WTF Wednesday 10 Wackiest Pumpkin Spice Products You Can Buy

first_imgFall is in full swing, which means it’s time for pumpkin spice madness. Cream cheese, dog food, vape e-liquid, you name it, there’s a pumpkin spice flavor for it all. But, what makes society go bonkers over pumpkin spice-flavored things?Cindy Ott, the author of the book Pumpkin: The Curious History of an American Icon, gives us some insight on the popularity of pumpkins in the U.S. “Nearly two hundred years have passed since the pumpkin last played a role in everyday American life, yet its outsized physical presence inspires deep human attachments,” wrote Ott. It might not be the pilgrim era anymore, but this plain gourd is still a mighty vegetable. The pumpkin represents economical, political, and social changes in American culture.Statistics also show pumpkin’s strong hold on the consumer sector. According to Nielsen data, in the 52 weeks ended Aug. 25, annual sales of pumpkin-flavored products, including pumpkin spice lattes and beverages, reached $488.8 million, demonstrating a 15.5 percent growth compared to 2017.In honor of National Pumpkin Month, we’ve rounded up the wackiest pumpkin spice products you can purchase. Spoiler alert: The sky’s the limit when it comes to all things pumpkin spice, so you won’t only see beverages and food here. Let’s just say this autumn flavor is here to stay.Pumpkin Spice Hot SaucePumpkin spice and everything spicy? Have you tried our pumpkin hot sauce? HARVEST SEASON THREE “CHOCOLATE REAPER” #itslikepumpkinpieinabottle #harvest #pumpkinspice #harvestseason3 #chocolatereaper #pumpkin #hotsauce #pumpkinpie #borntohula #borntohulahotsauce— Born to Hula All Natural Provisions (@borntohula52) October 20, 2018Get it while it’s hot! Elevate the temperature of your BBQ products with pumpkin spice hot sauce.Pumpkin Spice Butter SpreadOur simplest #PumpkinSpice recipe for National Pumpkin Spice Day: Step 1, go to the store. Step 2, buy Land O Lakes® Pumpkin Pie Spice Butter Spread.— Land O’Lakes (@LandOLakesKtchn) October 1, 2018Butter or not butter? Nope, this is pumpkin spice butter all right. It could work for your fall dessert lineup.Pumpkin Spice Dog [email protected] Pumpkin spice season isn’t just for humans! Treat your pup to the mouth-wowing treat of GREENIES Pumpkin Spice Flavor Dental Treats. We’ll even throw in an offer:— Greenies (@Greenies) September 5, 2018Doggo gets to have the full pumpkin spice experience too! The flavor has made it to canine treats.Pumpkin Spice BurritoFall is here! Forget Pumpkin Spice lattes – let this Burrito FALL right into your face.— Dos Toros (@DosToros) October 19, 2016Oh my gourd. A pumpkin spice burrito is available for your lunch needs.Pumpkin Spice Protein PowderShake up the #FirstDayOfFall with SYNTHA-6® Pumpkin Pie, an irresistible fall flavor that’s sure to bring pumpkin spice freaks to their knees.Available @Bodybuildingcom ▸— BSN (@BSNSupplements) September 22, 2018Bulking up with those fall workouts? Try this pumpkin spice protein powder in your post-workout smoothie.Pumpkin Spice Vape E-LiquidWant something a little different to vape? Give Pard a try! A delicious pumpkin spice cheese cake that will make you happy Fall is here. Use code Spooky20 to receive 20% off your whole order at Save that money! #FlavorMonster #ColoradoVape #ChuckinClouds— Flavor Monster (@FlavorMonster) October 23, 2018Forget about typical vaping. Why not sample this pumpkin spice cheesecake vape e-liquid instead?Pumpkin Spice PizzaIt’s finally feeling like fall outside Does this mean it’s time to bust out the pumpkin spice latte pizza??NO. Just No. Here’s where we draw the line… Marinara, white garlic, olive oil, bbq— all the above. But when it comes to the “PSL” just say no.— Ruckus Pizza (@RuckusPizza) October 19, 2018Pumpkin spice pizza is the new margherita pizza.Pumpkin Spice Cream CheeseIt’s not the leaves. Or the air. It’s the Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese that officially makes it fall. Don’t take our word for it. Try it now! #ItMustBeThePhillyLink:— PHILADELPHIA (@LoveMyPhilly) September 4, 2018Spread some pumpkin spice cheer on your bagel, croissant, or toast.Pumpkin Spice MoonshineYou’re the pumpkin to my pie. #NationalPumpkinDay— Gatlinburg, TN (@TravelGburg) October 26, 2017Get your drink on with this pumpkin spice moonshine.Pumpkin Spice GumJust like fall, Extra Pumpkin Spice gum is only here for a limited time. Enjoy!— Extra Gum (@ExtraGum) October 17, 2015Minty fresh breath? No thanks, we’ll take the pumpkin spice gum instead.More on Pizza Month: Feast Your Eyes on the 10 Weirdest Pizza FlavorsIf You Want Food Delivery Fast, Avoid Ordering at These TimesNissin Foods and Attack on Titan Team Up for Bizarre Noodle Commerciallast_img

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