Dubai World Superseries Finals 2017, HIGHLIGHTS: PV Sindhu reaches maiden final

first_imgPV Sindhu will face top seed Akane Yamaguchi of Japan in the final on Sunday. Sindhu had defeated Yamaguchi in straight sets in her final group match on Friday.21.45 IST: And Sindhu has done it! She beats Chen 21-15, 21-18 and reaches her maiden final. The second Indian to reach the final of BWF Superseries Finals after Saina Nehwal did in 2011.INTO THE FINAL!?A resounding win for PV Sindhu over Chen Yufei makes her only the second Indian singles player to reach the last stage of #DubaiSSF ????She wins 2?1?-1?5?, 2?1?-1?8? PBL India (@PBLIndiaLive) December 16, 201721.41 IST: Chen Yufei is trying to exhaust Sindhu by picking her shuttler early. That 57-shot rally goes into Chen’s favour but Sindhu leads 19-17.21.39 IST: Sindhu is getting close to the finish line with some luck from the net as well. She leads 18-16.The yellow card won’t deter Sindhu’s spirits!She is just 4 points away now. 17-16. Come on!!! #DubaiSSF- PBL India (@PBLIndiaLive) December 16, 201721.37 IST: PV Sindhu is shown a yellow card for wasting time. The game is level at 16-16.21.35 IST: Wonderfully worked rally from Chen Yufei and she levels 15-15. Sindhu’s shots look tired at the moment.The Chinese draws level. It’s a close contest going on in the second game.Sindhu 15-15 Yufei. #DubaiSSF- PBL India (@PBLIndiaLive) December 16, 201721.33 IST: Sindhu takes two challenges in two rallies and loses both. Sindhu has no challenge left. The Indian leads 15-13.21.31 IST: What a rally! Sindhu takes Chen around from one corner to the other and yet Chen manages to retrieve only to find her shuttle wide. Sindhu leads 14-11.advertisementYufei is eyeing a comeback here. But Sindhu wins one tiring rally to make it 14-11. #DubaiSSF- PBL India (@PBLIndiaLive) December 16, 201721.29 IST: Sindhu has found her strength back! A 27-shot rally ends with Chen hitting the net and Sindhu leads 13-9.21.27 IST: Sindhu looks a little tired at the moment. Chen takes her around the court and places perfectly down the line on Sindhu’s left. Sindhu leads 11-9.21.25 IST: Another wide shuttle from Chen and Sindhu goes into the break with an 11-8 lead, 16 minutes into the game.21.21 IST: Sindhu is exploiting the back court of Chen. She leads 9-4.She takes it on, she retrieves it all and then she smashes it perfectly!Sindhu is in her zone today. 8-4 against Yufei. #DubaiSSF- PBL India (@PBLIndiaLive) December 16, 201721.18 IST: Sindhu’s solid badminton is at display there! Sindhu is leaving Chen behind yet again, leads 6-3.Sindhu is focused and determined!She leads 5-3 against Yufei at the start of the second game. #DubaiSSF- PBL India (@PBLIndiaLive) December 16, 201721.15 IST: Sindhu follows up quickly and sends the shuttle straight down the line lightly to make it 3-3.21.13 IST: Two perfectly-measured smashes from Chen and she leads 2-1.21.11 IST: Sindhu comfortably takes the opening game of the semi-final against Chen 21-15 in 24 minutes.Game 1? in the ?? for @Pvsindhu1!A clinical display from our champ in the opening game. Wins it 21-15. #DubaiSSF ???- PBL India (@PBLIndiaLive) December 16, 201721.09 IST: And Sindhu gets the game point with another long shuttle from the Chinese. Sindhu leads 20-15.21.07 IST: That’s excellent attacking play from Sindhu. She is stretching Chen around. She leads 19-14.21.05 IST: That’s a super smash from the Indian! Chen was reaching close but Sindhu stretches the lead back to three points, she leads 17-14.It doesn’t matter whether it’s a new shuttle or old. The result remains the same. It bears the brunt of a vicious Sindhu smash! 17-14. #DubaiSSF- PBL India (@PBLIndiaLive) December 16, 201721.03 IST: Sindhu gets that challenge right and the stadium sounds really loud! Sindhu leads 16-12.Sindhu is extending her lead against Yufei and is just 6 points away from winning the opening game. 15-12. #DubaiSSF- PBL India (@PBLIndiaLive) December 16, 201721.00 IST: Chen is sending the shuttles wide and long and that’s four straight points for Sindhu. She leads 15-11.20.59 IST: Sindhu is making Chen make quite a few mistakes, she leads 13-11.20.56 IST: Another wide shuttle from Chen and Sindhu goes into the break with a slender 11-10 lead.Sindhu unleashes a rocket smash (345 kmph) but Yufei follows it up by winning a fabulous rally (42-shots). Only 1 point separating these two.The Chinese trails 10-11 at the first break. #DubaiSSF- PBL India (@PBLIndiaLive) December 16, 201720.55 IST: Chen Yufei ends a 42-shot rally with a drop shot on Sindhu’s left. Sindhu leads 10-9.20.53 IST: SMASH! Sindhu smashes down down the line with the speed of 345 kph and levels 8-8 with Chen.20.51 IST: With a very short lift from Sindhu, Chen takes the opportunity to smash right in the centre. Chen leads 7-6.advertisement20.50 IST: Sindhu manages to break Chen’s rhythm. Chen sends the shuttle wide. Sindhu takes a 6-5 lead.20.49 IST: That’s five points in a row from Chen and that comes with a perfect drop shot. It’s level 5-5.Now Yufei wins 5 in a row to draw level. It is 5-5 against Sindhu. #DubaiSSF- PBL India (@PBLIndiaLive) December 16, 201720.47 IST: Chen finally gets her first point of the match as Sindhu hits the net. Sindhu leads 5-1.Sindhu is pumped up and is off to a terrific start!Leads 5-0 against Chen Yufei. #DubaiSSF- PBL India (@PBLIndiaLive) December 16, 201720.46 IST: Sindhu is racing away at the moment. She leads 4-0.20.45 IST: Chen Yufei begins the proceedings but Sindhu takes the first point of the match.20.41 IST: Both Sindhu and Chen are on the court now. The match will begin in just about five minutes.This match is up next! Sindhu takes the court amidst a rousing applause! #DubaiSSF- PBL India (@PBLIndiaLive) December 16, 201720.37 IST: Chen Yufei is the only teenager in the competition and she won the bronze medal in the World Championships earlier this year.20.35 IST: Sindhu will be on the court in another five minutes.20.33 IST: Earlier in the day, Viktor Axelsen beat Shi Yuqi 21-12, 21-8 to reach the final of the tournament.20.30 IST: Sindhu lead Chen 3-2 in their head-to-head record.The only thing standing between PV Sindhu and the finals is China’s Chen Yufei. Get ready for some fireworks when these two players lock horns in #DubaiSSF semi-final. The match starts shortly! PBL India (@PBLIndiaLive) December 16, 2017BRIEF PREVIEW:PV Sindhu will face off with China’s Chen Yufei in the second semi-final of Dubai World Superseries Finals on Saturday.Sindhu is the only Indian left in the tournament and in her bid to make it to the final of the year-end Superseries tournament, the Indian will look to continue her momentum from Friday’s dominating win against Japan’s Akane Yamaguchi.Yamaguchi earlier beat Ratchanok Intanon of Thailand 17-21, 21-12, 21-19 to reach the final of the BWF Superseries Finals in Dubai.On Friday, Sindhu became the only women’s singles player to remain undefeated in the group stages when she beat top seed Yamaguchi 21-9, 21-13 in her final group match.She had earlier beat He Bingjiao 21-11, 15-21, 21-18 in her opener and then defeated Japan’s Sayaka Sato 21-13, 21-12 on Thursday.Sindhu came into to the year-ending tournament after a very successful year. Sindhu clinched the India Open and Korea Open, besides bagging a silver at Glasgow World Championships and finishing runners-up at Hong Kong Open last month.Kidambi Srikanth, on the other hand, was the complete opposite of Sindhu, losing all his matches in the tournament.He lost to world No. 1 Viktor Axelsen 13-21, 17-21 in his tournament opener, then went down to Chinese Taipei’s Chou Tien Chen 21-18, 21-18 and finally ended his tournament with a loss to world No.8 Shi Yuqi 17-21, 21-19, 14-21.advertisementlast_img

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