Jallikattu effect: Bullock cart racing not to be permitted in Maharashtra

first_imgMaharashtra government today told the division bench of Chief Justice Manjula Chellur and Justice Nitin Jamdar that it would not grant permissions to bullock cart racing in the State, until and unless the rules as envisaged in the amendment to Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act is done.During hearing of the much hyped Tamil Nadu’s jalikattu case, Maharashtra government had brought about the amendment to the Prevention of Cruelty Act so the bullock cart racing could be undertaken in the State. However to implement the amendment the rules have to be formulated by the government, but it has not been done yet.The chief justice questioned the granting of permission to bullock cart race in absence of rules. The public pleader told the court that the draft rules are ready and they have been put on the website of Maharashtra government for inviting objections.However, inspite of the rules not being in place, bullock cart racing was organised in Pune, on August 17, without permission. Ajay Marathe, a Pune resident had approached court stating that the bullocks are ‘naturally’ not meant for racing like horses. He also claims that getting bullocks to race involves inflicting severe punishment on them. He sought a ban on such races on the grounds of cruelty meted out to the bulls before the race. He had also cited judgement of the Supreme Court in the landmark Jallikattu sport, wherein the apex court had held that bull-taming cannot be justified just because the said sport was centuries old.advertisementJustice Chellur too looked through the Supreme Court ruling and said “it is clear from the reading of apex court’s judgement that the bulls cannot be viewed as performing animals, since they are not anatomically designed for that purpose.”The court has noted that the amended act says that anyone who is found to be inflicting cruelty on animals would be subjected to a maximum fine of Rs 5 lakhs or 3-year jail term. However, “as of today, the State government is not in a position to place on record what procedure is contemplated to overcome pain and suffering likely to be caused while conducting the Bullock cart race.”With this the court asked the State government to say what mechanism it was going to put in place which would foresee that the bullocks are not subjected to pain.Also Read:Janmashtami in Maharashtra’s Thane: More than 20,000 take part in Dahi Handi festival45 persons injured during Dahi Handi celebrations in MumbaiAlso Watch:Mumbai gripped by Janmashtami fervourlast_img

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