The 9 Top Furries in Fighting Games

first_img ‘Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Was Final Mission From Late Nintendo President Stay on target So, furries are kind of a big thing in the fighting game community now. At least, SonicFox is, as the undisputed world champion of Dragon Ball FighterZ. The dude can wreck your team of Saiyans while wearing a freaking custom mascot head. But he isn’t the only furry out there.I’m sure every FGC circle and sub-circle and bathroom anime game ring has its share of closeted and low-key furries (who aren’t all fursuiters, which is itself a specific subset, by the way), but I’m not talking about them. Whatever helps you keep your combo string, go with it. I’m talking about fighting game characters. There are some hardcore furries out there in game rosters, and here are some of the best ones.First, a few ground rules. Furry in this context is defined as a human who desires and makes the choice to assume animal traits to some extent. So no catgirls like Felicia from Darkstalkers or the Kaka clan from BlazBlue; if you were born with animal parts, you aren’t a furry. You’re a… fur-person. And on the other side you aren’t a furry if you just like animal iconography. That wolf on your belt buckle doesn’t make you a furry; you need to actually be sporting some animal parts in some way. With those limitations in mind, here we go.King (Tekken)King is the identity of two luchadors in the Tekken series, and if they were simple luchadors with wrestling masks they wouldn’t be on this list. But King I and King II both wear big radical jaguar heads that look so realistic they could claim to be very humanoid cat people. And they wear these heads as a choice, because of how committed they are to the legacy of King.Tizoc/King of Dinosaurs (King of Fighters)Okay, first off, King of Dinosaurs is Tizoc. I know Ogura says he isn’t. He’s lying. The dude’s Tizoc. And both forms are furry as hell, just like King. Tizoc is another luchador who wore a griffon mask and winged cape. When he turned heel, he put on a dinosaur mask. Again, these aren’t themed wrestling masks, they’re real-looking fursuit (feathersuit/scalesuit) masks. Also, he debuted in Garou: Mark of the Wolves, so he’s double furry.Cham Cham (Samurai Showdown)I had to read her SNK Wiki page a few times to make sure she’s a furry and not a cat-person. Well, the technical term is anime catgirl, which can be either one. Some catgirls are like 10% cat and so have ears and tails and that’s just what they are. Some are cosplayers. Cham Cham is the latter. She wears cat ears and a tail, and her paws are clearly gloves. Furry. Though her brother Tam Tam is a cursed monkey, so he doesn’t count.Poochy (Power Instinct)Look at him. Look at him. I don’t care if Power Instinct is more dead than Power Stone, this is the most literal furry fighting game character ever.Rock (Soul Calibur)Anyone can be a caveman barbarian dude. Astaroth is basically a caveman barbarian dude. Rock took it a step further and put on a rhino head. Add huge fur Ugg boots and you get a 16th century furry who’s big on ungulate theming.Lucky Chloe (Tekken)Lucky Chloe is easily the most popular and beloved new Tekken character and I’m going to wait a moment for fans to finish writing their angry comments and emails. She’s a teen idol who’s very big into cats and built an image around being a cute catgirl. Ears, tail, a big shrug with fuzzy paws that look ridiculous to fight in, she’s full-on Japanese furry.Cheetah (Injustice)Yes, Cheetah is technically a cat person because of a curse that made her that way. That isn’t a fursuit or makeup. I’m still going to call Cheetah a furry because her change was elective. She decided she wanted the power of a cheetah god and went through the ritual that made her one of the angriest catgirls in fighting games. So she’s a furry.Jyazu (Kizuna Encounter)Jyazu is the leader of the terrorist group Jaguar, so of course he dresses like an evil bird person. I don’t get it either, but he has a rad bird skull with glowing eyes for a mask, and big dumb claws, so I call furry.Literally Everyone in Bloody RoarOkay, Primal Rage and Darkstalkers don’t count because they’re all animals and monsters from the beginning, but Bloody Roar (originally called Beastorizer, which is awesome) is about human characters who can turn into beasts on command. That’s the Platonic ideal of furry.Spider-Man might not technically count as a furry, but he is a human who does what a spider can, and you can read our review of his latest game! For the darker side of furry fandom, our own K. Thor Jensen explores Nazi furries. And if you just want some new games, here are the newest ones to look out for in September. Follow all gaming news here.last_img

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