunderstandings should be noticed in the construction of the chain

outside the chain layout construction is one of the core content of SEO, high quality of the chain can give web site good weight, high-quality anchor text links will make keywords ranking more competitive. But the chain Commissioner in the layout of the link is more blind, just pure pursuit of quantity, this is to make a lot of garbage links appear, to their web site unknowingly bring fatal influence. So Puyang SEO summed up some of the construction of the chain should pay attention to a few errors. read more

To the novice webmaster a site proposal

on the network is a mix of eight years, seen, experienced, there are many things worth telling the novice Webmaster:

, a website to take a catchy name of the site, you look at the first page of hao123, mostly * * network, so we take this name easy to remember, but some users don’t know in your website, the search will naturally search this name, if users want to find "car", the car search certainly, but some people will search the car in the network, do not know the circumstances invisible gives you a flow through, check that the car search network attention is 6000, the reference below, there are thousands of search recruitment network, such as 51job, it will take a the name of 51job, so virtually less of this part of the search to bring traffic, personally think that a free recruitment network, it is also ranked in front, the traffic will not have the loss. Such as: Zhongguancun online, China excellence network, of course, people do not care about the money flow. The problem is that you do after Links and other sites, users see the name of your website will not point, such as: Zhongguancun online, from the literal meaning you know it is what the website? But the name of the Pacific computer network such as we see that what is introduced, the corresponding also can click Links. And do links, your link is also recruitment network, and the title of the home page is also recruitment network, so your ranking will definitely rely on before, and even search recruitment, you have a lot of opportunities before the arrangement. You can also search, in fact, there is no such "recruitment network", but someone search. read more

What does a travel website learn from love the discount network

There are a lot of

charm of the Internet, one of which is always at any time, a concept not pleasing website suddenly fire up, let these flowers flowers into the Internet are jealous, I love discount nets, is probably one of the latest version of the web dream ".

I haven’t looked, I love discount nets what time is "the tipping point", but suddenly the girls around me happy at this site around the blind girls, my girlfriend, my female colleagues, go on in the station, on the net I think the website, very worthy of attention. Even IT writers, who worry about Google and Facebook all day, began talking about the milk girls’ Web site (keso, wheat, cotton)…… And that makes it even more research worthy. I asked a lot of girls around me are asked: why do you love on this website, what is the reason? The collected answer beyond my imagination, but also makes me to doubt, is not the development of the Internet in the past decade, it is still a male of the Internet, we lack to think about the problem from women the angle, and Han Hua, the "I love discount" founder, a 26 year old girl’s success, perhaps is an Internet release of gender discourse. 1, "I love discount network" is a real satisfaction of women’s consumer psychology website. If a man cannot understand why women love shopping, do not understand why the site is so prosperous, the full of advertising information and the article sites, you might like to sniff at it, but the ad "shopping guide" attracted a large number of women, "I love" also attract their." "I love discount network" is a jump thinking of Internet business, it integrates a large number of female consumption information, and on this basis to produce intensity stickiness. When the gateway of the female channel into the female body show channel (basically is to see the man), "I love discount nets" narrowing the gender gap in Internet users today, success is simply because they need behoove. read more

The first time learned the experience of writing soft language

now I run website PR has not come, see online greatly the experience of people feel really do is still not enough, Shenyang talent network have done for two years, became the owners have 3 years haven’t written a soft, is really too lazy. Recently read a lot of big article, only to find that soft Wen incredibly has so many benefits:

1, a substantial increase in your outer chain.

a good article, just like a good song, see who will produce a strong resonance, often begin to copy down to share with others, sharing in the process of continuous, your website, your URL has been extended constantly copied, a link with you the article was placed in a high weight high PR high traffic on the site, don’t you think the flow, PR, weight is so simple? When your weight is high, PR rose, traffic burst, you would say, soft, I love you! Remember: a good article, a a PR3 on top of you and return the worn-out lips Links. If you insist on writing a month on a soft Wen, do you think this does not need to spend human, do not need to jabber, do not need to spend money, but is completely one-way Links value? So the value! If you insist on a read more

Talk about doing half a million yuan income return experience

do stand there are many directions, each has advantages and disadvantages, through a long period of confusion, I finally chose Fan Wenlei’s Web site. Beginning in August 2008, I spent half a year, dedicated to do model essay station, now model around IP6000, PV is not very high, probably about 20000 points. Since a few days ago, when Admin5 released information about the price of the web site, several people contacted me and had the intention to buy and bid more than $10000, which made me feel a little flattered. In order to be able to communicate better with all of you, I will talk about some ideas and ideas about doing model paper. read more