Steamed Hams But Its A Visual Novel Made Entirely From Stock Art

first_imgSteamed Hams has become a hilarious and mind-bogglingly varied meme. There’s Steamed Hams as Metal Gear Solid, Steams Hams as Nier: Automata (WARNING: this one has spoilers), Steamed Hams as a Guitar Hero song, Steamed Hams played at ten different speeds synced to the point where Chalmers says “aurora borealis,” the list goes on. And they’re all great.One evening I found myself with some free time, some game-making software from Humble Bundle, and no art skills whatsoever. After a few hours, I created what might be my opus. I give to you… Steamed Hams as a Visual Novel Made Entirely With Stock Art (hosted on, it’s terrible. That’s partly by design, because memes and irony ha ha ha detachment. It’s also because it was the first time I worked with TyrannoBuilder, a visual novel builder. I’m also not good at art and didn’t want to deal with cleaning up the terrible quality SD clips of Steamed Hams on YouTube, because like all good things Simpsons it comes from the era before HD. So I grabbed a bunch of Shutterstock anime and cartoon pictures, keeping their watermarks and labels, and I let the line between ironic nomedy and my own lack of skill and effort blur. And, while I’m dunking on myself, I went with a visual novel because I first wanted to do something with RPG Maker but that takes even more effort.Oh, and after all that, I replaced the Shutterstock preview pictures with actual stock art we legitimately have, because while the watermarks make it funnier I don’t want to turn this into a whole legally dubious thing. And yes, the opening screen and song are taken from That Simpsons Bit, but that’s fair use as a transformative work of satire.I really wanted to put some Simpsonswave in the project, but again credit needs to go where it’s due and I don’t want to take someone else’s music without their permission. So I made my own terrible vaporwave loop in Magix Music Maker (again, thanks, Humble Bundle!*). So that’s what that noise is.Yeah, this is really dumb. Hope you find it funny in a triple-detached ironic sort of way! It’s bad, but that’s the joke. And also the result of me being lazy and not good at using TyranoBuilder or Music Maker or really any creative design outside of shitpost construction. But I steam a good ham.*Humble Bundle is now owned by IGN, which along with is a Ziff Davis Media property. has no direct relation to Humble Bundle or benefits from any marketing or sales relationship that I’m aware of. I just really like the stuff they offer. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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