By Leonidas Belliard FFWPU Dominican Republic In

first_imgBy Leonidas Belliard, FFWPU Dominican RepublicIn preparation to educate 50 core members of CARP amount young student, Rev. Hong, our special Envoy, invited Archbishop George Stallings and Rev. Levy Daugherty from United States to be the main speakers in the Pure Love Conference and Pledge Ceremony in La Romana.On April 27, 2017 the pure love campaign in La Romana province in the same place where the Launch of CDLR for first time was hold in January 13, 2017. Board members of the CDLR committee involved with great dedication to bring 430 students to this event where Archbishop Stallings and Rev. Daugherty spoke about True Identity and Importance of Purity.Archbishop Stallings encouraged the youth to find who they are … because if you do not know who you are, your life will not be going anywhere, with no purpose, no vision. That is why anybody will take you away and can change your map and guide you in the wrong direction.Rev. Daugherty explained the real value of diamond, but even the purity is more valuable than diamond, so it is very important to be concern about pure love and take the right decision in the right moment, do not allow anybody to take from you what is the more precious gift from God. Students were very excited with the several practical examples show for them to know the importance of pure love.Rev. Hong spoke about how grateful is for God to find pure young people and achieve his dream through them to realize ideal family and peace in the world.After Rev. Hong speech, 8 students representing all the students who attended were chosen to pledge purity before marriage and fidelity after their marriage, so they pledged and made a strong commitment to fulfill the responsibility to become future leaders who can guide the new history in the Dominican Republic. Even after finished the event, they continuously signed the banner of the pure love pledge.One of the best point was the attention they did during whole participation of the speakers. Participants received a brochour with the main points they should keep until the marriage.At the end, we shared a juice and snacks prepared for the to see more pictureslast_img

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