Links to 12 types and methods of acquisition

1, official link

if obtained: start from Google



cited content:

– high grade website – country or city + area

– provides links to the website

– can publish your article website

added: Official links are important to improve your site’s credibility. If you do a new site, you first have to spend some time here, get some high quality, high reliability links.

2, directory link

how to get: buy

focus: phased, short term focus on the effect is not good. read more

How to make full use of site traffic

I recently collected and sorted out a number of information on the promotion of cooperation alliance or alliance, now summed up to share with you. I said the promotion, is actually more popular name, official name should be affiliate marketing or network membership marketing, the first to do this, do the greatest should be GOOGLE, GOOGLE and ADsense in almost all whether or not some traffic is personal website or corporate website, personal space, blog, etc. there is, and the income accounted for most of Google’s revenue sources. read more

Through the Olympic Valley SEO challenge at the domain role in SEO

is now the most popular activities on the Internet than the second search engine optimization contest, the event was held, the key words of the contest are also in the name of the day was registered => registered view => registered view => registered view => registered view => registered view => registered view => registered view

even friends registered baiaogu+ digital domain name domain name to participate in the competition, thus remarkable role in SEO, in addition, there are some administrative domain names such as and have been registered. This morning I 00:30 in Google search 100 Aogu, ranked in the top two sites are and, and also ranked in the fourth position. It is worth mentioning that the third sites in the use of the form is indeed baiaogu.htm, open the page, showing the contents of the contents of this contest is webmaster network. Unfortunately the domain name registration time the site does not meet the requirements, the domain name of the website in 06 years has been registered, obviously, time of establishment of the site should be a relatively early, it can be concluded that, before the site was included in the search engine, and there is a certain weight, and the reason of the webmaster this is nothing more than to increase web traffic, and not really want to participate in this contest bonus. read more

Spicy bars have retail flagship store Apple Store

domestic hot strip Market, "Wei dragon" is a big name. And this brand is also very Internet thinking. Previously, the perfect copy of the high copy of Apple’s copy, publicity and other means to promote the net red".

now online, Wei dragon is no longer satisfied with being placed on the supermarket shelves, but to open their flagship store.

recently, users share the dragon dragon line flagship store photos, from the decoration style to commodity display, full of Apple stores both sense. read more

11 all the electricity supplier wrestling logistics Gome online push the time up to


technology news news November 6th, double eleven approaching, the major electricity providers have started secretly wrestling, especially in the rapid logistics distribution. Today, the United States announced the launch of the online time up logistics upgrade.

According to the United States online

chairman Mou Guixian introduction, "time" is the user in the morning of the day before 12:00 orders, 20:00 night before delivery; 14:00 PM orders before 22:00 in the evening before delivery; night orders before 24:00, 14:00 the next day before delivery. read more

Japan’s largest electricity supplier Lotte 1 billion acquisition of the largest rebate website


technology news Beijing time on September 9th evening news, Japan’s largest electricity supplier Lotte Company announced on Tuesday, will be $1 billion acquisition of the largest shopping rebate website Ebates Inc.

Ebates was founded in 1998, provides discounts and rebates for services including Amazon, Messi department store and home depot, customer. Lotte co-founder and CEO Miki Tanihiroshi (Hiroshi Mikitani) said that the acquisition of his company provides Ebates American customer opportunities. read more

Ministry of Commerce to talk about Taobao event the drafting of online retail management regulations

in October 19th, the Ministry of Commerce held a regular press conference to inform the 1-9 of China’s business operations and so on. Shen Danyang, spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, said the siege of Taobao has been a good deal. Next, the Ministry of Commerce hopes that in addition to doing a good job in the aftermath of the Taobao mall, but also to strengthen the third party trading platform business guidance and services. We should speed up the retail network legal management system, the current "Regulations" to promote the establishment of a network of retail management, led by the Ministry of Commerce drafted as soon as possible, the formation of the third party trading system exit platform market access, improve market rules, clear network retail market participants, responsibilities, rights and duties of the relationship, to further clarify the management responsibilities of relevant departments the online retail market, to promote the healthy and sustainable development. read more

B2C not only rely on the brand to win

in the rapid development of the Internet today, e-commerce, as a low-cost, large market, convenient and fast business model. Has become one of the enterprises, businesses keen industry, in addition to Internet users are familiar with Taobao, ah C2C shopping platform, there are a lot of all kinds of B2C in the mall, B2C mall, they cover products from all walks of life, not only a wide range of commodities, and the mode of operation is also varied, there are direct manufacturers, and channel sales etc.. read more

nternet era of the ground war you mission

the US website is called GroupOn, and in China, this model is called "mission"".

old trick new gameplay

in today’s Internet, such as Twitter to create a completely new Internet service has become more and more difficult, it is difficult for you to grasp the user what is now still no demand can be created, your new needs more difficult to grasp you created what will not be recognized by the user. So GroupOn is very simple, from the model, it can not be vulgar vulgar, e-commerce. The more common thing is to do business, sell things. What’s more, GroupOn is doing retail, this is the industry that has started to use the shell as the currency in the world. read more

How to improve the advertising alliance B2C C2C industry order conversion rate

iResearch data show that in 2010 the Jingdong mall annual turnover of 10 billion 200 million yuan, 3 billion yuan, 2 billion 260 million yuan Dangdang Amazon; while the average monthly order conversion rate of 2.67% Amazon, 2.62% Dangdang, Jingdong 1.97%


from iResearch data show that industry sales ranked B2C Jingdong for more than 3 times the leader, but the order conversion rate is far lower than that of the Amazon and the Jingdong Dangdang, data display order loss rate is very large, so I put the excellence and Jingdong made a comparison of the data in all aspects. Analysis shows: read more