Super Slim PS3 images leak

first_imgEarlier this month a new PS3 console appeared at the FCC. It carried the model number CECH-4001x, where as the current model is CECH-3000 suggesting a brand new machine was imminent. The redesigned console also looked to be much smaller than the current PS3 Slim.Today, images of what is being referred to as the PS3 Super Slim have appeared. The machine’s final model numbers are CECH-4011A/B/C, and even though it retains the overall look of a PS3 it is clearly much smaller.Sony has copied a few design choices it used when redesigning the PS2. Notably, the disc drive is now accessed via a lid that opens rather than using a disc tray that pulls the disc in for you. Clearly such a design takes up less space and must be cheaper to manufacture due to fewer parts being required.It looks as though Sony is planning three storage options for the 4011. A 160GB, 320GB, and new 500GB hard drive will be offered for anyone who wants to store a serious amount of game or movie data on their machine. The Sony document below lists 16GB instead of 160GB, but that seems unlikely as Sony has never offered such low storage capacity before and has offered 160GB models. It is probably a typo, but then again it could be Sony’s attempt at matching Microsoft with a very cheap entry level machine.I would guess that Sony will keep the current pricing when the new machine is released, but the new design will likely use significantly less power than the 3000 hardware. The PS3 has always been a quiet machine, but the new flip open lid may mean there’s a little more disc noise.As for when we can expect to see this new model released, Sony will definitely want to have it on store shelves for the holidays. The next big gaming event is Gamescon next month in Cologne, so it may be launched or at least previewed there.More at Tecnoblog (translated), via MCVlast_img

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