Tencent’s O2O layout and then expand Southern China City 175 million investment B2B electricity supp

introduction: Teng million (August 29, 2014, Wanda, Baidu, Tencent announced in Shenzhen jointly funded Wanda e-commerce company incorporated in Hongkong, Wanda holds a 70% stake in Baidu, the Tencent holding 15% of the shares. Wanda electricity supplier plans to invest three yuan in the past 5 billion years, force O2O business. ), is just rising, September, online quickly fire up and a new word, "Teng Blackmer who is with Baidu, Tencent gezonglianheng, who is who in Ma on the NYSE, Ali to the backyard lit a fire? For a time, Marco Polo the word in Baidu search volume we have soared on the" horse "is full of curiosity. read more

Data analysis is the key factor to improve the conversion rate

the conversion of our country electronic commerce flow rate data is 1%, that is to say to the shopping website with 100 IP can only achieve 1 IP can be converted into sales, so the conversion rate is relatively low, the products on the website itself in line with the principle of small profits, if only there is such a conversion rate the money, it becomes very difficult, and you want to get more traffic, must spend more money into advertising, if not a good conversion rate, it is very difficult to succeed! Where is the site and improve the conversion rate the most important place? Nature is through data analysis, precision marketing own object in order to find read more

The GREE and the United States have no winners pinch each other but also a gun lying

[IT] times sharp comment although GREE, the beauty of long-standing grudges, but a pinch of academic fraud drama suddenly staged, let onlookers are a bit dumbfounded.

January 20th, GREE employees Chen Jin 1982 on the real name of the United States to report the academic fraud in January 22nd, a person named engineer Lee Meng, who is also a real name GREE suspected fraud micro-blog. Two well-known companies have been caught in the controversy of fraud.


GREE employees will suddenly attack read more

2015 China’s electricity supplier turnover will exceed 18 trillion

Chinese online shopping scale unprecedented rapid growth (Phototex/ for map)

ministry yesterday issued the "electronic commerce" 12th Five-Year "development plan" shows that by 2015 China’s e-commerce will further deepen the popularization, the national economic and social development with significantly improved, quadrupling the e-commerce transaction volume exceeded 18 trillion yuan.

by the planning good news, A shares of electricity supplier shares in the morning after the opening of the business in the morning, shortly after the closure of the daily limit, the focus of science and technology rushed down, closing price of 41.13 yuan / share, up by 2.01%. In this regard, business treasure chairman Sun Deliang quite touched said: "in the capital market, stock trading is a value of 10 million advertising, even also limit value of 5 million." In addition, the electronic payment concept stocks, the new world, the national aerospace information technology and other more than and 10 stocks against the market trend turned red. read more

How to prevent domain spoofing block domain hijacking

  when it comes to network security, you may be familiar with the dangers of fraud on the web, but do you know that the pharming is a threat to a On-Line Company that is deadly?!

This kind of crime is generally through the

Statistical data of

although the domain of deception in technical and organizational solutions are very complicated. But in the current circumstances, we can still take some measures to protect the enterprise DNS server and domain name is not manipulated by domain name liar.

The root

read more

Jingdong Qingpu warehouse has now returned to normal

[Abstract] as of the evening of September 12th, in Shanghai City, Qingpu district and Jiading District government’s active coordination, Qingpu warehouse order has been fully restored to normal.

Tencent science and technology news on September 13th, Jingdong announced that as of the evening of September 12th, in Shanghai City, Qingpu district and the government of Jiading District under the active coordination of the order of Qingpu warehouse has been fully restored to normal. Donghua, Beijing, the relevant responsible person said, a small number of employees affected the normal operation of the company, the relevant government departments have been suspected of illegal disposal. read more

The seller under the concept of time honored brand is how to make

[Topic Analysis]

the world has 4000 longevity enterprises, what is the so-called longevity standards are as follows: more than 200 years, to maintain the original principle. To achieve the above two criteria, it is longevity enterprise. What is the concept of 200 years, we go back for 205 years, that is, 1810. Gengwu Jiaqing fifteen years, from this period has not changed his mind, up to today’s enterprise, is what we call the time-honored! Unfortunately, we in this 4000, account for only 10 of several. And a country, but exclusive more than 3 thousand. Why is that? We’re going to slow it down today. read more

Analysis on the strategy of innovation content marketing

website development cannot do without marketing, marketing is the key content of marketing, this is the key point of promoting the website brand, how can the content of the innovation of marketing? In fact, with a sincere attitude to the user is the core, that is to say in the content marketing to prohibit the fried rice overnight, or cold rice, only continue to introduce innovative themes, the novel content is content marketing way, here is a concrete analysis of the content of marketing strategy. read more

Electronic signing platform 1 sign announced nearly ten million Angel round of financing

September 23rd news, electronic signing platform No. 1 announced that it was completed in March this year, nearly ten million Angel round of financing, investors did not disclose. This round of financing will be mainly used for research and development of technology and the introduction of talent.

"No. 1" was founded in 2015, under the Beijing sign Seal Technology Co. Ltd., the main job is to provide a complete chain of evidence of the electronic signing service for customers, through the online electronic encryption and signing, to replace the traditional hand sign courier, fax, mail scanning confirmation method, in order to improve the operational efficiency of enterprises. read more

Meitu Xiu Xiu for a new 200 million round of fund raising at a 3 billion valuation to overseas P

Abstract: Meitu Xiu Xiu’s recent action is mainly reflected in two aspects: one is the alliance of Southeast Asia and India Foxconn to enter the market; the two is to plan IPO, allegedly in the overseas market this year, the Hongkong Stock Exchange listing Chinese is one of the places.

investment community news April 14th Meitu Xiu Xiu application developers "beauty map" is preparing for the latest round of fund-raising, raising the amount of approximately $200 million, the valuation of the company at least 3 billion dollars, the fund-raising is mainly used in face recognition and the expansion of the field of intelligent mobile phone. read more

Amoy promotion should insist on analysis of 4 ways of guest promotion

said the guest, we are not familiar with


recently in the A5 also saw several articles on the guest promotion real examples, is well written, but I had no practice in several ways that


1, blog promotion

directly into the theme, in the case of things

blog promotion, also look at the key words, such as: the taobao.com Womens summer skirt, Baidu search, you will find that in second is a blog, it is a long tail keywords, the search volume is not great, a click into all links, amoy.

this gives us a train of thought, to write a blog, also need to write to the key words, try not to choose the popular keywords to do optimization, try to use the long tail keywords. read more

Links to 12 types and methods of acquisition

1, official link

if obtained: start from Google



cited content:

– high grade website – country or city + area

– provides links to the website

– can publish your article website

added: Official links are important to improve your site’s credibility. If you do a new site, you first have to spend some time here, get some high quality, high reliability links.

2, directory link

how to get: buy

focus: phased, short term focus on the effect is not good. read more

How to make full use of site traffic

I recently collected and sorted out a number of information on the promotion of cooperation alliance or alliance, now summed up to share with you. I said the promotion, is actually more popular name, official name should be affiliate marketing or network membership marketing, the first to do this, do the greatest should be GOOGLE, GOOGLE and ADsense in almost all whether or not some traffic is personal website or corporate website, personal space, blog, etc. there is, and the income accounted for most of Google’s revenue sources. read more

Through the Olympic Valley SEO challenge at the domain role in SEO

is now the most popular activities on the Internet than the second search engine optimization contest, the event was held, the key words of the contest are also in the name of the day was registered

baiaogu.cn => registered view

baiaogu.com => registered view

baiaogu.com.cn => registered view

baiaogu.net => registered view

baiaogu.net.cn => registered view

baiaogu.org => registered view

baiaogu.org.cn => registered view

even friends registered baiaogu+ digital domain name domain name to participate in the competition, thus remarkable role in SEO, in addition, there are some administrative domain names such as zj.cn and hn.cn have been registered. This morning I 00:30 in Google search 100 Aogu, ranked in the top two sites are baiaogu.com and baiaogu.org, and baiaogu5.cn also ranked in the fourth position. It is worth mentioning that the third sites in the use of the form is indeed baiaogu.htm, open the page, showing the contents of the contents of this contest is webmaster network. Unfortunately the domain name registration time the site does not meet the requirements, the domain name of the website in 06 years has been registered, obviously, time of establishment of the site should be a relatively early, it can be concluded that, before the site was included in the search engine, and there is a certain weight, and the reason of the webmaster this is nothing more than to increase web traffic, and not really want to participate in this contest bonus. read more

Spicy bars have retail flagship store Apple Store

domestic hot strip Market, "Wei dragon" is a big name. And this brand is also very Internet thinking. Previously, the perfect copy of the high copy of Apple’s copy, publicity and other means to promote the net red".

now online, Wei dragon is no longer satisfied with being placed on the supermarket shelves, but to open their flagship store.

recently, users share the dragon dragon line flagship store photos, from the decoration style to commodity display, full of Apple stores both sense. read more

11 all the electricity supplier wrestling logistics Gome online push the time up to


technology news news November 6th, double eleven approaching, the major electricity providers have started secretly wrestling, especially in the rapid logistics distribution. Today, the United States announced the launch of the online time up logistics upgrade.

According to the United States online

chairman Mou Guixian introduction, "time" is the user in the morning of the day before 12:00 orders, 20:00 night before delivery; 14:00 PM orders before 22:00 in the evening before delivery; night orders before 24:00, 14:00 the next day before delivery. read more

Japan’s largest electricity supplier Lotte 1 billion acquisition of the largest rebate website


technology news Beijing time on September 9th evening news, Japan’s largest electricity supplier Lotte Company announced on Tuesday, will be $1 billion acquisition of the largest shopping rebate website Ebates Inc.

Ebates was founded in 1998, provides discounts and rebates for services including Amazon, Messi department store and home depot, customer. Lotte co-founder and CEO Miki Tanihiroshi (Hiroshi Mikitani) said that the acquisition of his company provides Ebates American customer opportunities. read more

Ministry of Commerce to talk about Taobao event the drafting of online retail management regulations

in October 19th, the Ministry of Commerce held a regular press conference to inform the 1-9 of China’s business operations and so on. Shen Danyang, spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, said the siege of Taobao has been a good deal. Next, the Ministry of Commerce hopes that in addition to doing a good job in the aftermath of the Taobao mall, but also to strengthen the third party trading platform business guidance and services. We should speed up the retail network legal management system, the current "Regulations" to promote the establishment of a network of retail management, led by the Ministry of Commerce drafted as soon as possible, the formation of the third party trading system exit platform market access, improve market rules, clear network retail market participants, responsibilities, rights and duties of the relationship, to further clarify the management responsibilities of relevant departments the online retail market, to promote the healthy and sustainable development. read more

B2C not only rely on the brand to win

in the rapid development of the Internet today, e-commerce, as a low-cost, large market, convenient and fast business model. Has become one of the enterprises, businesses keen industry, in addition to Internet users are familiar with Taobao, ah C2C shopping platform, there are a lot of all kinds of B2C in the mall, B2C mall, they cover products from all walks of life, not only a wide range of commodities, and the mode of operation is also varied, there are direct manufacturers, and channel sales etc.. read more

nternet era of the ground war you mission

the US website is called GroupOn, and in China, this model is called "mission"".

old trick new gameplay

in today’s Internet, such as Twitter to create a completely new Internet service has become more and more difficult, it is difficult for you to grasp the user what is now still no demand can be created, your new needs more difficult to grasp you created what will not be recognized by the user. So GroupOn is very simple, from the model, it can not be vulgar vulgar, e-commerce. The more common thing is to do business, sell things. What’s more, GroupOn is doing retail, this is the industry that has started to use the shell as the currency in the world. read more