Dark Days for Travel Insurance

first_imgDark Days for Travel InsuranceAgent liabilities? Agent opportunities? The spotlight is on travel insurance.2017 was a year with lots of travel yet I did most of it without travel insurance . An over zealous junk mail filter quarantined the auto renewal email.  Note to self; diary entry.Depending on what you believe, it may not have made any difference anyway.The insurance industry is in for a hammering and agents need to be prepared for the backlash.Junk InsurancePeople falling ill, trying to make a claim,  stonewalled for 18 months by fine print. We associate it with health or life insurance. Revelations surfaced one insurance company covered for those unexpected drama’s, as long as they came in under a grand. Which at hospitals buys little.Junk destinations or double standardsSome of these exceptions included destinations on the “reconsider your need to travel“ .  It’s dangerous, just don’t go there. Common sense.Unless you booked a trip to Lombok months before the earthquake,  to be told that even though hundreds of died and infrastructure is destroyed, as long as the planes are still flying there, that destination is good to go, any change to travel plans are at your discretion and therefore cost.This was the response I received. “Not our decision” they said.Are all bases covered?One notable World Cup coach didn’t get the memo about security and data theft, had his laptop hacked, of which the contents was considered fair game at the media conference to discuss the tactics for upcoming match.Data theft is one of the scariest aspects of travelling. Who can I get advice on data theft for my corporate travel? Waiting….Who’s in the wrong?You don’t want to annoy customers with deep pockets and lawyer friends.Business class airfares, five-star accommodation, trip of a lifetime, something goes wrong and the claim bounces.You sold yourself as the expert. You trusted the rep after they checked with head office. Who said all is good.Somebody is getting sued . But does that really matter after the blistering post on Facebook which will sting a lot more than a barrister.Where to from hereWe already know that somebody somewhere is about say “nah mate, that’s a rip-off”, save a couple of hundred bucks and then blow tens of thousands getting back from the states with a broken leg.Which they will also blame on the travel agent, via a series of annoying Instagram posts.Having travel insurance is absolutely common sense. I get mine from an agent I trust.Agent opportunitiesThese glitches will improve with the spotlight shining brightly. But agents need to compare and understand what the different policies provide to deliver service above and beyond what a machine ever will.www.stuba.com learn more about stuba.com here Source = STUBA.comlast_img

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