Next from Samsung Metal Galaxy F5 and a new curved display

first_imgSamsung’s success over the last couple of years has afforded them the ability to take risks without worrying about it. As a result it looks like there’s some exciting new stuff heading our way at some undisclosed point in the future, maybe. Samsung’s mostly metal Galaxy F5 and the long-awaited curved display smartphones seem to be real things that we might see on shelves one day.It was teased shortly after the release of the HTC One that Samsung was considering a phone with a metal exterior. The notoriously plastic casing of Samsung phones often gives the impression that the phone is cheap, despite Samsung’s many attempts to correct this mentality with features and durability tests. At the end of the day, there’s a chunk of users out there that just plain prefer metal to plastic. To address these users Samsung appears to be working on the Galaxy F5, which will give this segment of the market exactly what they want from Samsung.If you follow Samsung tech at all, you’ve seen one of the any times the company has teased their flexible displays. They show up at tech shows in plastic casing, the display warped into funny shapes to show how the technology could work. We’ve seen this technology show up in their massive televisions, but there’s been no consumer release for the smaller flexible displays. At one point it was rumored that the Galaxy Gear watch would have a flexible display, but that turned out to be untrue. Now it seems a Samsung’s DJ Lee is claiming that there will be a phone with a curved display announced in October for their home country.It’s unclear if either of these devices would make it to the rest of the world as consumer products, but for now they appear to be concepts that the company is planning to test to see how successful they can be in limited markets. Like their Galaxy Beam projector phone, these are likely niche devices that will see single carrier releases in the states if they make it here at all.last_img

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